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Yen Soft Even After NFP Send Market into Turmoil

The Japanese yen was very soft today following a bunch of mixed economic reports released from Japan during the Asian trading session. The currency had attempted to rise after the release of US non-farm payrolls, but the attempt has failed and the yen kept gains only versus the US dollar (as of now USD/JPY has actually bounced back to the opening level).

US Dollar Sinks After Non-Farm Payrolls

The US dollar slumped after the release of US non-farm payrolls as the employment report turned out to be really terrible, clouding the outlook for timing of monetary tightening from the Federal Reserve. It is important to note that the currency is trying to fight back and is rising right now.

Dollar Soft Ahead of Non-Farm Payrolls

The US dollar was soft during Thursday’s trading as economic data from the United States was not particularly favorable. Losses were not big, though, and the currency may yet bounce if non-farm payrolls turn out to be good.

Yen Gains as FX Market Focuses on Upcoming US Employment Data

The Japanese yen rallied today as the Forex market is preparing for the release of US employment data. The currency gained even though economic data from Japan itself was not particularly good.

Stellar Non-Farm Payrolls Lead to Rally of US Dollar

The US dollar rallied against the basket of major currencies today after the stellar non-farm payrolls that have exceeded even optimistic forecasts. The currency gained more than 1 percent and climbed to the highest level in almost 13 years against the Japanese yen.

Dollar Firms Ahead of Non-Farm Payrolls

The US dollar firmed a bit today as positive unemployment data returned optimism to dollar bulls ahead of tomorrow non-farm payrolls. Earlier, the currency had been subdued due to concerns about the US economy and hopes for positive resolution of the Greek crisis.

NZ Dollar Mixed amid Rebalancing

The New Zealand dollar was mixed during the Tuesday’s trading session. The currency dropped against its US counterpart but gained on the Japanese yen while traders were rebalancing their positions after the shock caused by the Friday’s non-farm payrolls from the United States.

Trading Week Ends on Sour Note for Dollar

Dollar bulls had high expectations for this trading week due to the optimistic outlook for the US non-farm payrolls. But their hopes were shattered after the employment report turned out to be far worse than it was expected.

Weak Non-Farm Payrolls Hurt US Dollar

The US dollar received a significant hit to its strength today after the release of non-farm payrolls. While dollar bulls were very optimistic ahead of the NFP report, their optimism evaporated after the actual reading turned out to be almost two times weaker than forecasts.

US NFP & European QE Make Week Stellar for Dollar

The US dollar had an amazing trading week, reaching the highest level in more than a decade against the euro, thanks to positive economic data from the United States and quantitative easing in Europe.



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