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Dollar Dips During Week of FOMC Decision

The US dollar dipped during the past trading week, demonstrating especially big losses versus the Great Britain pound. Two themes dominated the Forex market over the week: one being bullish for the greenback, another was bearish.

UK Pound Trades Mixed Against Other Major Currencies

UK pound is trading mixed today as the focus shifts away from the sterling and attention is given to other currencies and their situations.

Euro Higher Even as Grexit Talk Swirls

Euro is mostly higher today against its major counterparts, even after increased speculation that Greece will need to exit the eurozone. Euro is getting help from weakness in other currencies, particularly the dollar.

Traders Seek Safety of Swiss Franc

The Swiss franc ticked up today after investors had found renewed interest in currencies considered to be safe. So happens, the Swissie is one of such currencies. The flight to safety was caused by concerns about potential default in Greece.

Euro Struggles as Greece Impasse Continues

Financial markets are finally showing concern over the negotiations between Greece and its creditors and the euro is struggling today. Concerns that an agreement really won’t be reached, and that Greece will default, are on the rise.

US Dollar Gains as Traders Await Federal Reserve Meeting

US dollar is heading higher today as traders look forward to the coming two-day meeting of Fed policymakers. Greenback is also getting some support from worries about what’s next for Greece.

Great Britain Pound Dips as Greek Talks Fails

The Great Britain pound dipped against the US dollar and erased its earlier gains versus the Japanese yen today as traders have flocked to safer currencies after the weekend talks between Greece and its creditors had failed.

Euro Higher But Struggling on Greek Drama

Euro is mostly higher today, but it is also struggling a little bit. The difficulties with Greece are once again influencing the 19-nation currency, and gains have been hard-won and uncertain today.

Dollar Halts Rally Despite Supportive Fundamentals

The US dollar has received support from domestic macroeconomic reports that led to a rally yesterday. Today, the currency halted its advance even though fundamentals continued to be supportive for the greenback.

Euro Jumps Against Other Majors Despite Concerns About EU Integrity

The euro jumped against the basket of major currencies today, surging more than 1 percent versus the US dollar and the Great Britain pound. The currency has rallied even though there are significant concerns about the integrity of the European Union.



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