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Pound Sinks as UK Growth Loses Momentum

The Great Britain pound sank today after the Bank of England predicted that economic growth and inflation will decelerate in the near future. UK employment data turned out be worse than analysts have expected, adding to pressure on the sterling.

US Dollar Maintains a Firm Undertone

Even with a bit of selling off earlier, the US dollar maintains a firm undertone in currency trading today. Even though the dollar is down a bit against the yen, it is higher against its European counterparts, and the dollar index is gaining ground.

Euro Loses Ground on Policy Expectations

Euro is losing some ground on policy expectations today. Many expect that the eurozone will continue to struggle for a while, and that is putting the euro at a disadvantage against its other major counterparts.

No Help for the UK Pound in Forex Trading

There isn’t a lot of help for the UK pound in forex trading today. With recent data disappointing analysts, and with the Bank of England still not taking any action, the sterling is down almost across the board today.

Manufacturing Data Boosts UK Pound

UK pound is heading higher today, gaining ground thanks to the latest manufacturing data. Manufacturing data surprised to the upside, and the sterling is getting a boost because of the news.

UK Pound Struggles Against Its Major Counterparts

UK pound is struggling against its major counterparts today, heading lower as interest rates expectations weigh. With the Bank of England expected to maintain low rates, there isn’t a whole lot to help support the pound against other major currencies in Forex trading.

Euro Trades Down Against US Dollar, Japanese Yen

Euro is gaining ground against the UK pound, but losing ground against the US dollar and the Japanese yen. The 18-nation currency continues to struggle as risk appetite fades from the Forex market, and as expected policy divergence between the United States and the eurozone widens.

Euro Gets a Little Help From Stress Test Results

Euro is getting a little help today in Forex trading, thanks to the latest round of stress test results from banks. Things seem to be improving for banks, and that means that there are fewer fears regarding the eurozone. There is still a ways to go for the eurozone recovery, and for the 18-nation currency, but things are looking a little bit better.

Pound Ends Friday with Gains

The Great Britain pound ended Friday with gains thanks to GDP report that was in line with analysts’ expectations and poor economic data from the United States. The currency still ended the week with losses versus the euro.

Dollar Index Heads Lower After Bouncing Earlier

US dollar index is lower, even though the greenback is trading mixed today. The weighting of the euro in the dollar index’s basket of currencies means that the gains by the euro are weighing on the dollar index today. Even though the dollar is lower against the euro, it is still gaining ground against the UK pound and the Japanese yen.



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