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GBP Rallies as Recovery Proceeds, Has Hard Time Maintaining Rally

Fundamental data from the United Kingdom continued to be good, adding to evidences of economic growth. It supported the Great Britain pound, which rallied today, but currently has troubles maintaining gains. The sterling remains higher versus the Japanese yen, but retreated against the US dollar as of now.

Euro Heads Lower on ECB Expectations

Euro is mostly lower today, struggling as ECB expectations keep the 17-nation currency down. The currently-low rates are expected to continue, with the announcement coming later this week.

Currency Cap Stays as Long as Needed, Swissie Drops

The Swiss franc fell yesterday and maintained losses today as central bank’s Vice President Jean-Pierre Danthine indicated that the cap on the currency stays as long as the economic situation warrants. The currency managed to register gains versus the Japanese yen.

NZ Dollar Jumps as China’s Manufacturing PMI Reaches 16-Month High

The New Zealand dollar jumped today as China’s manufacturing index climbed to the highest level in 16 month, suggesting that the economy of New Zealand’s biggest trading partner is still in a good shape.

Better Economic Data Doesn’t Help the Euro Much

The latest economic data isn’t doing much to help the euro today. The 17-nation currency is struggling against its major counterparts, despite the latest report on manufactured goods. There are still enough concerns about the eurozone and its recovery to give some Forex traders pause about the euro.

Euro Struggles to Log Gains On Better Economic News

Euro is struggling to log gains against the US dollar today, following improved economic news and a global stock rally. European stocks are heading higher, after a mixed Asian session, and US stocks are preparing for a higher open. Good news out of the eurozone should provide some support to the euro.

Yuan Rises as Manufacturing Expands for First Month in Four

The Chinese yuan rose a little today, erasing previous losses, as the manufacturing sector unexpectedly expanded this month, reducing risk aversion caused by yesterday’s Federal Reserve’s policy minutes.

NZ Dollar Gains with Another Positive Report

The New Zealand dollar strengthened today as a report showed that business activity expanded last month, adding to positive indicators that were released this week.

Canadian Dollar Sinks on Surprisingly Bad Fundamentals

The Canadian dollar slumped today as macroeconomic reports were abysmal, frustrating Forex market participants who have counted on much better data. Concerns about possible quantitative easing tampering by the US Federal Reserve added to the weakness of the currency.

Dollar Gains as QE Reduction Speculations Do Not Recede

The US dollar appreciated today as traders continued speculate that positive fundamentals will encourage the Federal Reserve to reduce pace of asset purchases despite poor non-farm payrolls. The currency weakened against the Japanese yen.



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