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US Dollar Resumes Its Rally

US dollar has resumed its rally, heading higher again after yesterday’s breather. Greenback is once again up against its major counterparts, gaining ground as rumors about a Fed rate increase swirl.

Euro Takes a Breather, Gains Against Majors

Euro is a little higher against its major counterparts today, taking a breather after a major slide this week. Indeed, things seem to be calming down this week following dramatic performances from both the euro and the US dollar.

Dollar Index Lower After Touching 100

US dollar index is slightly lower on the day, falling back after touching 100. The US dollar index hit a high not seen since April 2003, rallying as the greenback is seen as the most viable currency in the world. Right now, the dollar is lower against its counterparts, due in large part to profit taking. However, analysts think that the dollar’s rally isn’t over yet, and there is more […]

Euro Dives to New Multi-Year Lows

The euro plunged to new multi-year lows against its major rivals as negative factors persisted, driving the shared 19-nation currency down. This is not necessary bad for the eurozone as the weaker currency helps European exporters.

US Dollar Continues to Surge

US dollar is ascendant today, thanks to almost every bit of news out there right now. Rumors of a Fed rate hike, the slide in oil, and the huge drop in US stocks yesterday are all contributing to a strong greenback today.

Euro Continues to Lose Ground to Major Currencies

Euro continues to struggle as concerns about Greece overshadow the entire eurozone. Euro has hit 10-year lows against the US dollar and seven-year lows against the UK pound.

Euro Bounces vs. Dollar, Analysts Still Skeptical

The euro bounced against the US dollar after reaching a new multi-year low earlier during the Monday’s trading session. The currency also gained on the Japanese yen but was unable to beat the Great Britain pound. Most market analysts believe that the current rally will be short-lived.

US NFP & European QE Make Week Stellar for Dollar

The US dollar had an amazing trading week, reaching the highest level in more than a decade against the euro, thanks to positive economic data from the United States and quantitative easing in Europe.

NFP Surprise Positively, Early Rate Hike Is Probable

One of the most important events this week was today’s release of US non-farm payrolls. While analysts expected robust employment growth, the actual report turned out to be even better than was expected, spurring talks about an early interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve. The US dollar rallied against its most-traded peers as a result.

Euro Drops as Draghi Announces Start of QE Program

The euro dropped today after the monetary policy meeting of the European Central Bank. While ECB President Mario Draghi did not make any changes to the policy, he announced the start of the planned quantitative easing program.



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