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Euro Rallies on German Consumer Climate, Ignores Negative Factors

The euro rose today as the German consumer sentiment remained stable this month. The currency kept gains even after the speech of European Central Bank President Mario Draghi fueled speculations that the central bank will act in June.

Euro Continues to Fall, Reaching Three-Month Low Against Dollar

With each new piece of economic news that comes in, the euro struggles a little bit more. The 18-nation currency reached a three-month low against the US dollar, and continues to have difficulty against many of its other major counterparts.

Euro Struggles, Even After Data

Even though decent news about the eurozone economy has been released, the euro continues to struggle. The 18-nation currency is lower against many of its counterparts, even after the release of PMI data showing continued (albeit slow) expansion.

Yen Drops as China’s PMI Comes Out Better than Expected

The Japanese yen retreated today as better-than-expected macroeconomic data from China convinced traders to drop their risk-negative attitude and buy high-beta currencies.

No Stimulus from BoJ, Yen Higher

The Japanese yen rallied today after the Bank of Japan left its monetary policy unchanged, refraining from adding monetary accommodation. Absence of stimulating measures is usually positive for a currency, and so it was in this case.

Yen Rallies as BoJ Starts Policy Meeting

The Japanese yen rallied against most major currencies on speculations that the nation’s central bank will refrain from adding monetary stimulus during the policy meeting that has started today.

Euro Weakness Increases on Expectation of Easing in June

Euro weakness is increasing, with the 18-nation currency losing ground to most of its major counterparts today. Expectations that easing will go forward in June are weighing on the euro.

Euro Recovers with No Help from Fundamentals

The general market sentiment and domestic fundamentals were not supportive for the euro at all. And this makes it very surprising to see the shared 18-nation currency relatively strong today, rising against some of its major peers.

Yen Starts Week Strong as Traders’ Sentiment Favors Safety

The Japanese yen started the week strong against other most-traded currencies as the market sentiment favored safer assets, making the yen a desirable currency to have. The currency trimmed its gains as of now but retained its strength.

Second Week of Losses for Euro due to ECB Speculations

The euro, along with the Swiss franc (which is tied to the shared 18-nation currency due to the ceiling introduced by the Swiss National Bank), was the weakest major currency on the Forex market this week. Persisting speculations about monetary easing from the European Central Bank in June continued to erode the strength of the currency.



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