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Dollar Softens After Mixed Data

The US dollar softened today after the release of mixed economic data from the United States. The currency trimmed its gains against the Great Britain pound and the Japanese yen while against the euro the greenback demonstrated losses.

US Dollar Retreats From Recent Highs

US dollar is retreating from recent highs today, especially against the euro. The dollar index is lower as a result. However, expectations for long-term dollar strength aren’t over yet.

Canadian Dollar Continues to Struggle

After a bit of a rally, the Canadian dollar is struggling again. Even upbeat comments from the Bank of Canada can’t help the loonie overcome some of the realities of the current situation.

Pound Rally Slows in Forex Trading

The pound has enjoyed a rally recently, but that rally is slowing right now. Sterling is trading mixed today against its major counterparts.

US Data Supports Upward Momentum of Dollar

The US dollar gained more than 1 percent against the basket of major currencies today, reaching the highest level in almost 8 years against the Japanese yen. Today’s economic data from the United States added to the upward momentum of the greenback.

Euro Falls on Greek Debt Worries

Greece is once again in the spotlight, and the euro has touched a one-month low against the US dollar today as concerns about Greek debt once again come to the front of mind.

Dollar Ends Week with Impressive Gains

The US dollar demonstrated very strong performance during the trading week, and it was a surprise considering all the bad data that has been released from the United States lately. Yet the greenback ended the week with big gains, mostly thanks to the Friday’s surge.

Poor Data & Fed’s Minutes Discourage Traders from Buying USD

The US dollar declined today as disappointing macroeconomic reports from the United States and the dovish stance of the Federal Reserve discouraged traders from buying the currency. The greenback was slowly regaining its footing against the euro but remained soft against other majors.

US Housing Data Fuels Upside Momentum of Greenback

US housing data released today impressed analysts, beating even optimistic forecasts. It allowed the US dollar to gain for the second straight session against the euro and for the third session versus the Great Britain pound and the Japanese yen.

US Dollar Strengthens on Likely Policy Divergence

US dollar is heading higher today, strengthening on likely policy divergence with European currencies. Greenback is gaining support as economic data in other regions sour and as commodities fall back.



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