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Pound Rally Slows in Forex Trading

The pound has enjoyed a rally recently, but that rally is slowing right now. Sterling is trading mixed today against its major counterparts.

Euro Falls on Greek Debt Worries

Greece is once again in the spotlight, and the euro has touched a one-month low against the US dollar today as concerns about Greek debt once again come to the front of mind.

Euro Drops on Spanish Election

The Spanish election results are rolling in, and the news is of upsets. Concerns about a Greece-style situation in Spain are dragging on the euro as a result.

Pound Heads to Weekly Gains Despite Friday’s Drop

The Great Britain pound fell today despite better-than-expected macroeconomic data from the United Kingdom. Still, the currency was heading to a weekly gain against the euro and the Japanese yen, though it likely to end the week with losses against the US dollar.

Euro Shows No Bias as EU Summit in Riga Concludes

The euro demonstrated no particular bias against the US dollar and the Japanese yen as traders focused on the European Union summit in Latvia. The shared 19-nation currency demonstrated sizable losses against the Great Britain pound.

Pound Higher After BoE Minutes

The Bank of England released minutes of its May policy meeting during the current trading session. While the Great Britain pound has been flat against the US dollar after the release, the currency gained on its other major rivals, including the euro and the Japanese yen.

Euro Goes Lower on ECB Bond Purchases & German Business Sentiment

The euro dropped today against its major rivals due to a report that the European Central Bank will expand its bond purchases. Poor economic data from Germany also drove the shared 19-nation currency down.

Deflation Sends the UK Pound Lower

After showing strength on the heels of the recent election in the United Kingdom, the pound is now weakening. The latest inflation data is in, and it appears that deflation is affecting the sterling.

Euro Slips Below 1.1400 Against US Dollar

Euro is slipping today, losing ground after a rally earlier in the session. This happened toward the end of last week as well. After a strong run, the 19-nation currency is starting to show signs of weakness.

Great Britain Pound Falls vs. Dollar, Retains Strength vs. Other Majors

The Great Britain pound pulled back from the six-month high against the US dollar as the greenback made a bounce. Still, the UK currency gained against other majors, including the euro.



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