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EUR Ends Friday Higher vs. USD, Lower vs. GBP & JPY

The euro ended the Friday’s trading session higher against the US dollar but lower against some other most-traded currencies, including the Great Britain pound and the Japanese yen.

Euro Remains Mostly Higher, Even After Disappointing PMIs

Euro is faltering a bit after the recent release of PMI data, but the 19-nation currency is still mostly higher right now. Concerns about the state of the eurozone recovery could undermine the euro in the coming days, however.

Pound Leaps After BoE Releases Policy Minutes

The Great Britain pound was exceptionally strong on Wednesday after the release of the Bank of England policy minutes. The report was considered to be more hawkish than markets were counting on, leading to a surge of the sterling against other currencies.

Euro Falls as Concerns About Greece Continue

Euro continues to struggle in currency trading on the FX market as worries about Greece continue to dominate the landscape. Even with the good news expected out of Germany, the problems with Greece overshadow the entire eurozone.

UK Elections Impact Pound in Forex Trading

The hotly contested UK elections are impacting the pound in Forex trading, sending the currency mostly lower today. Volatility ahead of the elections is expected to continue, with choppy performance being the norm.

Euro Struggles to Keep Upward Momentum

The euro was trying to continue its march upward during the Friday’s trading session but had troubles due to the concerns about the wellbeing of the eurozone and Greece in particular.

Euro Unsteady in Choppy Trading

Euro is a little unsteady this morning, trading mixed against its major counterparts as Mario Draghi talks about eurozone monetary policy.

Sterling Retains Monday’s Gains vs. Dollar

The Great Britain pound rallied on Monday but retreated a bit against the euro and Japanese yen today. At the same time, the currency retained its gains versus the US dollar with the help of a positive retail sales report.

Euro Continues Depreciation

The euro extended its decline during the Monday’s trading session after Italian industrial production demonstrated mixed performance in February. The euro touched the lowest level since June 2013 against the Japanese yen.

Euro Loses Ground After Greece Fails to Offer Reforms

Euro is lower against its major counterparts today, thanks to a report that indicates that Greece has, once again, failed to offer sufficient structural reforms.



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