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Loonie Heads Higher Against Major Currencies

Canadian dollar is heading higher against its major counterparts today, following the latest inflation report. Even though there are some concerns about the most recent retail sales data, and it doesn’t appear that rates will rise anytime soon, the latest data indicates that things are likely to remain steady, and the loonie is gaining as a result.

CAD Shows Mixed Performance as Economic Indicators Diverge

Macroeconomic data from Canada was mixed today as the inflation report surprised positively, but retail sales data frustrated traders. As a result, the Canadian dollar fell versus its US peer and the euro, but rose a little against the Japanese yen.

Canadian Dollar Pulls Back on Commodities, China

Canadian dollar was higher in earlier trading, but has now pulled back. Thanks to concerns about lower commodities and the fact that disappointing data out of China is weighing on sentiment and high beta currencies, the loonie is now losing ground in some cases, particularly against the greenback.

Loonie Mixed in Forex Trading

It’s been an interesting few days for the loonie, and today the Canadian currency is mixed on the Forex market. However, even with the mixed performance, the Canadian dollar is mostly higher against its major counterparts.

Canadian Employment Growth Exceeds Forecasts, Benefiting CAD

Canadian employment data was very good, better even than optimistic forecasts. It allowed that Canadian dollar to gain on its US counterpart and the Japanese yen, but the loonie was not able to outperform the euro.

Canadian Dollar Shows Mixed Performance Ahead of Tomorrow’s Data

The Canadian dollar rose against the US dollar and the Japanese yen, but fell versus the euro today. Macroeconomic data from Canada was mixed today, while specialists expect that tomorrow’s employment report should be very good.

Canadian Dollar Pulls Back After Gains

Canadian dollar is pulling back a little bit after gaining earlier. Loonie was higher earlier as economic optimism returned to Canada, and a lowered risk of interest rate cuts. However, after seeing some gains, the Canadian dollar is pulling back as risk aversion returns to markets and as traders take some profits.

CAD Gains vs. USD & EUR, Ends Month Weak

The Canadian dollar rose today, rallying for the second session against the US dollar and the euro, as the nation’s economy continued to grow in November. At the same time, the currency retreated versus the Japanese yen following yesterday’s advance.

Loonie Struggles to Regain Ground, Likely to Fall Further

Loonie is struggling to regain some of the ground it lost in earlier trading against the greenback. However, there isn’t a lot to support the Canadian dollar right now, and so it is expected to continue to struggle. The Canadian dollar is expected to perhaps drop as far as 85 cents against the US dollar by the middle of 2014.

CAD Reaches Record Multi-Year Lows During the Week

The Canadian dollar slid this week as the Bank of Canada left its hawkish stance and may even lower interest rates. Wide-spread risk aversion on the Forex market added to the losses of the currency.



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