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Japanese Yen Mostly Weaker as Traders Await Data

Japanese yen is mostly lower today as traders await data. The currency has been gaining against the US dollar, but those gains are now a little bit limited, and things could be turning around for the USD/JPY pair.

Euro Pulls Back Even With Good News

Even though the outlook for the eurozone is improving, the euro is mostly lower against its counterparts today. The 19-nation currency is pulling back in Forex trading, but there might be some strength there if economic improvement continues and if progress can be made with Greece.

Euro Struggles Against Its Major Counterparts as Traders Wait for News

Euro is struggling against its major counterparts today as Forex traders wait for news out of the United States. Many are waiting to see what the Federal Reserve will announce about policy going forward, as well as weighing recent events in the eurozone.

Euro Surges as Greece Hopes are Renewed

New hopes for a way for Greece to find the money it needs to keep going — and remain part of the eurozone — are boosting the euro today. The 19-nation currency is near a three-week high against the US dollar, and gaining ground against other major counterparts as well.

Yen Attempts to Rally vs. Dollar Despite Credit Rating Cut

Fitch Ratings downgraded Japan’s sovereign credit rating yesterday. Despite the negative news, the Japanese yen is trying to rally against the US dollar today. Against other major currencies, like the euro and the Great Britain pound, the yen is weak.

Euro Attempts to Rally, Fails

The euro attempted to rally against the US dollar on Monday but did not follow through with the rally on Tuesday. The shared eurozone currency also gained on the Japanese yen but fell against most other major counterparts.

Japanese Yen Trades Mixed After BOJ Announcement

Japanese yen is trading mixed against its major counterparts today as Forex traders continue to process the Bank of Japan announcement from the end of last week. Yen is higher against European currencies, but lower against the US dollar.

EUR Ends Friday Higher vs. USD, Lower vs. GBP & JPY

The euro ended the Friday’s trading session higher against the US dollar but lower against some other most-traded currencies, including the Great Britain pound and the Japanese yen.

Euro Remains Mostly Higher, Even After Disappointing PMIs

Euro is faltering a bit after the recent release of PMI data, but the 19-nation currency is still mostly higher right now. Concerns about the state of the eurozone recovery could undermine the euro in the coming days, however.

Euro Falls as Concerns About Greece Continue

Euro continues to struggle in currency trading on the FX market as worries about Greece continue to dominate the landscape. Even with the good news expected out of Germany, the problems with Greece overshadow the entire eurozone.



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