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NZ Dollar Gains Ahead of Fed Minutes

The New Zealand dollar gained today as Forex trading were readying for the release of minutes from the Federal Reserve. The US dollar dropped ahead of the event, allowing other currencies to rally.

Yen Rallies vs. Dollar, Unable to Gain on Other Peers

The Japanese yen rallied against the US dollar today after the Bank of Japan conducted its April policy meeting. The currency was unable to beat its other rivals.

Dollar Doesn’t Give Up

Lately, there were plenty of speculations if the recent drop of the US dollar means that the greenback has ended its upward thrust and is ready to retreat. As it turned out, the US currency is not yet ready to give up and rallied against its most-traded counterparts on Tuesday.

Canadian Dollar Continues to Log Gains

Canadian dollar ended higher yesterday, and appears ready to continue logging gains against its major counterparts today. Loonie is mostly higher right now, although commodity market struggles could change the outcome later.

Dollar Fights Downside Pressure

The US dollar was in the corrective mode lately following the earlier impressive rally. Still, the currency was trying to fight back over the past trading week with some success as its losses against the euro and the Japanese yen were not as big as during the preceding week. In fact by the weekend, the greenback managed to log small gains against many currencies, including the Great Britain pound.

US Dollar Falls After Earlier Rally

US dollar is lower right now, following a rally earlier. Greenback had seen some success after the US inflation report, but now is pulling back.

US Dollar Falls as Rate Hike is Pushed Back

One of the things supporting the US dollar in recent months has been the expectation that a rate hike from the Federal Reserve is just around the corner. With the rate hike likely being pushed back, and with commodities gaining ground, the US dollar is dropping.

What Future Holds for Euro After Fed-Inspired Rally?

The euro enjoyed a decent rally last week with the unexpected help from the US Federal Reserve. Will the currency be able to maintain its upward momentum after the initial shock from the Fed’s statement fades?

NZ Dollar Joins Rally Against US Dollar

Like its Australian counterpart, the New Zealand dollar extended its rally today at the expense of the US dollar. The kiwi also had support from domestic economic data released over the weekend.

Australian Dollar Continues to Move Higher

The Australian dollar continued to move higher during the current trading session as the latest policy statement from the Federal Reserve hurt the US dollar, allowing other currencies to carve out gains.



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