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Outlook for USD During Week of NFP & Independence Day

The US dollar experienced a very poor trading month in June due to unexpected dovishness of US policy makers and terrible GDP report. Can the greenback change the bearish trend in the first trading week of the new month?

ECB Acts, Euro Unfazed, Ending Week Resilient

This week had quite a few important events that have affected the Forex market. The most important of them were the meetings of various central bank and US non-farm payrolls. There were reasons to believe that the euro would fall over the week, but surprisingly enough the currency remained rather resilient.

Euro Heads for Another Weekly Loss

The euro dropped today as investors were fleeing bonds of Europe’s peripheral economies, adding to pressure on the European Central Bank to stimulate the struggling economy. The currency was heading for a second weekly loss versus the US dollar and the Japanese yen, and it will be the third week of decline against the Great Britain pound.

Dollar Jumps as Non-Farm Payrolls Beat Expectations

The US dollar jumped against most its major counterparts today after non-farm payrolls came out even better than optimistic forecasts and the unemployment rate declined more than was predicted by analysts.

NZ Dollar Gains on Optimistic Outlook for US Economy

The New Zealand dollar advanced today together with some other currencies of emerging markets as optimistic forecasts for tomorrow’s non-farm payrolls led to speculations that the US economy will lead global growth.

Ringgit Ticks Up as Traders Wait for NFP

The Malaysian ringgit rose against the US dollar today, following other Asian currencies in gains. There were speculations that the Federal Reserve will slow the pace of asset-purchases reduction, and such talks helped currencies of emerging markets to gain against the greenback.

Dollar Shows Resilience in Face of Poor Reports

Today, US macroeconomic data was disappointing yet again following the set of positive reports released on Monday. It did not affect the US dollar in a strong manner as the greenback fell against the Great Britain pound, but managed to keep gains versus the euro and the Japanese yen.

NFP Disappoint Yet Again, Dollar Weaker

One of the most important events this week was the release of US nonfarm payrolls, which was expected to ease worries about slowdown of the US economic growth. Yet in reality the employment data was disappointing and sent the US dollar lower.

Economic Data Does Not Help Dollar Establish Trend

The US dollar was not able to establish a definite trend today as macroeconomic data was mixed and did not provide a clear picture of the US economic health. The greenback was down against the Japanese yen and a bit lower versus the euro, but rose a little against the Great Britain pound.

Upbeat Retail Data Helps US Dollar in Trading

Greenback is higher today, gaining ground as upbeat retail data from December helps promote the idea that the US economy is still headed for recovery.



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