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US Data Supports Upward Momentum of Dollar

The US dollar gained more than 1 percent against the basket of major currencies today, reaching the highest level in almost 8 years against the Japanese yen. Today’s economic data from the United States added to the upward momentum of the greenback.

Dollar Ends Week with Impressive Gains

The US dollar demonstrated very strong performance during the trading week, and it was a surprise considering all the bad data that has been released from the United States lately. Yet the greenback ended the week with big gains, mostly thanks to the Friday’s surge.

Poor Data & Fed’s Minutes Discourage Traders from Buying USD

The US dollar declined today as disappointing macroeconomic reports from the United States and the dovish stance of the Federal Reserve discouraged traders from buying the currency. The greenback was slowly regaining its footing against the euro but remained soft against other majors.

Retail Sales Weigh on the US Dollar

US dollar is struggling today, thanks in large part to the poor retail sales data report for April. The report provides more evidence that the US economic recovery is losing steam, and that is leading to a greenback that is mostly lower in Forex trading.

US Dollar Index Gains as Traders Await Jobs Report

US dollar index is higher today as traders wait for the release of the nonfarm payrolls report from April. Dollar is mixed against individual currencies.

US Dollar Continues to Struggle After Disappointing Trade Data

US dollar continues to struggle today, thanks to yesterday’s release of disappointing trade data. Economic reports are dampening hopes for an interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve, and that is weighing on the greenback in Forex trading.

Dollar Stays Flat After Turbulent Trading

The US dollar was hurt yesterday by a report that showed the US economy almost grinding to a halt. The currency relieved some of its wounds after the Federal Reserve released its policy statement that was relatively optimistic. Today, the dollar stays flat as traders digest the news.

Loonie Weakens After Yesterday’s Surge

Canadian dollar is weaker today, following yesterday’s somewhat surprising surge. There are some factors supporting the loonie in the short to medium term, so the currency might get another chance later.

Euro Struggles Against Its Major Counterparts as Traders Wait for News

Euro is struggling against its major counterparts today as Forex traders wait for news out of the United States. Many are waiting to see what the Federal Reserve will announce about policy going forward, as well as weighing recent events in the eurozone.

Dollar Loses Ground as Consumer Confidence Turns Sour

Today, the US dollar was hurt by negative economic data yet again as the consumer confidence deteriorated unexpectedly this month. The greenback is attempting to hold against the Japanese yen but lost ground to other most-traded peers, including the euro and the Great Britain pound.



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