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Euro Gains After Greek Passage of Economic Reforms

The passage of another round of economic reforms by the Greek parliament is helping the euro today. While some are still concerned about the euro in the long-term, for now the 19-nation currency appears to be shoring up.

Euro Ekes Out Gains After Rough Week

Last week was rough for the euro, thanks to the continued drama over Greece, and concerns about what’s next for the euro. This week, the 19-nation currency seems to be ready to start off on better footing and is eking out gains. However, some of those gains may be due mainly to profit taking as Forex traders look to benefit from recent runups by other currencies.

Euro Slides After Greece Approves Austerity

The euro slipped today, extending yesterday’s losses even though the Greek parliament voted in favor of austerity measures required to get the next tranche of a bailout from the European Union.

Euro Continues to Fall as IMF Points Out Current Form Isn’t Sustainable

Euro is losing ground to its major counterparts today as a report from the IMF suggests that the recent agreement reached with Greece won’t actually fix problems and that a new arrangement — likely a true fiscal union — is probably needed moving forward.

Euro Continues to Struggle in the Wake of Greek Agreement

Euro is struggling today as Forex traders and analysts mull over the agreement reached with Greece over the weekend. The 19 nation currency is down pretty much across the board since slipping from its earlier gains against the US dollar.

Australian Dollar Driven by News from China & Europe

The Australian dollar ticked down against its US peer but gained on the euro and the Japanese yen during Monday’s trading. The currency was mostly driven by the news from Europe and China.

Euro Down Across the Board After Greek Agreement Announced

Euro is struggling today after the announcement that a deal has been reached with Greece in order to land another bailout. Even though the deal is supposed to prevent a “Grexit”, the reality is that the “aGreekment” may not actually go through and there are concerns about implementation.

US Dollar Index Gains Ground as Traders Look Ahead to Data

US dollar index is gaining ground today as Forex traders look ahead to what are expected to be positive data releases later this week. Greenback is trading a little mixed against its major counterparts, moving down against the pound, but the dollar index is higher.

Euro Ends Trading with Big Gains Ahead of Key Weekend

The euro surged on Friday, ending 1 percent higher against the US dollar and more than 2 percent higher versus the Japanese yen. The coming weekend will likely determine the future (or lack thereof) of Greece in the eurozone.

Growing Trade Deficit Doesn’t Slow Dollar Gains

A growing trade deficit for the United States hasn’t slowed dollar gains today, largely due to the fact that economic data is overshadowed by the Greek drama still being played out in the eurozone. With all eyes on the 19-nation currency region, and uncertainty over what’s next running high, the US dollar is mostly higher.



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