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Dollar Caps Mixed Week & Good Month

The US dollar demonstrated mixed performance this week. The currency fell against the euro, gained versus the Japanese yen and ended the week flat against the Great Britain pound. The month of November, on the other hand, was very good for the US currency as it gained against most major peers.

EUR/USD Ends Friday with Losses, EUR/GBP & EUR/JPY Rally

The euro fell against the US dollar on Friday, extending its Thursday’s drop. The currency was stronger against its other major counterparts, rallying against the Great Britain pound and the Japanese yen.

US Dollar Index Gains Ground as Commodities Fall

US dollar index is heading higher today, gaining ground as commodities fall. While the US dollar is mixed in trading with individual currencies, the dollar index, which measures the greenback’s performance against a basket of currencies, is heading higher.

Euro Bounces as US Indicators Disappoint

The euro bounced today after the initial drop as some economic indicators released from the United States were not as good as dollar bulls were hoping for, reducing the shine of the US currency.

US Dollar Higher Against European Currencies

Even though the US dollar index is a little lower today, the greenback itself is gaining ground against its European counterparts. It looks to be an interesting day following a decision not to indict in Ferguson, as well as concerns about OPEC and the eurozone.

Outlook for Euro: Bears Wait for Downtrend Resumption

The euro has been performing decently for the most part of the last week but ended the week on a sour note after comments from the central bank. Can the currency recover or will it drop to new lows? That is the question many Forex market participants are looking an answer for.

Euro Loses Ground by Weekend

Initially, it looked like this trading week would be another week of consolidation for the euro. Yet the shared 18-nation currency lost its ground by the weekend due to combined influence of poor economic indicators and comments from European policy makers.

Euro Plunges Following Draghi’s Comments

Euro is heading much lower today, plunging following the latest comments by ECB President Mario Draghi. His insistence that the ECB will do whatever it takes to stimulate the eurozone economy is driving the 18-nation currency lower today.

US Dollar Mixed, Touches New Multi-Year High vs. Yen

The US dollar was mixed today despite fairly supportive economic reports from the United States. Still, the currency managed to reach new multi-year high versus the Japanese yen before pulling back closer to the opening level.

Eurozone PMI Data Sends Euro Lower

The latest PMI data out of the eurozone is weighing on the euro today. A reading that moved unexpectedly lower is weighing on the 18-nation currency as Forex traders contemplate continued slowed growth, even with the ECB’s efforts to boost the economy.



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