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UK Pound Recovers After Earlier Drop

UK pound is regaining lost ground against the US dollar today. Earlier, sterling fell against the greenback after the release of the latest PMI data. Now, though, the UK pound is gaining against its low beta counterparts as risk appetite soars.

Eurozone PMI and Risk Aversion Send Euro Lower

Euro is mostly lower today, losing ground as the latest PMI data weighs on the 18-nation currency, and as risk aversion sets in. Concerns about China’s recently released — and disappointing — data are weighing on sentiment, and it’s not helping that gold is pulling back as well. Add to the worries about the eurozone in general, and it’s no surprise the euro is struggling.

NZ Dollar Shows Resilience in Face of Detrimental Fundamentals

Both domestic and overseas fundamentals were negative for the New Zealand dollar, and the currency dropped against the Japanese yen at the first half of today’s trading session. Yet despite the detrimental factors the kiwi managed to rebound against the yen, erasing losses, and to rise a bit versus the US dollar.

Canadian Dollar Shows Mixed Performance Ahead of Tomorrow’s Data

The Canadian dollar rose against the US dollar and the Japanese yen, but fell versus the euro today. Macroeconomic data from Canada was mixed today, while specialists expect that tomorrow’s employment report should be very good.

Economic Data Does Not Help Dollar Establish Trend

The US dollar was not able to establish a definite trend today as macroeconomic data was mixed and did not provide a clear picture of the US economic health. The greenback was down against the Japanese yen and a bit lower versus the euro, but rose a little against the Great Britain pound.

Surprisingly Bad Macroeconomic Indicators Push Sterling Down

The Great Britain pound dropped today due to surprisingly disappointing data from the United Kingdom. The services index unexpectedly fell and shop prices demonstrated deflation for the ninth month in a row.

Yen Falls for the First Day in Five

The Japanese yen fell today as fears on the Forex market eased, damping demand for riskier currencies. It was the first day of losses after the four-day rally versus the euro and the Great Britain pound.

Poor Start of Week for South Korean Won

The South Korean won dropped today as poor macroeconomic data from China and quantitative easing tapering from the Federal Reserve resulted in risk aversion that hurt currencies of emerging markets.

Yen Gains as Data Suggests No More Stimulus Needed

The Japanese yen advanced as a set of good macroeconomic report was released from Japan today, suggesting that policy makers do not need to implement additional monetary stimulus and may even consider an exit from the current excessively accommodative policy.

Aussie Drops After Chinese Manufacturing Report

The Australian dollar dropped today after a report showed an unexpected contraction of the Chinese manufacturing sector. The data made investors worried about growth in the Asian economy and made them less willing to buy riskier assets.



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