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Euro Higher Against Dollar, Down Against Pound, Yen

Euro is higher against the US dollar today, thanks in large part to the concerns related to the government shutdown and its effect on the economy. However, the 17-nation currency isn’t having as much success against other major currencies, as it heads lower against the pound and the yen.

UK Pound Continues to Gain

UK pound is still benefiting from recent economic news that turned out better than expected, as well as from comments from the new BOE Governor that indicate that quantitative easing is non longer needed. Amidst the political issues plaguing the eurozone and the United States, the pound looks pretty well positioned.

Japanese Yen Loses Ground After Earlier Jump

Japanese yen is losing ground today following an earlier jump. Yen saw gains earlier as risk aversion set in, but now the yen is losing ground to some of its major counterparts. Yen is even down against the US dollar.

US Dollar Index Looks for Direction

US dollar is mixed today, and the dollar index performance serves as an indication that there are some uncertainties surrounding the greenback in the wake of last week’s surprising FOMC decision. Right now, a number of currency pairs are rangebound, looking for direction and wondering what is likely to be next.

Euro Gets Help from Improved Morale

Euro is getting a little help today, thanks to improved morale in the eurozone. Even though the 17-nation currency is struggling against the US dollar, the euro is higher against some of its other major counterparts. There is a lot for Forex traders to think about as this week draws to a close.

UK Inflation Report Sends Pound Lower

The latest report on inflation out of the United Kingdom was disappointing, and is weighing on the pound. Without inflation to indicate economic growth and a need for tightening, the Bank of England is likely to continue its asset purchase program for a little while longer.

UK Pound Remains Strong Against Its Major Counterparts

Sterling is higher against its major counterparts again today, getting a boost from the fact that it seems as though the UK economy is on the road to recovery. There is optimism about what will be said by policymakers about their forward guidance, and there are expectations that things will continue to improve.

Data Weighs on US Dollar

Data continues to weigh on the US dollar today. Greenback plunged Friday after the unemployment report for August, and today’s performance is lower as other currencies make a stronger showing, backed by their own encouraging data.

Euro Mixed as ECB Considers Lower Rate

Euro is mixed today, thanks to comments made by Mario Draghi following the latest ECB meeting. Concerns about the strength of the economic recovery in the eurozone are weighing on the 17-nation currency. The euro is higher against the dollar and the pound, but lower against the yen.

US Dollar Little Changed After Central Bank Announcements

Forex traders have been waiting for central bank data all week, and it is in. The data has offered little in the way of changes for the US dollar, although the greenback has a slight edge. The US dollar index is a little bit higher today.



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