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Euro Strong vs. Dollar & Pound, Weak vs. Yen

The euro climbed against the US dollar and rose versus the Great Britain pound as German business climate continue to improve and Spanish unemployment shrank. The currency fell for the second day against the Japanese yen, erasing the big advance that it has made on Wednesday.

No Respite for Euro

The euro remained under pressure as continuously bad reports from Europe drive investors away from the region’s assets and make them question if the European Central Bank will act to help the failing economy.

Euro Struggles Below 1.30 Against US Dollar

Euro continues to struggle, dropping below the 1.30 level against the US dollar today. Concerns about what might be coming are weighing on the 17-nation currency, causing it to lag behind some of its high beta peers.

Another Bad Week for Euro?

The euro was no feeling well recently. The Forex market was in a risk aversion mode, driving traders away from the currency. What this week holds for the euro? In fact, market analysts think nothing good.

US Dollar Gains on Downbeat Data Out of Europe

European data released earlier is disappointing, and concerns about the situation are prompting gains for the US dollar. Even though the US economy is recovering at a sluggish pace, and even though the sequester has hit, the US dollar is still in a stronger position than its European counterparts.

German Economic Data Provides Only Small Support for Euro

German economic data has provided a bit of a boost to the euro today, but the gains are more modest than many might expect. Even though the macroeconomic picture appears to be getting better in Germany, it’s not quite enough to overcome the other problems in the eurozone.

Euro Holds Its Own after Industrial Production Numbers

Indications that the worst really is over for the eurozone continue to roll in, despite worries about Spain and Italy. The latest industrial production data supports the idea that the eurozone economy is strengthening, albeit modestly.

Euro a Little Lower as it Consolidates ahead of ECB

Euro appears to be in consolidation mode right now, and is a little bit lower against other majors right now as a result. It’s also not helping that some doubts, helped by renewed concerns about sovereign debt, are creeping into the picture.

CAD Rallies vs. EUR on Political Concerns, Falls vs. USD & JPY

The Canadian dollar rallied against the euro today as political turmoil in Spain undermined the strength of the shared European currency. The loonie erased its gains versus the US dollar and fell against the Japanese yen after reaching the highest level since May 2010.

Political Concerns Halt Euro Rally

Did Forex traders get too excited about the euro recently? That’s what many are wondering as political concerns halt the recent euro rally and send the 17-nation currency plunging. Political concerns in Spain and Italy, as well as speculation about the upcoming European Central Bank meeting, are weighing on the euro today.



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