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Pound Mixed After Construction PMI

The Great Britain pound was mixed today, rising against the US dollar, but falling versus the Japanese yen. The construction report was the likely source of the confusion as it showed that the sectors continued to grow, but with slower pace than traders have hoped for.

Dollar Posts Gains, Remains in Danger

The US dollar posted gains against other major currencies, including the euro and the Great Britain pound (but excluding the Japanese yen), today. The currency remains in danger from the impact of the US government shutdown.

Aussie Jumps with Help from Fundamentals & RBA Rate Decision

The Australian dollar jumped today as domestic fundamentals and the Reserve Bank of Australia policy decision propelled the currency higher, allowing it to overcome the negative impact of risk aversion, created by the US government shutdown.

Aussie Follows Kiwi in Gains

The Australian dollar followed its New Zealand counterpart to the upside even though economic data from China, the major Australia’s trading partner, was not particularly encouraging.

Aussie Rises as China’s Manufacturing Growth Beats Expectations

The Australian dollar rose today after a report of China’s manufacturing was released on the weekend, showing that the sector expanded this month with faster pace than was predicted by analysts.

Pound Up on Exceptionally Good Services PMI

The Great Britain pound was rising every single day of this week and today was not an exception as the very good data about the service industry drove the sterling even higher.

Broad-Based Eurozone Recovery Not Quite Enough

There’s too much uncertainty about the geopolitical situation right now, and that is weighing on riskier assets today. Indeed, the euro is struggling a bit, even though it appears as though there is a broad-based recovery happening in the eurozone.

US Dollar Rallies on Positive Fundamentals, Gains Small

The US dollar rose today as fundamental reports were good, supporting the case for the Federal Reserve to reduce monetary stimulus. The gains were not big, though, and the greenback actually retreated against some currencies, including the Great Britain pound and the Australian dollar.

GBP Rallies as Recovery Proceeds, Has Hard Time Maintaining Rally

Fundamental data from the United Kingdom continued to be good, adding to evidences of economic growth. It supported the Great Britain pound, which rallied today, but currently has troubles maintaining gains. The sterling remains higher versus the Japanese yen, but retreated against the US dollar as of now.

Euro Heads Lower on ECB Expectations

Euro is mostly lower today, struggling as ECB expectations keep the 17-nation currency down. The currently-low rates are expected to continue, with the announcement coming later this week.



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