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US Dollar Continues Its Slump

Greenback looks to be ready to close out this week lower, thanks to a raft of data and a bit of profit taking. Also weighing on the dollar is a sense of waiting. The Fed meets next week, and many Forex traders are waiting for the outcome of that meeting.

Euro Remains Mostly Higher, Even After Disappointing PMIs

Euro is faltering a bit after the recent release of PMI data, but the 19-nation currency is still mostly higher right now. Concerns about the state of the eurozone recovery could undermine the euro in the coming days, however.

Dollar Index Slips as Forex Traders Reset

US dollar index is slipping today as forex traders reset their positions, and as the euro gains ground on the prospect that Greece might actually make it through 2015.

Euro Falls as Concerns About Greece Continue

Euro continues to struggle in currency trading on the FX market as worries about Greece continue to dominate the landscape. Even with the good news expected out of Germany, the problems with Greece overshadow the entire eurozone.

Euro Struggles to Keep Upward Momentum

The euro was trying to continue its march upward during the Friday’s trading session but had troubles due to the concerns about the wellbeing of the eurozone and Greece in particular.

Euro Loses Ground After Greece Fails to Offer Reforms

Euro is lower against its major counterparts today, thanks to a report that indicates that Greece has, once again, failed to offer sufficient structural reforms.

Greece Remains Hurdle to Euro

Greece and its debt problems continue to have an adverse effect on the euro even after the indebted country fulfilled its obligation to repay the loan to the International Monetary Fund on Thursday. The shared 19-nation currency fell in spite of the news.

Euro Benefits From Low Volume, Profit Taking

Euro is getting a little help today, thanks to low volume on the Forex market, and a bit of profit taking at the end of a week that saw a precipitous drop to the 19-nation currency.

Euro Logs Massive Drop on Tuesday

The euro demonstrated massive losses on Tuesday with not-so-good economic data, the continuing problems in Greece and the economic stimulus from the European Central Bank. The shared 19-nation currency was set to have its worst quarter in the history.

Euro Falls vs. Dollar, Resilient vs. Other Majors

With debt issues of Greece and quantitative easing from the European Central Bank, the euro had plenty of reasons to drop and it did so against the US dollar. Surprisingly enough, the currency moved sideways against the Great Britain pound and even gained on the Japanese yen.



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