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Trading Week Ends on Sour Note for Dollar

Dollar bulls had high expectations for this trading week due to the optimistic outlook for the US non-farm payrolls. But their hopes were shattered after the employment report turned out to be far worse than it was expected.

Weak Non-Farm Payrolls Hurt US Dollar

The US dollar received a significant hit to its strength today after the release of non-farm payrolls. While dollar bulls were very optimistic ahead of the NFP report, their optimism evaporated after the actual reading turned out to be almost two times weaker than forecasts.

US Dollar Demonstrates Surprising Weakness

The US dollar was surprisingly weak today, falling to the lowest level in almost a week against the euro. The greenback fared somewhat better against the Great Britain pound and the Japanese yen, moving sideways.

Lackluster US Economic Indicators End Dollar’s Rally

The US dollar halted its rally on Wednesday, falling against some of its most-traded counterparts. The reason for the drop was the lackluster economic data that hurt optimism of dollar bulls. The greenback kept its losses on Thursday.

Dollar Fights Downside Pressure

The US dollar was in the corrective mode lately following the earlier impressive rally. Still, the currency was trying to fight back over the past trading week with some success as its losses against the euro and the Japanese yen were not as big as during the preceding week. In fact by the weekend, the greenback managed to log small gains against many currencies, including the Great Britain pound.

Dollar Falls, Heads to Weekly Losses

The US dollar fell today following disappointing macroeconomic reports from the United States. The losses were very limited but the greenback was still set to be one of the weakest currencies on the Forex market over the past week.

Dollar Attempts Recovery

The US dollar is attempting to stage a recovery during the Thursday’s trading session. For a change, news from the United States was positive, allowing the currency to regain some of its strength.

Loonie Surges Along With Oil

Canadian dollar is heading higher today, thanks to a surge in oil prices. Crude is on the rise after the Saudi strikes in Yemen, and that is helping the loonie against its major counterparts.

US Dollar Falls After Earlier Rally

US dollar is lower right now, following a rally earlier. Greenback had seen some success after the US inflation report, but now is pulling back.

Higher Oil Helps Canadian Dollar

Canadian dollar is getting some help today from higher oil prices. Dollar weakness has set in, and oil prices are moving higher, providing the loonie with a bit of an advantage.



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