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Dollar Index Slips, but Could Strengthen Again

The US dollar index has slipped a bit today, losing ground after the recent US dollar rally. Right now, there is a little bit of consolidation happening, and the dollar index is lower. However, when looking at the latest data, there is a good chance that the greenback could strengthen again in the near future.

Euro Continues to Trade Mixed

Euro is trading mixed against its major counterparts again today. The 18-nation currency continues to struggle against the US dollar on policy divergence, but is managing to eke out gains against the pound and the yen today.

US Dollar Continues to Gain on Fed Speculation

US dollar is higher again today, strengthening as economic data points to improvement, and on speculation that the Fed will take steps to tighten monetary policy sooner than expected.

Euro Slips Below 1.3400 Against the US Dollar

Between German inflation and policy divergence with the United States, the eurozone is struggling — and the 18-nation currency that represents it is losing ground. Indeed, the euro has slipped below 1.3400, falling to a level not seen since last November.

Hawkish Fed Sends Dollar Higher Against Counterparts

US dollar is higher today, at one point reaching a new eight-month high against the euro. Thanks to the perception that the Federal Reserve is becoming hawkish, the greenback is gaining ground as Forex traders expect tighter monetary policy.

US Dollar Index Heads Higher as Gold Drops

US dollar index is heading higher, gaining ground as gold drops. It’s an interesting situation today, since the dollar index is gaining, even though the euro is heading higher against the dollar for the time being.

EUR/USD Keeps Losses due to Policy Outlook Divergence

The US dollar jumped against the euro yesterday and kept its gains today due to the divergence between the monetary policy outlooks for the United States and the eurozone. The greenback was virtually flat versus the Great Britain pound and somewhat lower against the Japanese yen.

Dollar Steady amid Monetary Policy Speculations

The US dollar held steady today, rising a little against the Japanese yen, as traders were speculating about possible actions of US policy makers and about geopolitical risks that are driving the Forex market right now.

Attempted Euro Rally Fizzles

Euro attempted a rally against the US dollar earlier, taking advantage of the frustration many Forex traders have with US yields right now. However, that rally has fizzled out as the focus shifts to safe haven flows. Euro is lower against its low-beta counterparts, even as it gains against currencies like the pound and the loonie.

Risk Aversion Helps Dollar End Week with Gains

The US dollar gained this week with help of geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe and Middle East that were driving the Forex market by the end of the week. The greenback ended the week flat versus the Japanese yen, another currency that profited from the need for safety.



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