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US Dollar Higher Against European Currencies

Even though the US dollar index is a little lower today, the greenback itself is gaining ground against its European counterparts. It looks to be an interesting day following a decision not to indict in Ferguson, as well as concerns about OPEC and the eurozone.

US Dollar Mixed, Touches New Multi-Year High vs. Yen

The US dollar was mixed today despite fairly supportive economic reports from the United States. Still, the currency managed to reach new multi-year high versus the Japanese yen before pulling back closer to the opening level.

US Dollar Slightly Lower, But Firm

Even though the US dollar is slightly lower against some of its major counterparts, it is still quite firm today. Many Forex traders are waiting for the release of the minutes from the latest Fed meeting to get an idea of what could be next.

US Dollar Pulls Back, Consolidating After Recent Rally

US dollar is pulling back, consolidating after its recent rally. With Fed minutes due to be released tomorrow, and interest in what they will show high, many Forex traders are repositioning themselves.

Loonie Trades Mixed, but Higher Against the US Dollar

Canadian dollar is trading mixed today, but is higher against the US dollar. With oil prices recovering a bit, and with the greenback pulling back a little after its recent run, the loonie is pressing its advantage.

US Dollar Mostly Higher After Wild Morning

US dollar is mostly higher after a wild morning in Forex trading. While greenback spiked against the yen earlier, the dollar is now down against its Japanese counterpart. However, the US dollar is higher against European currencies and against the Canadian dollar.

US Dollar Surges Higher Overnight

US dollar is heading higher, gaining ground in overnight trading and recovering after recent losses. The greenback is showing strength as other currencies, notably the pound and the yen, show weakness. There is not a lot to stop the US dollar right now, with uncertainties about geopolitical outcomes, and the fact that the US economy remains on the road to recovery, even as other economies fall behind.

Canadian Dollar Holds to Gains

Canadian dollar is holding to gains made yesterday, following the announcement of positive employment news. Loonie is managing to hold its own a bit better now that oil prices seem to have stabilized somewhat, and with economic data remaining fairly positive.

US Dollar Maintains a Firm Undertone

Even with a bit of selling off earlier, the US dollar maintains a firm undertone in currency trading today. Even though the dollar is down a bit against the yen, it is higher against its European counterparts, and the dollar index is gaining ground.

Euro Loses Ground on Policy Expectations

Euro is losing some ground on policy expectations today. Many expect that the eurozone will continue to struggle for a while, and that is putting the euro at a disadvantage against its other major counterparts.



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