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Ruble Drops on Free-Float Speculations

The Russian ruble dropped today on speculations that Russia’s central bank will abandon defense of the currency and allow it to float freely, and this most likely will lead to even bigger slump in the future.

S&P Reaffirms Russia’s Credit Rating, Ruble Higher

The Russian ruble gained today as Standard & Poor’s reaffirmed Russia’s sovereign credit rating, alleviating concerns about a potential reduction of the grade to junk.

Ruble’s Woes Continue

Woes of the Russian ruble continue as the currency extended its drop today due to concerns that Standard & Poor’s may reduce Russia’s credit rating to junk, adding to incentive for investors to avoid Russian assets.

Russian Ruble Tumbles After Moody’s Downgrade

The Russian ruble sank today following Friday’s announcement from Moody’s about a downgrade of Russia’s credit rating due to the damage that sanctions from the United States and the European Union have done to the already fragile Russian economy.

Ruble Advances, Endangering Russian Economy

The Russian ruble advanced today with the help of both the general risk-positive market sentiment and the cease-fire between Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists. The rally is not necessary positive for Russia’s economy that struggles to avoid recession.

Russian Ruble Drops to Record Lows on Sanction Fears

The Russian ruble dropped to all-time lows today due to concerns about potential impact of sanctions from the United States and the European Union on Russia’s economy.

USD/RUB Reaches Record High on Sanctions Worries

The Russian ruble fell to the all-time low against the US dollar today as concerns about sanctions from the United States and the European Union continue to erode the attractiveness of the currency to investors.

Russian Ruble Slumps as Ukrainian Crisis Worsens

The Russian ruble declined today as worsening relationships between Russia and Ukraine may lead to escalation of the conflict in Eastern regions of Ukraine, while the United States and the European Union threaten to implement additional sanctions against Russia.

Ruble Drops on Additional Sanctions

The Russian ruble dipped today as the United States and the European Union implemented sanctions against Russian companies that may lead to recession in the Eastern European nation.

Ruble Weakens as Cease-Fire Agreement in Ukraine Ends

The Russian ruble fell today as a cease-fire agreement between the Ukrainian government and pro-Russian separatists ended, and this may lead to additional sanctions from the United States and the European Union against Russia.



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