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Won Gains amid Easing Tensions Between North & South Koreas

The South Korean won gained today as South Korea, Japan and China planned to coordinate efforts for resolving the political tension between North and South Korea’s.

South Korean Won Rises Despite Escalating Political Tension

The South Korean won rose against the US dollar today despite the threat of war between South and North Koreas. The currency remains under pressure as investors are selling South Korean stocks.

Won Retreats as Tension Between Koreas Rises, Recovers from Losses

The South Korean won fell today as tension between the country and North Korea are rising. The poor domestic fundamentals did not help the currency either. Yet it has managed to erase its losses as of now

Euro Gains After Currency War Pledge

Euro gained earlier, following a pledge from G-7 nations to avoid a currency war. Euro is still higher against the US dollar right now, although it is paring some of its earlier gains.

North Korean Nuclear Test Spurs Risk Aversion, Rand Suffers

The South African rand dropped today after the North Korean nuclear weapon test increased geopolitical tension, making investors seek safety and avoid riskier assets.

Won Gains as North Korean Rocket Launch Fails

The South Korean won rose today after North Korean rocket launch failed, easing tensions in the region. The overall positive mood on the Forex market also benefited the currency.

US Non-Farm Payrolls Sap Demand for Risk, Rupee Suffers

The Indian rupee declined today as last week’s US non-farm payrolls disappointed Forex market participants, sapping demand for riskier currencies of emerging markets.

Yen Climbs on Japan’s Current Account Surplus

The Japanese yen advanced today after Japan posted trade balance surplus in February and as concerns about the possible North Korean rocket launch increased demand for the yen as a safe haven.

Won Drops as China Reduces Appeal of Risky Assets

The South Korean won slid today as global equities declined on concerns that China’s economic slowdown sapped demand from riskier assets of emerging economies.

South Korea’s Won Gains vs. Dollar, Fall vs. Euro

The South Korean won rose against the US dollar as the manufacturers confidence improved. The currency slipped versus the euro amid the geopolitical uncertainty.




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