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Yen Backs Off After Risk Aversion Fades

The Japanese yen declined today, following the three-day rally against the euro, as the Forex market calmed after the initial surge of risk aversion and safe assets started to lose their value that they have gotten with risk premium.

Japanese Yen Heads Higher Against Other Majors

Japanese yen is heading higher today as risk aversion becomes an issue. Concerns stemming from Janet Yellen’s remarks before Congress yesterday are sending high beta currencies lower, and boosting the Japanese yen.

Forex Traders Ready to Risk, Feel No Need for Yen

Investors are feeling somewhat more courageous right now as fears, sparked by the problems in Portugal’s banking sector, waned and speculations resumed about a prolonged period of accommodative monetary policy in the United States. As a result, Forex market participants were less interested in buying safe currencies, including the Japanese yen.

Yen Continues to Gain on Risk Aversion

Risk aversion continues to be a theme in the markets today, and the Japanese yen is moving higher as a result. Even with the latest mixed data out of Japan, the yen is heading higher against its counterparts as stocks struggle and as concerns about the eurozone once again come to the fore.

Economic Data Helps Pound Against Euro

The pound may be retreating a bit against some of its counterparts, but sterling is seeing solid support against the euro today. Thanks to the latest round of economic data, pound is gaining against the euro, even though it is down against currencies like the yen and the dollar.

Tankan Survey Sends Yen Lower

The Japanese yen tumbled today, reaching the lowest level since January against the Great Britain pound, as the Tankan survey showed a worsening sentiment in both manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors.

Yen Loses Support of Fundamentals, Halts Rally

The Japanese yen halted its rally today and actually fell against some of its major peers as economic reports were not favorable to the currency. Today’s drop followed Friday’s big rally, meaning that part of today’s losses may be attributed to profit-taking.

Euro Continues to See Modest Gains

Even though confidence measures show a decline, the euro continues to see modest gains against some of its major counterparts. The world situation continues to support the safety of the yen, but the euro is higher against the dollar and the pound today.

Poor US Data Encourages Traders Stick to Safety of Yen

The Japanese yen advanced today, rising versus the US dollar and the euro, and trading little changed versus the Great Britain pound. The Japanese currency profited from worries created by worse-than-expected macroeconomic data from the United States.

Japanese Yen Moves Higher After May CSPI

Japanese yen is higher today, gaining ground against its major counterparts, following the release of May CSPI data. With concerns about what might be next on a global scale, there is a bit of an interest in safe haven. On top of that, with signs that the Japanese economy is recovering, there are some thoughts that the Bank of Japan won’t need to keep the yen weak.



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