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Euro Struggles as Greece Impasse Continues

Financial markets are finally showing concern over the negotiations between Greece and its creditors and the euro is struggling today. Concerns that an agreement really won’t be reached, and that Greece will default, are on the rise.

Euro Higher But Struggling on Greek Drama

Euro is mostly higher today, but it is also struggling a little bit. The difficulties with Greece are once again influencing the 19-nation currency, and gains have been hard-won and uncertain today.

Japanese Yen Soars After Kuroda’s Comments

The Japanese yen soared against the US dollar, climbing more than 1 percent, after the comments from central bank’s chief Haruhiko Kuroda. The yen performance against other currencies was not as impressive, though the Japanese currency still traded above the opening level.

Euro Jumps Against Other Majors Despite Concerns About EU Integrity

The euro jumped against the basket of major currencies today, surging more than 1 percent versus the US dollar and the Great Britain pound. The currency has rallied even though there are significant concerns about the integrity of the European Union.

Euro Ends Week Being Strongest Among Major Rivals

The euro has been the strongest major currency during the past trading week. The currency weakened a bit by the weekend but kept gains against its most traded rivals nonetheless.

Euro Mixed as Greece Defers IMF Payment

Announcements made earlier today indicate that Greece is deferring its IMF payment, due today, until the end of June. The news comes with the backing of Brussels, and the Greek Prime Minister vows not to leave the euro zone.

Japanese Yen Remains Weak, Policymakers Worry About Complications

Japanese yen is mostly lower today, falling against many of its counterparts. While Japanese officials like the yen weak since it helps the economy, there are concerns that a continued policy of yen weakness could complicate matters with the United States.

Euro Continues to Log Gains

Euro continues to log gains today, heading higher as the bond market remains volatile and as the Greek prime minister insists that his country’s loan payment will be made on Friday as agreed.

Euro Little Changed After Big Jump

The euro was little changed during the Asian trading session today following the huge surge yesterday. The currency has rallied on hopes for a resolution of the Greek crisis and also as inflation returned to the eurozone.

Euro Slide Halts as Greece Claims an Agreement

Late yesterday, Greek officials announced that they were drafting an agreement for their creditors. The news halted the euro’s slide, as did an interest in the 19-nation currency by holidaymakers and others.



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