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Risk Aversion Weighs on Australian Dollar

Aussie is heading lower right now, thanks in large part to uncertainty and risk aversion. Lower stocks and commodity losses earlier are contributing to a lower Australian dollar right now.

Crude Oil Prices Drag Canadian Dollar Down

The Canadian dollar sank yesterday and retained its weakness today as falling crude oil prices dragged the currency down along with them. The drop of the US dollar could have helped the loonie, but in practice it had a minimal impact if any at all.

Dollar Weaker After Fed Minutes

The US dollar dropped yesterday after the release of the Federal Reserve policy minutes and continued to move lower today (though not against all major rivals). The report sent a confusing message to the markets, but most market participants considered it to be dovish.

China Drives New Zealand Dollar Lower

Economic data from New Zealand was not particularly positive today, but it was likely not the reason for the drop of the New Zealand dollar. News from China, the biggest trading partner of the South Pacific nation, was the driving force behind the decline.

Canadian Dollar Remains Lukewarm

Canadian dollar remains lukewarm in Forex trading against its major counterparts today. There isn’t a whole lot to either push the loonie forward or drag it back, and it is mostly rangebound today.

Dollar Mixed After Housing Data

Today’s data from the United States was mildly supportive for the US currency, which has been also bolstered by the general risk-negative market sentiment. The dollar gained on the euro but fell versus the Great Britain pound and was flat against the Japanese yen.

Australian Dollar Continues Attempts to Rise

The Australian dollar was attempting to rise yesterday and ticked up a little today. The currency got support from the minutes of the latest monetary policy meeting released by the Reserve Bank of Australia today.

Dollar Keeps Gains of Week’s First Trading Session

The US dollar performed rather well during the first session of the current trading week, undeterred by some negative economic reports from the United States. The currency kept yesterday’s gains today.

Loonie Continues to Fall Against Greenback as Markets Drop and Oil Falls

Canadian dollar continues to struggle, especially against the US dollar, thanks to falling stock prices and weak oil prices. There isn’t much to support the loonie, which only seems to be finding success against a weak euro.

US Dollar Index Recovers After Recent Selloff

The recent news of yuan devaluation took its toll on the greenback, but now the US dollar is coming back, thanks in part to helpful economic data.



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