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Pound Soft Even as Carney Talks About Tightening

The Great Britain pound was very soft against its major rivals on Monday. The currency demonstrated unimpressive performance even though the head of the nation’s central bank confirmed during the weekend that policy makers still plan to tighten monetary policy down the road.

Euro Gains Ground as Traders Treat it Like a Safe Haven

Euro is gaining ground today, thanks to the fact that many Forex traders are treating the 19-nation currency like a safe haven. Euro is trading a lot like the Japanese yen right now, and that is leading to gains as concerns about the global economy, particularly in light of today’s performance in Asian markets, weigh on high beta currencies.

Eurozone Economic Confidence Rises and Sparks Hope for Euro

Economic confidence in the eurozone rose unexpectedly in August. This surprise development in the 19-nation currency region has sparked a little hope for the euro, and sent it higher against some of its major counterparts. Euro is still struggling against macroeconomic issues right now, but the latest confidence in the eurozone should help a little.

Euro Pulls Back After Yesterday’s Surge

Euro is pulling back against some of its major counterparts today. After yesterday’s surge, some Forex traders are taking profits, while others wait to see if the global instability subsides.

Euro Surges During China’s Scare

The euro surged 2 percent against the US dollar and climbed against the Great Britain pound as well during Monday’s trading as Chinese shares plunged, dragging down stocks of other countries along with them. The currency was far less successful versus the Japanese yen, dropping more than 1 percent.

Euro Jumps with Help of Fed Minutes & Greek Bailout

The euro jumped today against its most-traded counterparts, climbing more than 1 percent against the US dollar. Both domestic and overseas news contributed to the rally of the shared 19-nation currency.

Retail Sales Weigh on UK Pound

The latest retail sales data out of the United Kingdom has disappointed analysts and the pound is heading lower as a result. Concerns that the Bank of England won’t be ready to tighten monetary policy are weighing on the sterling.

Euro Heads Higher After German MPs Approve Greek Bailout

With Germany backing the latest bailout for Greece, the euro is heading higher today. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to the eurozone and the euro, and the latest bailout means that, for now, there will be no exit from the 19-nation currency union for Greece.

Euro Could See Strength Down the Road

Now that the worst fears of the eurozone have been put to rest, there is some speculation that the 19-nation currency could return strength in the not-to-distant future, thanks in part to recovery in Spain and stability for Greece.

Dollar Keeps Gains of Week’s First Trading Session

The US dollar performed rather well during the first session of the current trading week, undeterred by some negative economic reports from the United States. The currency kept yesterday’s gains today.



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