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Dollar Down After Fed Releases Dovish Statement

The Federal Reserve released its monetary policy statement today and it was not positive for the dollar at all, being considered by the markets as a dovish one. The greenback extended its losses against the euro and the Great Britain pound while the US currency pared its earlier gains against the Japanese yen.

US Dollar Pulls Back as Traders Await Fed Announcement

US dollar is pulling back today, heading a little bit lower as Forex traders wait for the Federal Reserve’s announcement about what’s next for the greenback.

Australian Dollar Attempts to Bounce

The Australian dollar dropped a little after the nation’s central bank released the minutes of its latest policy meeting. The fall was small and the currency is attempting to bounce right now.

US Dollar Gains as Traders Await Federal Reserve Meeting

US dollar is heading higher today as traders look forward to the coming two-day meeting of Fed policymakers. Greenback is also getting some support from worries about what’s next for Greece.

US Dollar Demonstrates Softness Ahead of Important Week

The US dollar showed rather weak performance during the past trading week even as economic fundamentals should have been supportive for the currency. Now traders wait for the next week that may determine the future of the currency in the near term.

Aussie Falls After Thursday’s Gains

The Australian dollar ended Friday lower, though the currency trimmed its losses by the end of trading. The currency rallied a day before due to the very positive domestic data.

NZ Dollar Ends Week with Significant Losses as RBNZ Cuts Rate

The New Zealand ended the week with huge losses, mostly due the unexpected decision of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand to perform monetary easing on Thursday. The currency reached the lowest level since February against the Japanese yen and the lowest in five years versus the US dollar.

Dollar Halts Rally Despite Supportive Fundamentals

The US dollar has received support from domestic macroeconomic reports that led to a rally yesterday. Today, the currency halted its advance even though fundamentals continued to be supportive for the greenback.

Aussies Ignores Negative Domestic Fundamentals, Still Falls vs. Yen

The Australian dollar gained against its US counterpart today even though news from Australia was not supportive for the currency at all. The Aussie, as well as its other major peers, fell against the Japanese yen.

NZ Dollar Traders Near Opening Level

The New Zealand dollar had fallen initially during the Tuesday’s trading session but has bounced later and is trading close to the opening level as of now. This week should be rather important for the currency due to the upcoming central bank’s policy meeting.



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