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Euro Retreats After Positive Reports from the United States

Initially, it looked like the euro is going to extend its gains through the Tuesday’s trading session with the help of macroeconomic data from Europe. Yet the currency retreated after the release of US reports that were good as well.

Higher Oil Helps Canadian Dollar

Canadian dollar is getting some help today from higher oil prices. Dollar weakness has set in, and oil prices are moving higher, providing the loonie with a bit of an advantage.

CAD-Crosses Demonstrate Mixed Performance

Today’s economic data from Canada was mixed, resulting in varying performance of different CAD-crosses. The currency gained on the US dollar and the Japanese yen but dropped against the euro.

Loonie Continues Its Fall Against the Greenback

Canadian dollar is continuing its fall against the greenback today, heading lower than it’s been in years as Forex traders look forward to today’s Federal Reserve announcement. It’s also not helping matters that oil prices continue to fall.

Canadian Dollar Rises a Little, Unable to Beat Euro

The Canadian dollar gained a little on the US dollar and the Japanese yen today after the release of positive economic data from Canada and disappointing reports from the United States. At the same time, the currency logged a substantial drop against the euro.

Canadian Dollar Struggles Along With Oil

Oil continues to struggle in the markets, and that is bringing the Canadian dollar lower as well. Right now, loonie continues to drop against the greenback, even though it (like every other currency) is higher against the euro.

Loonie Gains Against European Currencies, Loses to Greenback

Canadian dollar is trading mixed today, gaining against the major European currencies, but heading lower against the US dollar.

Canadian Dollar Drops vs. Greenback, Fares Better vs. Other Currencies

The Canadian dollar dropped against its US counterpart after the release of non-farm payrolls. The loonie fared better against other currencies, rising against the euro and trading sideways versus the Japanese yen, even though Canada’s economic indicators were not particularly good.

Canadian Dollar Broadly Lower

The Canadian dollar was broadly lower against its rival’s during Thursday’s trading even though fundamentals were largely in favor of the currency. The loonie climbed yesterday after the Bank of Canada kept its monetary policy stable.

Growing Canadian Economy Makes CAD Stronger

The Canadian dollar climbed today with the help of an economic report that showed faster-than-expected growth of Canada’s economy at the end of the last year. The positive surprise made the currency gain against other majors.



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