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UK Pound Pulls Back on Housing Price Bubble Worries

The latest housing data in the United Kingdom sees home prices heading a little bit higher. However, there are worries that housing prices could be heading into bubble, and that is weighing on the pound a bit. Additionally, there might be some correction in the works, since the pound has performed quite well over the past six months.

UK Pound Gets Help from Better Data and the Fed

UK pound is making progress against many of its major counterparts, thanks in part to the economic data coming out of that country, and with the help of the release of the minutes from the last Federal Reserve meeting.

Euro Mixed as Traders Await Data

Euro is mixed today as Forex traders await data. Many are interested in what the revised CPI data will show for October, and there are concerns about what’s next for the eurozone economy moving forward.

France Downgrade, ECB Rate Cut Weigh on Euro

Euro is struggling against the US dollar today, heading lower as the economic situation in the eurozone raises questions. Euro is also barely holding its own against the UK pound, struggling as it moves between gains and losses today. Between the ECB rate cut yesterday and the downgrade to France’s credit rating, there is a lot weighing on the 17-nation currency right now.

Housing Market, Economic Forecast Boost UK Pound

UK pound is heading higher today, gaining as better news comes in from a number of quarters. The housing market seems to picking up, with home prices rising. Additionally, a new economic forecast indicates that the UK economy is likely to grow more than expected in coming months.

Euro Looks for Direction After Consumer Confidence Report

Eurozone consumer confidence came in below expectations for October, but it is still at its best since July 2011. Risk appetite is a little shaky today, and there are still questions about the sustainability of the eurozone’s economic recovery.

Economic Data Supports UK Pound

Economic data is providing support for the UK pound. Not only is the budget deficit in the United Kingdom narrowing, but the news out of the United States has been helping a bit. With all of the improved information, the UK pound is getting a bit of a boost today.

ZEW Rises on Euro Outlook

Euro might struggling a little bit against the greenback still, but the 17-nation currency is hoping to see some improvement in the near future. The latest ZEW reading is at its highest point since April 2010, prompting hopes in a possible economic recovery for the eurozone.

UK Pound Mixed After London-Beijing Deal

UK pound is mixed today as Forex traders process the latest news out of the United States, with rumors about an agreement in the government shutdown and debt ceiling debates fading fast. But there is another side focus with the pound today. A deal between London and Beijing is about to make the United Kingdom the yuan’s currency hub in Europe.

UK Pound Drops on More Disappointing Economic Data

UK pound is heading lower today, dropping as additional disappointing economic data comes in. This time, it’s construction declines weighing on the British currency. Concerns about the economic recovery in the United Kingdom are sending the pound lower today, even though sterling saw some progress earlier.



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