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Dollar Heads Higher with Jobs Boom in June

US dollar is heading higher today, gaining ground, thanks to a jobs boom for the month of June. The latest nonfarm payrolls report from the US government shows expansion, as well as a drop in unemployment. The good news is pushing the dollar higher on expectations that the Federal Reserve will soon have to end easing sooner rather than later.

Euro Struggles After ECB Decision

Euro is struggling today, following the latest decision from the European Central Bank. As expected, interest rates remain where they were set last month. However, some were surprised that ECB policymakers have yet to move on other stimulus measures.

US Dollar Higher After ADP Jobs Report

The latest jobs report from the private sector indicates that the economy ramped up in terms of hiring during the month of June. This news is providing a boost to the economy, as well as providing a basis for speculation that the Federal Reserve will have to accelerate its tightening schedule soon. This expectation is providing a boost to the US dollar.

Terrible US Economic Data Leads to Another Weekly Drop of USD

The US dollar continued to experience weakness, demonstrating the second consecutive weekly drop versus the euro and the fourth against the Great Britain pound and the New Zealand dollar. The major reason for this weekly decline was poor economic data from the United States.

Euro Continues to See Modest Gains

Even though confidence measures show a decline, the euro continues to see modest gains against some of its major counterparts. The world situation continues to support the safety of the yen, but the euro is higher against the dollar and the pound today.

Greenback Gains Ground Against Euro After Jobless Claims

US dollar is up against the euro today, gaining ground after the jobless claims report. While the report missed expectations by a little bit, the general trend is still toward economic recovery, and the rising dollar index reflects that today.

Euro Loses Ground on Economic Comparisons

Euro is heading lower today, after a few days of small gains. Economic comparisons are being made again, and the euro appears to have the short end of the stick.

Dollar Demonstrates Weakness After GDP Report

The US dollar fell yesterday against its major peers on signs that economic recovery in the United States is faltering. The currency extended its decline versus the Japanese yen today but stayed flat versus the euro and the Great Britain pound.

How Long Can the Euro Stay on Top?

Questions about how long the euro can remain on top in Forex trading are being raised today as the 18-nation currency continues to hold its own against some of its major counterparts. While the euro is down against the yen, it is higher against the dollar and the pound.

Dollar Higher on New Home Sales & Consumer Confidence

The dollar is broadly higher against other most-traded currencies today after positive reports about new home sales and consumer confidence allowed the currency to rise, erasing previous losses versus the euro.



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