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Dollar Soft After US Data & Greek Talks

The US dollar was flat against the euro and fell against such majors as the Great Britain pound and the Japanese yen during Thursday’s trading. Economic data from the United States was mixed, giving the currency no edge one way or the other.

Greenback Mixed During Wednesday’s Trading

The US dollar was mixed during the Wednesday’s trading session. The currency fell versus the euro, gained on the Great Britain pound and was flat against the Japanese yen.

Pound Gains on Dollar Ahead of US GDP Report

The Great Britain pound gained on the US dollar and was little changed against the euro today. Moves were limited as traders waited for data from the United States and the resolution of the Greek situation.

Dollar Dips During Week of FOMC Decision

The US dollar dipped during the past trading week, demonstrating especially big losses versus the Great Britain pound. Two themes dominated the Forex market over the week: one being bullish for the greenback, another was bearish.

Economic Data Helps US Dollar Recover from Dovish Fed

Positive economic data out of the United States helping the US dollar move higher today, recovering from the dovish stance adopted by the Federal Reserve at the end of its two-day meeting earlier this week. Greenback is higher against its major counterparts and the dollar index is gaining as well.

Dollar Down After Fed Releases Dovish Statement

The Federal Reserve released its monetary policy statement today and it was not positive for the dollar at all, being considered by the markets as a dovish one. The greenback extended its losses against the euro and the Great Britain pound while the US currency pared its earlier gains against the Japanese yen.

US Dollar Pulls Back as Traders Await Fed Announcement

US dollar is pulling back today, heading a little bit lower as Forex traders wait for the Federal Reserve’s announcement about what’s next for the greenback.

US Dollar Gains as Traders Await Federal Reserve Meeting

US dollar is heading higher today as traders look forward to the coming two-day meeting of Fed policymakers. Greenback is also getting some support from worries about what’s next for Greece.

US Dollar Demonstrates Softness Ahead of Important Week

The US dollar showed rather weak performance during the past trading week even as economic fundamentals should have been supportive for the currency. Now traders wait for the next week that may determine the future of the currency in the near term.

Dollar Halts Rally Despite Supportive Fundamentals

The US dollar has received support from domestic macroeconomic reports that led to a rally yesterday. Today, the currency halted its advance even though fundamentals continued to be supportive for the greenback.



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