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Yen Continues to Show Weakness

Yen continues to show weakness today, heading lower against some of its major counterparts, particularly the US dollar and the UK pound. There is shorting of the yen as Forex traders consider the possibility of global economic recovery, and as the events in Ukraine continue to be mostly a non-issue for world markets.

Account Deficit, Market Worries Weigh on UK Pound

UK pound is lower today, thanks in large part to its account deficit and to market worries surrounding the events unfolding in Crimea. With stocks plunging and concerns about what’s next causing uncertainty, combined with issues in the United Kingdom, the pound isn’t on very stable ground.

Greenback Looks for Direction

Greenback is mixed today, looking for direction as signals indicate that dollar strength could be a fixture in coming months even while the dollar index dips due to the euro’s huge surge today. It’s an interesting way forward, and some think that the euro is overbought at this point.

UK Pound Recovers After Earlier Drop

UK pound is regaining lost ground against the US dollar today. Earlier, sterling fell against the greenback after the release of the latest PMI data. Now, though, the UK pound is gaining against its low beta counterparts as risk appetite soars.

Euro Struggles After European Commission Report

Euro is dropping against the US dollar today, and struggling against other counterparts. The European Commission released a report about the eurozone economy, and the euro’s performance today is at least partially influenced by it.

UK Pound Struggles in Currency Trading

UK pound is struggling today on the currency market. Even though the pound is higher against some of its low beta counterparts, the gains are relatively small, and they have come only after earlier losses. Inflation data seems to be the main culprit.

US Dollar Index Drops on Better News Across the Atlantic

The US dollar index is heading lower today, dropping as better news arrives from Europe. As the situations in the United Kingdom and in the eurozone improve, and as US data misses expectations, the greenback is struggling.

UK Pound Gains Ground Against Major Counterparts

UK pound is heading higher today, gaining ground as the economic picture improves, markets head higher, and the Bank of England is expected to move forward with a policy to step down its asset purchase program.

Euro Gets a Little Boost From Continued Improvement

It might be a slow improvement, but the eurozone economy is showing signs of recovery. The eurozone GDP did rise a little bit in the third quarter of 2013, and Mario Draghi and the rest of the ECB are confident enough that they haven’t taken further moves to boost the economy. As a result, the euro is gaining ground today, especially against low beta currencies.

Dollar Index Lower For Now, But Support May Come

The US dollar index is lower for now, but more support for the greenback might be in the future. For now, the dollar is lower against the euro, as well as the yen, but it could find support if the economic situations in the eurozone and the United Kingdom don’t improve anytime soon.



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