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Ruble Drops on Additional Sanctions

The Russian ruble dipped today as the United States and the European Union implemented sanctions against Russian companies that may lead to recession in the Eastern European nation.

Ruble Weakens as Cease-Fire Agreement in Ukraine Ends

The Russian ruble fell today as a cease-fire agreement between the Ukrainian government and pro-Russian separatists ended, and this may lead to additional sanctions from the United States and the European Union against Russia.

Ruble Gains on Cease-Fire in Ukraine

The Russian ruble advanced today as a cease-fire agreement between the government and separatists in Ukraine led to hopes that the geopolitical crisis in Eastern Europe will be resolved.

Ruble Rebounds on Hopes for Mild Sanctions

The Russian ruble gained today on speculations that sanctions against the nation will not be too severe and the conflict with Ukraine will not result in a full-scale war. The ruble still remains among the worst-performing currencies.

Ruble Rises as Impact of Sanctions Against Russia Considered Limited

The Russian ruble rose today, gaining for the third session, on speculations that the impact of sanctions that the United States and the European Union are going to impose on Russia will be limited and they will not influence the Russian economy very strongly.

Bank of Russia Unable to Prevent Ruble’s Drop

The Russian ruble dropped today despite the surprise interest rate hike from Russia’s central bank as the country’s involvement in the conflict with Ukraine threatens to worse its international relations.

Ruble Does Not Join Other Risky Currencies in Gains

The Russian ruble did not join other currencies of emerging markets in a rally, falling instead today. It looks like Forex market participants were to afraid to buy the currency ahead of today’s monetary policy decision of the US Federal Reserve.

Russian Ruble Drops on Fears of Stagflation

The Russian ruble dropped today on concerns about so-called stagflation that threatens the nation’s economy and makes it less attractive for overseas investors.

Ruble Rises as Traders Still Do Not Expect Default in USA

The Russian ruble advanced today as traders returned to riskier assets, suggesting that they still hope for a positive outcome of the talks about raising the US debt ceiling.

Ruble Suffers from Nervousness on FX Market

The Russian ruble was yet another looser today as traders are afraid that the US central bank will tamper its asset purchase program at its September meeting. Such fears made them unwilling to buy risky currencies.



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