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US Dollar Index Moves Higher, But Remains Rangebound

US dollar index is moving higher, but it remains rangebound today ahead of tomorrow’s Federal Reserve announcement. After dipping lower in earlier trading, the dollar index is gaining ground, and the US dollar has regained the upper hand against the euro.

Week Starts with Correction for US Dollar

The US dollar fell against its major peers today, correcting after the last week’s huge jump. Economic data from the United States added to the pressure on the US currency.

US Dollar Index Extends Rally and Erases October Losses

US dollar index is extending its recent rally, and between yesterday and today has erased its earlier losses in October. Thanks to expectations for a Federal Reserve rate hike sometime in late 2015 or early 2016, plus policy divergence expectations, the greenback is surging against its major counterparts.

Euro Continues to Lose Ground After ECB Meeting

Euro is still losing ground after yesterday’s ECB meeting. And now, some analysts say that the euro could end up in parity with the US dollar by the end of the year.

US Dollar Index Surges Higher After ECB Announcement

Greenback is heading higher today as the latest ECB announcement is made. Concerns that the Fed won’t raise rates until next year are being overcome by the insinuations that more quantitative easing could be coming for the eurozone by the end of the year.

US Dollar Trades Rangebound Ahead of Tomorrow’s ECB Meeting

US dollar is trading rangebound, but mostly higher, ahead of tomorrow’s ECB meeting. Greenback is in wait and see mode as Forex traders wait on the decision and rhetoric out of the eurozone tomorrow. The dollar index is higher, though, and the US dollar is higher against most of its major counterparts.

US Dollar Broadly Stronger, Unable to Beat UK Pound

The US dollar was broadly stronger against its most-traded counterparts today as disappointing news from China damped risk appetite among Forex traders. Saying that, the greenback was not able to beat all the major rivals, falling a little against the Great Britain pound.

US Dollar Continues to Suffer as Traders Pare Bets on Rate Lift-Off

The US dollar was among the weakest currencies on the Forex market during this trading week as traders continued to pare bets on an interest rate hike this year.

UK Pound Looks to Hold Steady to End the Week

UK pound is hoping for steadiness to close out the week. It’s been an interesting week of ups and downs, but right now sterling is eking out gains against most of its major counterparts.

Greenback Looks to Recover from Easing Talk

US dollar is looking for recovery today, gaining against European currencies, after talk of easing earlier sent the greenback a little bit lower.



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