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Euro Loses Ground to Majors

The embattled euro is losing ground again today, thanks to the latest news from other countries that indicate how far the 19-nation currency still has left to go. The continuing Greek saga isn’t helping matters, either.

Euro Heads Higher For Now

Euro is heading higher for now, gaining ground against its major counterparts. After a great deal of political theater, a bailout deal has been reached with Greece, and there is news that euro-denominated emerging market issuance is heading it its highest level in a decade. All of this is points to a calm for the euro, but it may not last long.

Dollar Ends Trading Mixed After Greek Debt Agreement

The US dollar ended the Friday’s session mixed. The currency was flat against the euro but gained on the Great Britain pound and was slightly up versus the Japanese yen. The main driver for the currency market today was news from Europe.

Euro Bounces After Reports About Greek Bailout Agreement

The euro was rather weak during the most part of the current trading session due to uncertainty about Greece and its future in the eurozone. Yet the currency bounced after reports that the Greek government and the European Union official were able to reach some form of compromise.

Traders Unconvinced by Talks About Greek Loan Extension, EUR Sinks

The euro dropped today as traders felt unconvinced by rumors about probable extension of the Greek loan terms. The currency erased yesterday’s rally versus the US dollar but not against yen as the gains versus the Japanese currency were simply too big.

US Dollar Trades Mixed as Dollar Index Falls

US dollar is trading mixed today, heading higher against some currencies, but losing ground to others. The dollar index is lower today, thanks in large part to a surge in value by the euro.

Euro Recovers Earlier Losses on Hopes for Greek Talks

After Greek talks broke down earlier, the euro plunged against most of its major counterparts. However, the 19-nation currency has recovered and moved higher as investors and Forex traders take a step back and re-evaluate the situation.

Eurozone Growth Helps the Euro in Forex Trading

Euro is heading higher today, thanks in large part to the latest economic data out of the eurozone. Thanks to help from Germany, the latest GDP reading has moved higher, and that is providing help to the 19-nation currency.

Euro Mostly Lower Against Majors as EU Leaders Meet

European Union leaders and policymakers are meeting today and tomorrow to try and figure out what should be done about Greece. Speculation about what could be next means a wary euro that is mostly lower against its major counterparts.

US Dollar Index Heads Higher as Greek Drama Continues

US dollar index is heading higher against today, helped along by Greek drama as the euro struggles. There doesn’t seem to be a good solution to the Greek problem right now, and there are now calls for Greece to abandon the euro — and perhaps use the dollar.



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