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US Dollar Moderates a Bit

Greenback is consolidating ahead of today’s US nonfarm payrolls data for October. Dollar index is a little bit lower right now, and the euro has made a few gains following its steep losses yesterday.

Australian Dollar Stable After RBA Minutes & Construction Data

The Australian dollar held steady during the current trading session after the release of the central bank’s policy minutes and the report about the construction sector. Yesterday, the currency fell against the US dollar, rose against the euro and was flat against the Japanese yen.

US Dollar Settles Down

US dollar is settling down a little bit after yesterday’s surge. Right now, it’s a bit about profit taking as Forex traders gear up for the next round of economic data, and contemplate the future of the eurozone.

NZ Dollar Rebounds, Hangs Near Opening

The New Zealand dollar gained ground after falling to the lowest in more than two years versus the US dollar today but is currently struggling to rise above the opening level without support of fundamentals.

AUD/USD Bounces from Four-Year Low

The Australian dollar bounced today after touching the lowest level in more than four years against its US counterpart. Australia’s employment data released during the current trading session was rather positive and contributed for the Aussie’s bounce.

Loonie Drops Against Greenback as Oil Prices Continue to Fall

Loonie is once again heading lower against the greenback, thanks in large part to oil prices. Even though the Canadian dollar is struggling against its US counterpart, though, it is gaining ground against European currencies. Concerns about what’s next in Europe, especially with sluggish Chinese data and policy statements coming tomorrow, are weighing on currencies across the pond.

US Dollar Surges Following US Midterm Elections

US dollar is surging right now, heading higher against its major counterparts, following the US midterm elections. Comparisons between the United States and its European counterparts are mostly about differences in economic directions, and many feel that the latest election results will mean fewer legislative restrictions for business, and that will boost the US economy.

NZD Rises After Employment Data, Loses Steam on Services Index

The New Zealand dollar climbed today with the help of very positive employment data that made New Zealand assets more attractive to investors. The currency lost its upward momentum (though stayed above the opening level) after a report that showed decline of the services sector.

US Dollar Falls Back, Consolidating Against Major Currencies

US dollar is a little big lower today, falling back after rallying earlier. Right now, the greenback is consolidating, and Forex traders are taking profits. However, there is a good chance that the US dollar will remain relatively strong overall.

NZ Dollar Finds Strength in Spite of Economic Data

The New Zealand edged higher against its US peer and erased earlier losses versus the Japanese yen today even though economic data from New Zealand was not particularly good for the currency.



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