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Dollar Retains Strength During Quiet Trading Week

The US dollar closed higher against its major peers this week even though initially, it looked that the rally had lost steam. US macroeconomic indicators were mixed, but the market paid attention to the positive ones for the most part.

Dollar Remains Below Opening Level, Losses Limited

The US dollar remained below the opening level for the duration of the current trading session. Losses were small, though, and the currency remains among the best performers on the Forex market.

Euro Continues to Struggle; Likely to Struggle in 2015

Euro continues to struggle, turning in a mixed performance today. The 18-nation currency is finding it difficult to maintain gains as concerns about the economy continue to rise. While the euro is turning in a slightly stronger performance against the US dollar today, it’s not likely to last.

Dollar Backs Off Following Gains, Remains Strong

The US dollar is backing today after yesterday’s gains. Yet the currency is still strong, trading near a new multi-year high against the euro, following some positive reports from the United States.

US Dollar Trades Mixed in Sign of What Could Come in 2015

US dollar is trading mixed today, and that could be a sign of what could come in 2015. Indeed, while the dollar is expected to remain relatively strong, it is likely to do so in fits and starts, and the recent rally will be hard to maintain as long as the Federal Reserve remains “patient.”

Euro regains ground, but not for long

Euro is gaining a little ground today, heading higher thanks to some improved data, and better risk appetite. However, the euro’s new found gains are likely to be short lived, since the 18-nation currency remains on shaky ground.

Dollar Ends Last FOMC Week in 2014 on Strong Note

This week was important for the Forex market and the US dollar in particular. The Federal Open Market Committee held its last policy meeting in 2014, and it could make or break the future for the US currency. As it turned out, the event was beneficial for the greenback.

Euro Falls Despite Positive Data from Germany

The euro dipped on Friday, falling to a new multi-year low versus the US dollar, even though economic data from Germany was fairly positive. As the majority of most-traded currencies, the euro gained on the yen after the Bank of Japan maintained its exceptional monetary stimulus.

Euro Continues to Drop on Expectations of More Easing

There are expectations of more easing early in the coming year, and that is sending the euro lower today. Expectations that the ECB will have to take more steps to support the eurozone economy are being priced into the market right now.

Dollar’s Drop After FOMC Meeting Short-Lived

Today, the Federal Open Market Committee released its last monetary policy statement this year. The US dollar dipped after the release but the drop was short-lived as the currency rebounded quickly.



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