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Positive UK Economic Data Makes Pound Stronger

The Great Britain pound rose against the US dollar and the euro yesterday and kept most of its gains today as macroeconomic reports were very good. The currency lost to the Japanese yen despite the good fundamentals.

US Dollar Trims Declines on Better Economic News

US dollar is paring some of its earlier losses against some of its counterparts on the latest economic news to be released. Many Forex traders are looking for direction, and taking this opportunity to mull the latest news from around the world.

Euro Falls on Retail Sales Data

Euro is lower today, in spite of recent indications of stability, on the latest of retail sales data. Even though there are hopes that the economic contraction is over for the eurozone, there are still concerns about a slow recovery.

Pound Climbs with House Prices & Construction

The Great Britain pound climbed today as house prices grew with pace that was two times above the forecast and as construction expanded much faster than was expected.

Japanese Yen Drops as Funds are Moved Overseas

Japanese yen is heading lower today, dropping against its major counterparts, as Japanese investors purchase overseas bonds and as the data out of China turns out to be better than expected.

Pound Climbs as BoE Maintains Policy & Manufacturing Expands

The Great Britain pound jumped today after the Bank of England left its monetary policy unchanged and as manufacturing expanded in July faster than was expected by market participants.

Euro Gains on Improving PMI, Down vs. Dollar

Euro gained as positive data from the eurozone was surprisingly good, giving hope that the European economy will be able to emerge from recession without additional stimulating measures from policy makers.

Aussie Suffers from Decline of China’s Manufacturing

The Australian dollar slumped today as the decline of China’s manufacturing unexpectedly accelerated last quarter, reigniting concerns about growth in the major Asian economy and the biggest trading partner of Australia.

Japanese Yen Surges on Safe Haven Demand

Uncertainty is once again taking hold of the markets, and Forex traders are looking for a safe haven. As a result, it is little surprise that the Japanese yen is surging higher today.

Pound Maintains Gains vs. Euro & Yen, Stays Soft vs. Dollar

The Great Britain pound rallied versus the euro and the Japanese yen yesterday and maintained gains today as the construction sector expanded last month. The currency remained weak versus the US dollar.



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