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Euro Ends Session Almost Flat After Volatile Trading

The euro ended Friday virtually flat against the US dollar and the Japanese yen while against the Great Britain pound the currency closed below the opening level but trimmed most of the daily loss.

Euro Adds More Gains

Euro is adding more gains today, heading higher on the Forex market as eurozone officials continue to insist that Greece will remain. Additionally, an improving economic picture is helping the 19-nation currency.

Positive Market Sentiment Results in Yen Sell-Off

The Japanese yen dropped today against its rivals as the market sentiment was improving. While the dollar traded sideways, other currencies rallied at the expense of the yen.

German Data Helps Euro in Currency Trading

German data is once again helping the euro against its major counterparts. As the largest economy in the eurozone, Germany’s direction matters a great deal. With the latest produce prices information rising for the first time in more than a year, Germany is helping urge the euro higher, in spite of its other woes.

Euro Receives Near-Term Support

Euro is receiving near-term support today, thanks in part to yesterday’s stock market surge. However, even though the 19-nation currency is higher right now, the gains are expected to be short-lived as the ECB’s monetary policy continues to diverge from that of the Federal Reserve.

Euro Takes a Breather, Gains Against Majors

Euro is a little higher against its major counterparts today, taking a breather after a major slide this week. Indeed, things seem to be calming down this week following dramatic performances from both the euro and the US dollar.

Euro Continues to Lose Ground to Major Currencies

Euro continues to struggle as concerns about Greece overshadow the entire eurozone. Euro has hit 10-year lows against the US dollar and seven-year lows against the UK pound.

UK Pound Trades Mostly Lower – But Higher Against Euro

UK pound is trading mostly lower today, but it is moving higher against the euro. Sterling is down against many of its major counterparts, but is gaining ground against the euro as concerns about Greece continue to weigh on the 19-nation currency.

Euro Bounces vs. Dollar, Analysts Still Skeptical

The euro bounced against the US dollar after reaching a new multi-year low earlier during the Monday’s trading session. The currency also gained on the Japanese yen but was unable to beat the Great Britain pound. Most market analysts believe that the current rally will be short-lived.

Eurozone Economy Improves, But Euro Still Struggles

Euro continues to struggle today, even after evidence that the eurozone economy is improving. In fact, eurozone economic progress is beating expectations. However, Greece and Ukraine continue to raise questions, and the ECB is still preparing to go forward with its money printing program. These items weigh on the 19-nation currency.



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