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Euro Continues to Drop as Stimulus Speculations Persist

The euro fell against the US dollar and the Japanese yen and erased its earlier gains versus the Great Britain pound during the Thursday’s quiet trading session as speculations about monetary stimulus from the European Central Bank continue to undermine the currency’s strength.

Euro Slumps to Fresh 7-Month Low vs. Dollar

The euro slumped on Wednesday and retained its losses during the early Thursday’s trading session, staying near the lowest level since April versus the US dollar. The currency suffered from the outlook for monetary easing from the European Central Bank and risk aversion on the Forex market.

Dollar Mixed During Wednesday’s Quiet Trading

The US dollar gained on the euro and the Japanese yen during Wednesday’s trading but fell against the Great Britain pound. The session was rather quiet as US markets were preparing for the holiday.

Dollar Strong During Monday’s Trading

The US dollar was strong during the Monday’s session despite some worse-than-expected reports released from the United States. The greenback trimmed its gains but was trading above the opening level.

Dollar Logs Weekly Gains Despite Some Obstacles

The US dollar managed to log gains during the past trading week even though the currency has started trading from correction and had a confusing reaction to the Federal Reserve minutes.

US Dollar Mixed During Friday’s Session

The US dollar was mixed today as no economic data from the United States was scheduled for the current trading session. This means that the greenback was reacting to moves of other currencies for the most part.

UK Pound Mostly Lower on Retail Sales Data

It’s been a choppy couple of days for the UK pound. Thanks to data releases and speculation, things are a little unsettled. Sterling is mostly lower today, thanks to the latest retail sales information.

Dollar Index Lower, but Expected to Regain Strength

The US dollar is mostly lower against other currencies today, bringing the dollar index down. However, even with the recent disappointing performance, many expect dollar strength to return.

Euro Higher as Currencies Consolidate

Euro is mostly higher today, gaining against its major counterparts as they consolidate recent gains and as Forex traders speculate about the future.

Dollar Drops After Fed Minutes, Rebounds

The US dollar was mixed today after the release of the Federal Reserve minutes. The currency sank after the event even though the notes were rather hawkish. Yet the greenback bounced back almost immediately after the initial decline.



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