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Housing Stats Help Loonie Against European Currencies

Better housing stats are helping the Canadian dollar against its European counterparts. However, the US dollar is still on something of a tear, and the loonie remains down against its neighbor to the south.

Canadian Employment Data Leaves CAD Directionless

The Canadian dollar ended the session without strong moves in either direction as today’s employment report sent confusing signals to the market, giving no edge either to bulls or to bears.

Canadian Dollar Firm, Withstanding Negative Fundamentals

The Canadian dollar was firm today despite yesterday’s negative data. An employment report will be released in Canada today and it is expected to be supportive to the nation’s currency.

Loonie Falls After BoC Meeting, Tries to Regain Strength

The Canadian dollar dropped today after the nation’s central bank maintained its overnight rate unchanged, in line with market expectations. Losses were limited, though, and the currency returned close to the opening level against some of its counterparts, including the euro and the Japanese yen.

Forex Traders Continue to Bet Against Loonie

Canadian dollar is lower today, continuing its weakness. Forex traders expect the Bank of Canada to keep rates steady this week, and a hike isn’t expected anytime soon.

Canadian Dollar Drops as Economic Data Disappoints

The Canadian dollar edged today as economic data from Canada, including a very important report about economic growth, was rather poor, meaning that it is unlikely for the Bank of Canada to tighten its monetary policy in the near future.

Loonie Gains Ahead of GDP Report as Current Account Deficit Narrows

The Canadian dollar rallied today ahead of tomorrow’s report about gross domestic product as the nation’s current account deficit shrank last quarter. The currency remains strong, though it was trading sideway’s lately.

Loonie Trades Flat Against the Greenback

The Canadian dollar is trading flat against the US dollar today, but it is gaining some ground against its counterparts in Europe. Many traders expect reasonably good news out of Canada later this week, and this is helping the loonie in Forex trading.

Loonie Gains Against Greenback on Slow Memorial Day

It’s a slow day for the markets, thanks to the Memorial Day holiday in the United States. However, the FX market is open, and the Canadian dollar is making some progress against its US counterpart as traders look ahead to economic data to be released later in the week.

Canadian Dollar Ignores Negative Domestic Data

Canadian retail sales demonstrated disappointing results, while the outlook for inflation data is rather poor. Is the Canadian dollar bothered by this? Not at all. On the contrary, the currency posted solid gains today.



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