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Dollar Ends Friday with Gains

The US dollar has ended Friday’s trading with gains as traders continued to speculate about the possibility of an interest rate hike in 2015. Yet the currency was moving down before closing, making it hard to determine how it will behave at the start of the next week.

Dollar Lifted by Remarks from Janet Yellen

The US dollar was falling for the most part of Thursday’s trading session yet trimmed its losses after the head of the US central bank made unexpectedly hawkish remarks. Today, the currency is rising.

Public Borrowing Weighs on the UK Pound

UK pound is struggling against the euro right now, heading lower following disappointing data about borrowing. However, the pound is higher against the US dollar.

US Dollar Mostly Higher Today Against Its Major Counterparts

US dollar is mostly higher today, gaining ground as Forex traders look forward to the possibility of a rate hike from the Federal Reserve. Additionally, there are indications that the role of the US dollar on the Forex market might be changing.

US Dollar Gains as Markets Continue Digest Fed Announcement

The US dollar rallied on Monday despite the lackluster housing data released from the United States. The Forex market continues to digest the policy announcement of the Federal Reserve, and traders are trying to guess when the US central bank is going to start monetary tightening and whether it is going to tighten policy at all.

Fed Week Ends Poorly for Dollar

This trading week was not particularly positive for the US dollar as it fell against other majors as well as commodity currencies. The only major currency that has lost to the dollar was the euro.

Dollar Dips After Fed Refrains from Action

The US dollar slumped against its major peers after today’s policy announcement of the Federal Reserve. Not only the US central bank kept interest rates unchanged, but it also released a statement that was considered rather dovish by economists and market participants.

UK Consumer Prices Bring Down Pound

UK consumer prices were disappointing last month, and that is weighing on sterling today. With this latest news, it is increasingly unlikely that the Bank of England will raise rates anytime soon.

Dollar Performance Steady Ahead of Fed

The US dollar is holding mostly steady ahead of tomorrow’s decision from the Federal Reserve. While the dollar index is a little lower today, the greenback itself is trading mixed against its major counterparts.

US Dollar Heads Higher as Risk Aversion Take Hold

US dollar is heading higher as risk aversion appears in the market, and as commodities continue to struggle. There is a lot happening right now that points to a higher greenback, and it is little surprise that the US currency is once again moving higher against its major counterparts.



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