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Euro Moves Higher In Spite of Draghi Plan and Economic Data

Euro is moving higher today, even though there is a plan from ECB President Mario Draghi to add another $1 trillion to banks, and even though economic data in the eurozone has proved disappointing.

Yen Continues to Gain on Risk Aversion

Risk aversion continues to be a theme in the markets today, and the Japanese yen is moving higher as a result. Even with the latest mixed data out of Japan, the yen is heading higher against its counterparts as stocks struggle and as concerns about the eurozone once again come to the fore.

Draghi’s Proposal for the Eurozone Doesn’t Help Euro

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi has called for new economic rules in the eurozone. These rules are designed to promote greater integration in the 18-nation currency region, with the point hopefully to stave off the economic disparities that led to the sovereign debt crisis among the periphery. The plan isn’t helping the euro’s performance much today, though.

Euro Turns it Around After Earlier Difficulties

A little bit of risk appetite is helping the euro turn things around today after earlier difficulties. However, many analysts still foresee problems for the euro, as Germany leads the eurozone into a further period of little to no growth.

Euro Drops Below 1.3600 Level Against US Dollar

Euro has dropped below the 1.3600 level against the US dollar, and is down against other major currencies as well. There is a bit of risk aversion on the Forex market today, as well as speculation that the ECB will have to take further action on stimulus if the euro’s strength remains where it is.

German Data Subdues Euro

The latest data out of Germany is leading to subdued trading by the euro. Concerns about the eurozone economy are still a big part of the picture for the 18-nation currency, and Germany’s lackluster data isn’t helping much.

Euro Lower Pretty Much Across the Board

Euro is lower pretty much across the board today, heading down as Forex traders consider policy divergence and whether or not the periphery countries will be able to sustainably move out debt.

Euro Struggles After ECB Decision

Euro is struggling today, following the latest decision from the European Central Bank. As expected, interest rates remain where they were set last month. However, some were surprised that ECB policymakers have yet to move on other stimulus measures.

Yen Loses Support of Fundamentals, Halts Rally

The Japanese yen halted its rally today and actually fell against some of its major peers as economic reports were not favorable to the currency. Today’s drop followed Friday’s big rally, meaning that part of today’s losses may be attributed to profit-taking.

Euro Continues to See Modest Gains

Even though confidence measures show a decline, the euro continues to see modest gains against some of its major counterparts. The world situation continues to support the safety of the yen, but the euro is higher against the dollar and the pound today.



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