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Canadian Dollar Ends Week on Positive Note

The Canadian dollar ended the trading week on a positive note with help of supportive macroeconomic releases from Canada, which showed that the economy performs rather well and may weather monetary tightening from the nation’s central bank.

Will the Loonie Erode Further After Poloz?

Loonie has been sinking, in an overall trend kind of way, since Stephen Poloz took over at the Bank of Canada. With another policy statement on the way today, there are expectations that the Canadian dollar could go lower, particularly against the US dollar.

Canadian Dollar Makes Up Some Lost Ground

Canadian dollar is making up some lost ground today, gaining against the US dollar. After disappointing data at the end of last week, the loonie headed lower, but today the Canadian currency is making something of a turnaround. Many Forex traders are looking forward to the interest rate announcement expected from the Bank of Canada on Wednesday.

Risk Aversion Counters Negative Impact of FOMC Comments on USD

It looked like members of the Federal Open Market Committee would make this week very bad for the US dollar by their dovish comments. Yet the currency was rescued by risk aversion that followed news about problems of a major Portugal’s bank. This did not help the greenback to outperform the Japanese yen but allowed the US currency to erase losses versus the euro and to gain on several other currencies, including the Great […]

Canadian Employment Provides Nasty Surprise, CAD Sinks

Canadian employment demonstrated strong growth in May and economists were expecting June to follow suit, showing continuous improvement of the labor market. Yet today’s report provided a nasty surprise to those Forex market participants who were hoping to buy the loonie as employment data was not good at all, driving the currency down sharply.

Could Copper Hold the Key to Loonie Performance?

Canadian dollar is higher today, and so are copper prices. While we often think of the loonie as a petrocurrency, the truth might be that it is really more closely related to copper — and that might be giving the Canadian dollar a boost today.

Canadian Dollar Sinks Despite News Being Not That Bad

The Canadian dollar sank today even though the Forex traders’ sentiment towards the currency improved somewhat and not all economic reports from Canada were bad. The currency extended its drop for a second trading session.

Positive US Employment Data Leads to Massive Gains for CAD

Very good employment data from the United States fueled the strength of the US currency but it also led to massive gains of the Canadian dollar yesterday, which the loonie managed to maintain today.

Loonie Looks for Gains Against Greenback

Speculators taking short positions on the loonie against the greenback are starting to capitulate a little bit. With inflation picking up in Canada, there is interest in what policymakers will do next, and some think that action will include some sort of interest rate hike, or some other mechanism to slow inflation.

CAD Shoots to Upside on Back of Positive Data

The Canadian dollar surged today with a help of positive macroeconomic data, including the Consumer Price Index that was higher than forecasts and above the central bank’s target. The currency jumped to the highest level since January.



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