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UK Pound Mixed After Economic Releases

In a big week for economic data, the UK pound is mixed following today’s earlier releases. Pound drifted higher briefly, before falling against its low-beta counterparts, even while remaining higher against the euro.

UK Pound Drops on Latest GDP Data

UK pound is lower against the euro today, thanks in large part to the latest GDP data. Sterling hasn’t changed much against the US dollar, and is higher against the Japanese yen.

Japanese Yen’s Current Gains Probably Temporary

Japanese yen is heading higher today, bouncing following a drop accompanying the latest Japanese election. With Shinzo Abe confirmed in the Prime Minister spot, it appears as though there is a stamp of approval for further measures that are likely to result in more weakness for the yen.

Euro Continues to Struggle on Uncertainty

Euro continues to struggle a bit today, dropping against the dollar and the pound as eurozone uncertainty remains the focus for many traders. Angela Merkel appears to have a plan in mind for saving the euro, but it remains to be seen whether or not it will work — and whether or not eurozone leaders will be on board.

UK Pound Lower as BOE Policy Expected to Remain Accommodative

UK pound is down against its major counterparts today, dropping as expectations that the Bank of England will keep its monetary policy weigh on the currency.

UK Pound Pulls Back after Yesterday’s Gains

Yesterday, the UK pound went on a tear, heading higher against the majors. Today, though, the tables have turned a bit. Sterling is lower almost across the board, and Forex traders are considering what the next move by the Bank of England will be.

Yen Continues to Show Weakness

Japanese yen continues to show weakness today, although it is showing some gains against a weak US dollar. For the most part, though, yen is likely to remain vulnerable against its major counterparts.

US Dollar Makes Its Move

US dollar is making its move. After heading lower against some of its major counterparts, notably the euro, greenback is heading higher again as uncertainty takes hold and risk aversion sets in. The dollar index is heading higher, the greenback is up against all of its major counterparts.

UK Pound Drops on Weak Economic News

UK pound is heading lower against the US dollar today, dropping as weak economic news weighs. On top of that, it’s not helping that a Bank of England policymaker is publicly calling for more asset purchases to help stimulate the flaggin economy.

UK Pound Gets Boost on Prospect to Reduce Easing

Votes to avoid an increase in the Bank of England’s asset buying program are providing support for the pound today. Pound is modestly higher against the US dollar, and the currency has broken a recent losing streak against the euro. As more members of the MPC decide against quantitative easing, the sterling is likely to gain some strength.



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