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Economic Reports Spark Rally of Great Britain Pound

The Great Britain pound rallied today, boosted by a couple of favorable macroeconomic reports released from the United Kingdom during the Wednesday’s trading session.

Positive Data Doesn’t Help Pound to Rally

The Great Britain pound moved lower against its major counterparts today even though macroeconomic data from the United Kingdom was supportive for the currency.

UK Pound Continues to Struggle in Forex Trading

UK pound is still struggling in currency trading on the FX market today. The UK pound has had a downside for several days now, and it is likely to continue to struggle, until new data can shed some light on what’s next, and what might result in a change in policy.

Public Borrowing Weighs on the UK Pound

UK pound is struggling against the euro right now, heading lower following disappointing data about borrowing. However, the pound is higher against the US dollar.

Great Britain Pound Slumps After UK Budget Deficit Widens

The Great Britain pound slumped against the major peers today. Domestic macroeconomic data was detrimental to the currency, showing that the budget deficit widened last month.

Great Britain Pound Lifted by UK Employment Data

The Great Britain pound climbed against its major peers today as employment data for July released from the United Kingdom was well-received by the Forex market, fueling talks about an interest rate hike from the Bank of England in a relatively near future.

UK Consumer Prices Bring Down Pound

UK consumer prices were disappointing last month, and that is weighing on sterling today. With this latest news, it is increasingly unlikely that the Bank of England will raise rates anytime soon.

Pound Gains on Bank of England Rate Hike Talk

Pound is heading higher today, thanks in large part to the latest talk of a rate hike from the Bank of England. Even though the latest manufacturing data was a bit weak, expectations that the BOE will need to raise rates soon is helping sterling against its major counterparts.

Pound Lower vs. Dollar, Fares Better vs. Yen

The Great Britain pound dropped today as basically all economic reports from the United Kingdom were bad. The currency managed to maintain the rally against the Japanese yen but had no such luck versus the US dollar.

GBP Falls for Ninth Session vs. USD

The Great Britain pound dropped for the ninth consecutive day against the US dollar today. The currency was dragged down both by domestic reports and news from abroad.



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