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Euro Rebounds Against Major Counterparts

Euro is rebounding against its major counterparts today, heading higher after last week’s debacle. Thanks to some comments by a member of the ECB Governing Council, the euro is seeing some strength today. It may not last, however.

Euro Collapses to New Lows as Traders Flee to Safety

The euro tumbled across the board today as the risk-negative market sentiment added to the downside pressure that the currency was already experiencing. The euro dropped to the lowest level in 11 years against the US dollar and the lowest in 9 years versus the Great Britain pound.

Yen Gains Against Major, Except for Dollar

The Japanese yen followed the US dollar in a rally ahead of next week’s monetary policy meeting of the Federal Reserve. The yen demonstrated gains against most other major currencies, with the obvious exception of the dollar against which the Japanese currency was flat.

Euro Takes a Breather, Gains Against Majors

Euro is a little higher against its major counterparts today, taking a breather after a major slide this week. Indeed, things seem to be calming down this week following dramatic performances from both the euro and the US dollar.

Euro Dives to New Multi-Year Lows

The euro plunged to new multi-year lows against its major rivals as negative factors persisted, driving the shared 19-nation currency down. This is not necessary bad for the eurozone as the weaker currency helps European exporters.

Euro Continues to Lose Ground to Major Currencies

Euro continues to struggle as concerns about Greece overshadow the entire eurozone. Euro has hit 10-year lows against the US dollar and seven-year lows against the UK pound.

Japanese Yen Reverses Friday’s Gains

The Japanese yen dropped today as it followed the US dollar in reversing Friday’s gains. Economic data from Japan was another reason for the currency to fall as indicators disappointed economists.

Euro Bounces vs. Dollar, Analysts Still Skeptical

The euro bounced against the US dollar after reaching a new multi-year low earlier during the Monday’s trading session. The currency also gained on the Japanese yen but was unable to beat the Great Britain pound. Most market analysts believe that the current rally will be short-lived.

Euro Drops as Draghi Announces Start of QE Program

The euro dropped today after the monetary policy meeting of the European Central Bank. While ECB President Mario Draghi did not make any changes to the policy, he announced the start of the planned quantitative easing program.

Yen Remains Extremely Weak but Gains on Euro

The Japanese yen was extremely weak today despite uncertainty about the policy decision of the European Central Bank. The currency dropped against the US dollar and was also falling versus the euro but bounced against the shared European currency after the ECB meeting.



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