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US Housing Market Leads to Gain of USD/KRW

The South Korean won dropped against the US dollar today, demonstrating the biggest decline in two weeks, as positive housing data from the United States bolstered the greenback.

South Korean Won Drops on Interest Rate Cut Speculations

The South Korean won declined today as comments of South Korea’s official made Forex market participants speculate that nation’s policy makers may perform an interest rate cut.

Won Edges Higher as Exporters Convert Earnings

The South Korean won ticked up today on signs that Korea’s exporters were converting their overseas earnings into the local currency before the end of the month, increasing demand for the won.

Investors Flee South Korean Stocks, Won Drops

The South Korean won dropped today on signs that overseas investors were pulling their money from the nation’s economy. The drop should be welcomed by South Korean policy makers, who were not particularly happy with the strength of the currency, though talks about a potential intervention still persist.

Won Drops on Concern About Korea’s Recovery

The South Korea fell today as the nation’s central bank left interest rates unchanged and voiced concern about the strength of the currency that may hurt economic growth.

Won Drops, Intervention Suspected

The South Korean won dropped today, leading to speculations among Forex market participants that policy makers had intervened in the currency market to bring the exchange rate down to protect the economy from excessive appreciation of the currency.

Won Drops as Government Concerned About Speculative Bets

The South Korean won dropped today as the nation’s government warned against speculative bets on the currency. Officials were worried that the herd behavior of traders results in sharp moves and unwarranted volatility of the exchange rate.

Won Rallies on Wider Current-Account Surplus

The won advanced today as South Korean current-account surplus widened last month, supporting the positive outlook for the nation’s economic growth. There are speculations that the rally was also caused by exporters who converted their earnings into the domestic currency.

Won Falls on Prospects for More Stimulus Reductions from Fed

The South Korean won declined today on speculations that US policy makers will continue to reduce monetary stimulus despite the recent string of poor economic data.

Poor Start of Week for South Korean Won

The South Korean won dropped today as poor macroeconomic data from China and quantitative easing tapering from the Federal Reserve resulted in risk aversion that hurt currencies of emerging markets.



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