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How Long Can the Euro Stay on Top?

Questions about how long the euro can remain on top in Forex trading are being raised today as the 18-nation currency continues to hold its own against some of its major counterparts. While the euro is down against the yen, it is higher against the dollar and the pound.

Euro Mixed as Bulls and Bears Face Off

Euro is mixed in Forex trading today, and bulls and bears are facing off, looking at the 1.35 level against the US dollar as an important dividing line. It’s turning into an interesting over/under debate, as well as a debate between those who see the recent ECB decision as an injection of life into the eurozone, and those who think weakness will continue.

Tensions in Iraq Increase Demand for Yen as Safe Haven

The Japanese yen advanced today as concerns about escalating tensions and the threat of a war in Iraq increased demand for safer assets among investors. The yen, being one of such assets, profited as a result.

Yen Weakens as Kuroda Worried About ECB Actions

The Japanese yen dropped today even as the Bank of Japan refrained from expanding its already significant stimulus program at today’s policy meeting. Japanese policy makers were concerned that actions of the European Central Bank will make the yen appreciate against the euro, and this would not be welcomed by the BoJ officials who were striving to weaken the Japanese currency.

Yen Maintains Strength Ahead of BoJ Policy Meeting

The Japanese yen rallied yesterday on speculations that the Bank of Japan will refrain from changing its monetary policy at this week’s meeting. While the currency retreated a bit today, it remains relatively strong.

Japanese Yen Maintains Much of Its Earlier Strength

Japanese yen continues to maintain much of its earlier strength today, heading higher against many of its major counterparts. Yen is gaining as a better outlook contributes to the idea that more easing will not be necessary for the Japanese economy.

Yen Struggles to Gain with Help of Positively Revised GDP

The Japanese yen attempted to erase its initial drop and rally on the current trading session with help of the positively revised data about nation’s economic growth. Gains were limited, though, as Japan’s current account surplus was smaller than analysts have predicted.

Euro Gains Some Ground Against the US Dollar

Even with deflation worries increasing in the eurozone, the 18-nation currency is gaining some ground against the US dollar right now. US data is a bit disappointing, and that is giving euro a bit of an edge right now.

Yen Rises with Inflation, Has Troubles Keeping Gains

The Japanese yen rallied today as nation’s consumer inflation accelerated, reducing chances for additional stimulating measures from the central bank. The currency has troubles keeping gains, trimming its rally versus the US dollar and erasing it completely against the euro.

UK Pound Struggles a Bit

UK pound is struggling a bit right now. Some disappointing data is contributing to the situation, and, as a result, the pound’s strength is waning a bit.



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