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Brazilian Real Down to Five-Year Low

The Brazilian real dropped today, falling for the fourth consecutive trading session and reaching the lowest level in five years against the US dollar, as the outcome of the presidential elections remains uncertain.

Brazilian Real Retains Weakness During Election Week

The Brazilian real fell today due to uncertainty about the outcome of the presidential elections that are scheduled to October 26. Current polls show that the incumbent President Dilma Rousseff has more voters, and this is not welcomed by investors.

Brazilian Real Retains Weakness Ahead of Election

The Brazilian real fell today as concerns about the outcome of the presidential elections deter investors from buying the currency, especially considering that the current geopolitical situation in the world does not encourage to buy riskier assets.

Brazilian Real Ends Session with Losses

The Brazilian real ended today’s session with losses due to concerns that a new president will not be able to form a strong enough government to tackle country’s economic problem. The general risk-negative market sentiment also did not play in favor of the currency.

Brazilian Real Strengthens Ahead of Election Month

The Brazilian real rose today as investors wait for an outcome of the presidential elections that will occur next month and a monetary policy decision of the Federal Reserve that will be announced tomorrow.

Risk-Off Sentiment Brings Real Down

The Brazilian real fell today as the Forex market sentiment was negative for riskier currencies of emerging markets. Market participants prefer safer currencies to higher-yielding ones due to geopolitical risks.

No Interest Rate Hike Means Weaker Brazilian Real

The Brazilian real crashed today after the nation’s central bank refrained from raising interest rates, the move that led to speculations that there will be no more rate hikes in Brazil this year.

Traders Speculate that Brazilian Central Bank Won’t Support Real

The Brazilian real is volatile today as Forex traders speculated that the central bank will not be supporting the currency anymore, refraining from an intervention in the currency market, but the actions of the bank make such viewpoint questionable.

Real Drops as Outlook for Brazilian Economy Worsens

The Brazilian real fell today as analysts surveyed by Brazil’s central bank downgraded their growth forecast for this year as well as the outlook for the exchange rate and for the key interest rate.

Brazil’s Central Bank Ends Longest Cycle of Monetary Tightening

The Brazilian central bank halted the record stretch of interest rate increases, refraining from boosting borrowing costs at the latest policy meeting that has ended yesterday. The real retained its strength, rising against the dollar today in spite of the news.



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