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UK Pound Gains Ground Against Major Counterparts

UK pound is gaining ground against its major counterparts today, thanks to improving data. Pound is doing especially well against the euro, thanks to better economic data and policy divergence.

Dollar Settles Higher After Impressive NFP

The US dollar jumped to settle higher against the majority of other most-traded currencies due to overwhelmingly positive non-farm payrolls. While most analysts were optimistic about US employment, even they could not anticipate such impressive growth.

US Dollar Index Continues to Climb

The US dollar index continues to climb, heading higher as better economic news remains the dominant storyline for the greenback. The latest economic news and forecast released by the Federal Reserve indicates a number of positive changes, and that is good for the US dollar as it moves against its counterparts.

US Economic Indicators Remain Beneficial for Dollar

The US dollar gained against nearly all its major counterparts as US macroeconomic indicators continue to be beneficial for the currency. The Great Britain pound was among the few currencies that held ground against the greenback.

Loonie Recovers to Some Degree

The Canadian dollar has been struggling recently, but seems to be enjoying something of a breather right now. The loonie is a little bit higher against the US dollar, thanks in part to slightly higher oil prices today, as well as some profit taking.

US Dollar Expected to Strengthen on Currency Wars

It looks as though another round of currency wars is expected from central banks as countries try to stimulate their economies by weakening their currencies. One of the exceptions to this move, though, is likely to be the US dollar. With the US economy strengthening recently, it is unlikely that the greenback will be a part of the next race to the bottom.

Loonie Finds a Little Support in Forex Trading

Canadian dollar is getting a little help today in currency trading on the FX market, thanks to better economic data. The embattled loonie is making some progress against some of its major counterparts, thanks to better GDP data and expectations of a good manufacturing report. However, these gains aren’t expected to last as oil prices continue to drop.

Manufacturing Data Helps UK Pound

Manufacturing data is providing a boost for the UK pound today. After seeing days of poor performance, the sterling is getting a little help from economic data.

Dollar Caps Mixed Week & Good Month

The US dollar demonstrated mixed performance this week. The currency fell against the euro, gained versus the Japanese yen and ended the week flat against the Great Britain pound. The month of November, on the other hand, was very good for the US currency as it gained against most major peers.

US Dollar Index Gains Ground as Commodities Fall

US dollar index is heading higher today, gaining ground as commodities fall. While the US dollar is mixed in trading with individual currencies, the dollar index, which measures the greenback’s performance against a basket of currencies, is heading higher.



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