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Euro Drops as ECB Board Member Reiterates Low Rates

Euro is heading lower today as indications for continued loose monetary policy from the European Central Bank continue to come. Euro has dropped a reasonable amount, but is still off its low, and trying to stabilize.

Uncertain Greek Outlook Doesn’t Phase Euro

After last week’s crash, the euro appears to be starting this week on a slightly better note. Even with uncertainty surrounding Greece, the euro is managing to log gains today.

Euro Drops Amidst China, Eurozone Emerging Market Problems

Euro is heading lower today as risk aversion makes an appearance. China’s stocks slid unexpectedly, and many are starting to look at the emerging markets in the eurozone as problem areas. With bond yields on the rise in the periphery, there are concerns of yet another eurozone crisis.

Euro Lower as Risk Aversion, Dollar Dominate

Euro is heading lower today, dropping as risk aversion sets in, and as the dollar dominates the markets. Uncertainty over the eurozone, combined with the expectation that the Fed will end quantitative easing relatively soon, is sending the 17-nation currency lower against the greenback today.

Euro Lower as Unemployment Reaches Another High

Euro is heading lower today as risk aversion sets in, and as Forex traders consider that unemployment in the eurozone is hitting yet another high. With economic concerns, and with commodities in retreat, there isn’t much to support the euro right now.

Euro Steady After Yesterday’s Drop

The euro was steady today and even attempted to rally versus the US dollar. The currency sank yesterday against safe currencies after poor macroeconomic data from China and the United States spurred risk aversion on the Forex market.

Euro Manages to Log Gains after Offering Flexibility to Cyprus

Euro plunged in value to start the week, thanks in large part to the latest banking crisis, located in Cyprus. An unprecedented bank tax caused consternation over the weekend, and renewed fears about banking problems and bailout prospects. However, announced flexibility from eurozone leaders is supporting the euro right now.

Euro Slips as Risk Appetite Evaporates

Euro has slipped into negative territory today against the US dollar as earlier risk appetite all but evaporates. There is little support the euro right now, and the US dollar is gaining the upper hand as a result.

Euro a Little Lower, Even with Greek Aid Agreement

Euro is a little lower right now, but the 17-nation currency has been paring some of its earlier losses. Euro is struggling against the US dollar today, even though the news should ostensibly be helping the 17-nation currency.

Euro Slightly Lower on Concerns about Future ECB Cuts

Even though the European Central Bank kept rates on hold for now, there are still concerns about the future. With the eurozone economy moving sluggishly, and the sovereign debt saga far from over, there are worries that the ECB will have no choice but to cut rates in the future.



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