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Dollar Performance Steady Ahead of Fed

The US dollar is holding mostly steady ahead of tomorrow’s decision from the Federal Reserve. While the dollar index is a little lower today, the greenback itself is trading mixed against its major counterparts.

Yen Appreciates as BoJ Remains Passive

The Japanese yen gained today as the nation’s central bank refrained from expanding its already substantial monetary stimulus during its policy meeting. The currency gained even though analysts speculated that additional monetary easing is still in the cards.

Japanese Yen Posed to End Week Among Losers

The Japanese yen paused its decline today but will likely end the week as the weakest among major currencies. The yen had limited support from Japanese macroeconomic data released during Friday’s trading.

Yen Maintains Decline amid Risk-Favorable Environment

The Japanese yen continued to fall today, extending yesterday’s drop. The market sentiment continues to favor risky traders, making safety of the yen unneeded for investors.

Yen Falls as Market Sentiment Strengthens

The Japanese yen dropped today even though economic data from Japan was better than economists’ expectations. Market analysts thought that the reason for the drop was the improvement of the traders’ sentiment.

Yen Gains as FX Market Focuses on Upcoming US Employment Data

The Japanese yen rallied today as the Forex market is preparing for the release of US employment data. The currency gained even though economic data from Japan itself was not particularly good.

Euro Gains Ground as Traders Treat it Like a Safe Haven

Euro is gaining ground today, thanks to the fact that many Forex traders are treating the 19-nation currency like a safe haven. Euro is trading a lot like the Japanese yen right now, and that is leading to gains as concerns about the global economy, particularly in light of today’s performance in Asian markets, weigh on high beta currencies.

Yen Feels Stronger After Jackson Hole Symposium

The Japanese yen gained today against some of its most-traded peers, including the US dollar and the Great Britain pound, thanks to the surge of risk aversion on the Forex market following the conclusion of the Jackson Hole symposium.

Japanese Yen Continues Move Down, Halts Drop vs. Dollar

The Japanese yen fell for the second trading session against the euro and the Great Britain pound today. The currency has also dropped for three days versus the US dollar but paused the decline at the start of the Friday’s session.

Yen Drops as Market Sentiment Shows Signs of Improvement

The Japanese yen dropped today as the market sentiment improved. There was a couple of reasons for this, including the rally of stocks and speculations about the possible timing of an interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve.



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