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US Dollar Makes Its Move

US dollar is making its move. After heading lower against some of its major counterparts, notably the euro, greenback is heading higher again as uncertainty takes hold and risk aversion sets in. The dollar index is heading higher, the greenback is up against all of its major counterparts.

UK Pound Drops on Weak Economic News

UK pound is heading lower against the US dollar today, dropping as weak economic news weighs. On top of that, it’s not helping that a Bank of England policymaker is publicly calling for more asset purchases to help stimulate the flaggin economy.

UK Pound Gets Boost on Prospect to Reduce Easing

Votes to avoid an increase in the Bank of England’s asset buying program are providing support for the pound today. Pound is modestly higher against the US dollar, and the currency has broken a recent losing streak against the euro. As more members of the MPC decide against quantitative easing, the sterling is likely to gain some strength.

Euro a Little Lower Against US Dollar Following “Safe” Claim

Earlier today, a member of the European Council proclaimed the euro “safe” and the eurozone economy on the road to recovery. Euro is a little lower against the dollar following this announcement, but this probably has more to do with profit taking after a recent run by the 17-nation currency.

Euro Trades Mixed With All Eyes on Germany

Euro is trading mixed today as focus shifts from Asia to the eurozone, specifically Germany. There are a couple of key arguments coming before German courts, regarding ECB measures to shore up ailing eurozone countries, and many are interested to see how things are likely to play out.

Greenback Gets Upper Hand on Payrolls Data

US dollar is heading higher today following the most recent payrolls data. The result is adding a bit of confusion, though, since it muddies the water as to what might be next for the Federal Reserve.

Canadian Dollar Goes Lower on Mixed US Data

The Canadian dollar fell today as mixed US macroeconomic reports created uncertainty and confusion on the Forex markets, making riskier currencies less appealing to investors.

Japanese Yen Higher Against Major Counterparts

Japanese yen is moving higher against its major counterparts today, gaining some ground as questions about the recent easing policies come to light. Some think that the recent (and dramatic) drop in the yen was too much, and now there is a bit of a correction, sending the yen higher against other currencies.

US Dollar Drops on Profit Taking and Repositioning

US dollar is down against most of its major counterparts on what many consider profit taking right now. With Forex traders preparing to reposition themselves in light of the next round of economic data and predictions for central bank movements, it is little surprise that some profit taking is happening.

UK Pound Gets Small Boost Against US Dollar

UK pound is getting a small boost against the US dollar today, thanks to some support from the latest CBI sales data. While the help is rather small, it’s a little bit of a boost nonetheless. UK pound isn’t expected to make any big moves anytime soon against any currency.



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