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Slow Growth Drags Euro Lower

Euro is dragging today, heading lower as slower growth in the eurozone hurts performance. The German data was disappointing, and as was a PMI reading for the entire eurozone. With the dollar firming, thanks to the latest out of the Federal Reserve, it’s no surprise that the euro is struggling.

Canadian Economic Data Surprises Positively, Loonie Moves Higher

The Canadian dollar climbed today with help of macroeconomic data from Canada that was surprisingly good, easing the negative impact that comments of the central bank governor had on the currency earlier this week.

Loonie Continues to Struggle After Fed Announcement

The loonie is still struggling against the greenback today, finding it difficult to regain lost ground following yesterday’s announcement from the US Federal Reserve. While the Canadian dollar is gaining against its European counterparts, helped by US dollar strength, it continues to drop against the greenback.

Poloz Says Interest Rate Cut Possible, Hurts Canadian Dollar

The Canadian dollar sank yesterday after Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz signaled that he is prepared to cut interest rates in case the economy worsens. The currency is attempting to recover today but is not good at this so far.

Canadian Dollar Gets Boost from Risk Appetite

Sentiment has improved a bit today, following last week’s risk aversion. The result is that the Canadian dollar is getting a bit of a boost against its major counterparts. Part of the reason for the risk appetite is that there hasn’t been any substantial response to the results of the referendum held in Crimea over the weekend.

Canadian Dollar Faces Difficulties Ahead of Crimea Referendum

Markets in general are struggling today, thanks largely to concerns over the referendum vote in Crimea on Sunday. Additionally, it’s not helping that there are worries about Chinese growth and other issues weighing on risk appetite today. Plus, there are questions about an independent Quebec to consider.

Loonie Down as Commodities Struggle

Canadian dollar is lower today, struggling along with many commodities. One of the big drivers of difficulty today is the fact that there are concerns about growth in China, and commodities are heading lower. As a commodity currency, this development weighs on the loonie.

CAD Suffers from Poor Canadian Employment Data

The Canadian dollar ended Friday with big losses after the domestic employment report disappointed Forex traders, while the US employment data added to the woes, driving most major currencies down against the US dollar.

Canadian Dollar Appreciates with Support of Positive Fundamentals

The Canadian dollar advanced today with help of domestic economic reports that suggested that Canada’s growth gains momentum, adding to signs of improvement in the global economy. As most other currencies, the loonie lost to the euro, which was the top performer on the Forex market today.

Canadian Dollar Gets Boost as World Calms Down

Loonie is getting a boost today, thanks in large part to the fact that the world appears to be calming down and risk appetite is returning. Thanks to expected improvements to the Canadian economy, and to an improving situation around the world, the Canadian dollar is heading mostly higher today.



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