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UK Pound Pulls Back After Strong Run

UK pound is pulling back today, following a strong run earlier. Sterling has been enjoying unprecedented strength, and is now taking a bit of a breather as traders and others re-assess the situation.

UK Pound Maintains Gains After BOE Minutes

The minutes from the latest Monetary Policy Committee have been released, and there are signs that members of the committee are trying to decide how much slack there is in the market, and when they can start cutting back on bond asset purchases and when it makes sense to raise interest rates.

US Dollar Falls Back After Chinese Data

US dollar is heading lower today, falling back after the latest Chinese data. Growth concerns in China are weighing on the markets, but that isn’t helping the greenback. Instead, the US dollar is lower almost across the board.

UK Pound Continues to Show Strength

UK pound continues to show strength today, following up on yesterday’s rebound. Sterling is gaining particularly against the euro, although it is higher against other major currencies as well.

Dollar Index Continues to Climb as Risk Aversion Rises

The dollar index continues to climb, remaining above the 80.0000 level, as risk aversion continues to be the story. In many cases, dollar strength is mostly due to the weakness of currencies like the euro and the Canadian dollar — even though the dollar is down against other individual currencies like the yen.

Euro Gains Strength After Earlier Selloff

Yesterday, the euro was in the midst of a selloff after the news came out that the ECB is considering policy options to boost stimulus (and weaken the 18-nation currency). Today, though, things have leveled out the euro has gained strength on disappointing US data, BOE comments, and the fact that Asian central banks are buying up euro denominated assets.

UK Pound Heading Higher Against Other Majors

The UK pound is heading higher against other majors today, gaining ground after a disappointing end to last week. After giving up some of its recent gains, the pound has consolidated and is on firmer footing as it heads a little higher against the US dollar and the euro.

Greenback Surges Against Major Counterparts

US dollar is gaining ground against its major counterparts as the fallout from Mario Draghi’s comments continue to encourage traders to change direction. Dollar index is higher, as the greenback makes particular gains against the euro and the pound.

Loonie Mixed as Traders Look for Direction

Canadian dollar is mixed today, thanks in large part to questions about what’s next for the loonie, and for currencies in general. Right now, it doesn’t seem as though many currencies are moving according to market data, and there is a great deal of head scratching going on.

UK Pound Pulls Back After Friday’s Performance

Last Friday, the UK pound put on quite the show, reaching a level not seen in four years against the US dollar. Today, the pound is pulling back against its major counterparts as Forex traders consolidate and take profits.



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