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Ruble Gains with Support from Bank of Russia

The Russian ruble jumped as attempts of the Bank of Russia to stem the currency’s drop resulted in a success, at least for now. The central bank was selling dollar and pledged to help companies to meet their foreign-currency debt obligations.

Russian Ruble Unable to Keep Record Gains

Russia’s central bank made a surprise massive interest rate hike today in an attempt to support the currency and tame accelerating inflation. While the Russian ruble surged on the news initially, it was unable to keep gains and fell. Yet as of now, the ruble managed to return above the opening level

Ruble Drops to Record Low as Russian Economy Suffers

The Russian ruble fell today, touching the record low level versus the US dollar, as Russia’s economy suffers from the impact of sanctions and declining oil prices.

Worst Week for Ruble Since 1999

Woes for the Russian ruble continue as the currency experienced the worst week since 1999. Analysts think that the ruble may go even lower, reaching the 50 per dollar level.

Russian Ruble Plunged on Elections in Ukraine

The Russian ruble plunged today as elections in the eastern parts of Ukraine held by pro-Russian separatists threaten the fragile peace in the region and may lead to a new round of sanctions against Russia.

Bank of Russia Surprises, Ruble Doesn’t Respond

Russia’s central bank surprised the Forex market today by a huge interest rate hike aimed at cooling inflation and slowing the ruble’s depreciation. Yet the Russian currency did not respond to the announcement, extending its massive slump.

Ruble Drops on Free-Float Speculations

The Russian ruble dropped today on speculations that Russia’s central bank will abandon defense of the currency and allow it to float freely, and this most likely will lead to even bigger slump in the future.

S&P Reaffirms Russia’s Credit Rating, Ruble Higher

The Russian ruble gained today as Standard & Poor’s reaffirmed Russia’s sovereign credit rating, alleviating concerns about a potential reduction of the grade to junk.

Ruble’s Woes Continue

Woes of the Russian ruble continue as the currency extended its drop today due to concerns that Standard & Poor’s may reduce Russia’s credit rating to junk, adding to incentive for investors to avoid Russian assets.

Russian Ruble Tumbles After Moody’s Downgrade

The Russian ruble sank today following Friday’s announcement from Moody’s about a downgrade of Russia’s credit rating due to the damage that sanctions from the United States and the European Union have done to the already fragile Russian economy.



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