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Euro Mostly Lower Against Majors as EU Leaders Meet

European Union leaders and policymakers are meeting today and tomorrow to try and figure out what should be done about Greece. Speculation about what could be next means a wary euro that is mostly lower against its major counterparts.

US Dollar Index Heads Higher as Greek Drama Continues

US dollar index is heading higher against today, helped along by Greek drama as the euro struggles. There doesn’t seem to be a good solution to the Greek problem right now, and there are now calls for Greece to abandon the euro — and perhaps use the dollar.

Dollars Shoots to Upside After Stellar Non-Farm Payrolls

The US dollar soared today after US non-farm payrolls demonstrated amazing figures even though the unemployment rate increased. The greenback was especially strong against the Japanese yen.

Dollar Broadly Lower After Mixed US Data

Today, the US dollar traded broadly lower against most of its major counterparts, with the exclusion of the Japanese yen, after mixed macroeconomic indicators from the United States and news from Europe.

Euro Higher After Volatile Trading

Things have been a bit volatile for the euro today. An ECB decision to stop accepting Greek bonds as collateral is rocking the region. However, even so, the euro has recovered and moved higher, even though at one point in the session it looked as though the 19-nation currency would slip below the 1.13 mark against the dollar.

US Dollar Index Pushes Higher

Even though there is some weakness to the dollar today, the dollar index is pushing higher. This is due, in large part, to the greenback’s gains against the euro (which is heavily weighted in the dollar index) and the Canadian dollar.

US Dollar Drops After Disappointing Data

Concerns that the United States might be seeing a slowdown in its economic growth are weighing on the greenback today. Recent economic data has been softer than expected, and that is bringing the dollar lower in Forex trading.

USD Down vs. JPY After Disappointing GDP, Strong vs. Other Majors

The US dollar went down against the Japanese yen today after a disappointing report about US economic growth. The currency was still able to gain on the euro and the Great Britain pound.

Euro Regains Upper Hand in Currency Trading

Euro is getting some help in forex trading today, heading higher against its major counterparts in something of a correction. However, it’s uncertain how long the current good news will last.

Dollar Rises Even as Fed Talks About Patience

The US dollar rallied against the majority of its most-traded peers today after the Federal Reserve released statement of its first monetary policy meeting this year. The biggest loser was the Canadian dollar, while the Japanese yen was able to hold ground against the greenback and demonstrated an upward bias.



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