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Euro Higher Today, but Could Fall Later

Euro is higher against its major counterparts right now, but it could fall later, thanks to a report indicating that the outlook for the eurozone is worse than expected, and that might prompt action from the European Central Bank.

Yen Lower After Mixed Data

The Japanese yen traded a little lower against the US dollar and the euro after the release of mixed data from Japan at the start of the current trading session. The currency is still under pressure from prospects for additional monetary stimulus but at the same time is supported by need for safety among investors.

EUR Loses to USD & JPY, Gains on GBP

The euro declined today against the US dollar and the Japanese yen as concerns about the struggling European economy continued to hurt the currency. At the same time, the euro managed to gain on the Great Britain pound.

Yen Gains on Stimulus Exit Talks

The Japanese yen was rising during the Asian trading session today, though the currency retreated closer to the opening level as of now. The rally was triggered by comments from members of the central bank about potential timing for dropping monetary stimulus.

Euro Loses Ground on Policy Expectations

Euro is losing some ground on policy expectations today. Many expect that the eurozone will continue to struggle for a while, and that is putting the euro at a disadvantage against its other major counterparts.

Third Weekly Drop for EUR/USD

The euro demonstrated a third weekly decline in a row against the US dollar this week. Yet the currency’s performance was not as bad as one might have expected considering fundamentals. The shared 18-nation currency managed to gain on the Great Britain pound and the Japanese yen over the week.

Euro Gains vs. Dollar on Back of Disappointing US Employment

The euro gained on the US dollar today after employment data from the United States missed analysts’ projections. The currency also rallied versus the Great Britain pound but was unable to advance against the Japanese yen.

Euro Hits New Lows vs. Dollar After Mario Draghi Speaks

The European Central Bank kept its monetary policy unchanged during today’s meeting, providing no surprise for Forex market participants. Yet the press-conference after the gathering was a real shocker as ECB President Mario Draghi made several dovish statements, sending the euro to fresh lows. The shared 18-nation currency managed to gain the Great Britain pound.

Euro Gets a Little Boost Ahead of ECB Annoucement

Euro is getting a little bit of a boost today, heading higher head of the ECB announcement that is expected shortly. The 18-nation currency is heading a little higher, in spite of recent disappointing factory data, and the possibility that the ECB will have to add more stimulus.

Yen Drops After Kuroda’s Speech

The Japanese yen fell against almost all major currencies as comments of the central bank’s chief resulted in speculations that monetary easing will remain in place for a long time and additional monetary stimulus is possible.



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