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South African Backs Off vs. US Dollar

The South African rand fell against the strong US dollar today. The currency still performed relatively well due to the help of rising commodity prices.

South African Rand Touches Record Low

The trading week has started with a sharp rise in risk aversion as the meltdown of the Chinese stock market continued. Currencies of emerging economies suffered as a result, including the South African rand that has touched the all-time low during today’s trading session.

Rand Drops vs. Dollar Even as South African Central Bank Hike Rates

The South African rand dropped against the US dollar today even though the nation’s central bank increased its main interest rate, continuing with the hiking cycle.

South African Rand Races Down

The South African rand was one of the weakest currencies on the Forex market today. The reason for such poor performance was the decline of prices for raw materials.

Rand Falls as South Africa’s Current Account Misses Estimates

The South African rand dropped today, reaching the lowest level since 2008 against the US dollar, as the nation’s current-account deficit narrowed less than was predicted by analysts.

Rand Drops as S&P Lowers South Africa’s Credit Rating

The South African rand dropped today as Standard & Poor’s lowered the nation’s sovereign credit rating due to slow economic growth and other problems that make South African assets less attractive to investors.

Rand Reaches This Year’s Record, Being Top Performer

The South African rand climbed today, rising to the highest level this year, on speculations that the current ruling political party will remain in power, while positive economic news from China increased attractiveness of riskier currencies in general. The rand is the best performer against currencies of emerging economies.

Rand Drops as Economic Growth Projection Lowered

The South African rand dropped today as Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan lowered the economic growth outlook, making nation’s assets less attractive to investors. The general market sentiment was also adverse to the currency.

Rand Gains While Other Risky Currencies Decline

The South African rand was able to strengthen today even though the vast majority of commodity-related currencies experienced weakness due to concerns about possible stimulus tampering in the United States.

Rand Gains, Remains Vulnerable

The South African rand strengthened today as exporters took benefit of the low exchange rate and converted their earning to the local currency, increasing demand for the rand.



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