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Euro Gets a Little Boost Ahead of ECB Annoucement

Euro is getting a little bit of a boost today, heading higher head of the ECB announcement that is expected shortly. The 18-nation currency is heading a little higher, in spite of recent disappointing factory data, and the possibility that the ECB will have to add more stimulus.

US Dollar Surges Following US Midterm Elections

US dollar is surging right now, heading higher against its major counterparts, following the US midterm elections. Comparisons between the United States and its European counterparts are mostly about differences in economic directions, and many feel that the latest election results will mean fewer legislative restrictions for business, and that will boost the US economy.

Euro Pares Gains as European Union Revises Outlook

Euro is mostly higher today, but the 18-nation currency is paring some of its gains. The latest growth outlook from the European Union has been revised lower, and that is weighing a bit on the euro, and causing it to give up some of its earlier gains.

US Dollar Falls Back, Consolidating Against Major Currencies

US dollar is a little big lower today, falling back after rallying earlier. Right now, the greenback is consolidating, and Forex traders are taking profits. However, there is a good chance that the US dollar will remain relatively strong overall.

Eurozone Manufacturing PMI Disappoints, Sending Euro Lower

The latest reading for eurozone manufacturing PMI was a bit disappointing, underscoring the difficulties the eurozone continues to face in its economic recovery. On top of that, the news that the United Kingdom might leave the European Union is weighing, even though the United Kingdom isn’t part of the euro area.

Massive Gains of Dollar After Fed & BoJ Monetary Decisions

The US dollar demonstrated a massive rally this week thanks to the monetary policy decision from the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan. Positive macroeconomic reports also played their part in the performance of the greenback.

Euro Lower on Quantitative Easing Possibility

Euro is lower against most of its major counterparts today, thanks in part to statements from an ECB policymaker. While quantitative easing isn’t quite on the table, officials aren’t ruling it out, and the possibility of QE, along with other measures meant to weaken the euro in the name of stimulus, is weighing on the 18-nation currency.

Dollar Extends Rally on Positive GDP & Jobless Claims Data

The US dollar extended yesterday’s rally today as positive economic data from the United States fueled talks about a possibility of an early interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve.

Data Helps Euro Pare Some of Its Losses

Euro is falling against its major counterparts today, but some of the losses are being pared, thanks to the latest data releases. Some of the regions of the eurozone are reporting progress, and that is reducing some of the difficulty with the euro.

FOMC Announces End to QE3, Dollar on the Rise

The US dollar jumped against other most-traded currencies today after the Federal Open Market Committee ended the third round of quantitative easing and issued rather hawkish statement after the decision.



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