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UK GDP Growth Gets No Revision, Pound Drops

The Great Britain pound dropped against the US dollar and almost erased its gains against the Japanese yen today even though economic data from the United Kingdom was good for the most part.

Pound Heads to Weekly Gains Despite Friday’s Drop

The Great Britain pound fell today despite better-than-expected macroeconomic data from the United Kingdom. Still, the currency was heading to a weekly gain against the euro and the Japanese yen, though it likely to end the week with losses against the US dollar.

Pound Higher After BoE Minutes

The Bank of England released minutes of its May policy meeting during the current trading session. While the Great Britain pound has been flat against the US dollar after the release, the currency gained on its other major rivals, including the euro and the Japanese yen.

Pound Slumps as Great Britain Enters Deflation

The Great Britain pound tumbled today as the United Kingdom has entered deflation for the first time in more than 50 years. The currency had been moving mostly sideways ahead of the report.

Great Britain Pound Falls vs. Dollar, Retains Strength vs. Other Majors

The Great Britain pound pulled back from the six-month high against the US dollar as the greenback made a bounce. Still, the UK currency gained against other majors, including the euro.

Pound Retains Strong Upward Momentum

The Great Britain pound extended its move upward today, rising to the highest level since November against the US dollar and gaining versus the Japanese yen. Today’s economic data was supportive for the currency while yesterday’s news was not so much.

Sterling Remains Strongest with Help of Positive Data

The Great Britain pound continued to rally to new highs today, following yesterday’s strong performance, thanks to the positive macroeconomic data from the United Kingdom. In fact, the sterling is the strongest major currency so far this week.

Pound Stronger After BoE Refrains from Action Again

The Great Britain pound rallied today against its major rivals following the decision by the Bank of England to leave its monetary policy unchanged. Such decision was widely expected as the central bank did not make any changes to the policy since 2009.

Great Britain Pound Logs Gains After Economic Data

The Great Britain pound rallied today, reaching the strongest level in a month versus the US dollar, as macroeconomic data from the United Kingdom was relatively positive. The softness of the US currency added to the upside momentum of the sterling.

UK Economic Growth Drops Sharply, Sterling Under Pressure

Today’s data from Great Britain revealed that the nation’s economy grew two times less than was predicted by experts. The pound dropped sharply as a result on the news. The currency managed to bounce against the US dollar but remained below the opening level versus the euro (though the sterling is attempting to recover currently).



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