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Rate Hike Speculation Helps Canadian Dollar

There is speculation that the Canadian dollar is strong enough now that a rate hike from the Bank of Canada could come sooner than expected. The news is helping the loonie against its European counterparts.

Dollar Among Biggest Losers During Trading Week

The US dollar was one of the weakest currencies on the Forex market during the past trading week, competing with the New Zealand dollar and the Japanese yen for the place of the biggest loser. Meanwhile, the euro and the Great Britain pound were the two strongest currencies.

Aussie Pulls Back After Earlier Gains

Australian dollar is paring some of its earlier gains right now, which should be a relief to the Reserve Bank of Australia, which has been trying to encourage a weaker Aussie for the sake of economic stimulus.

Dollar’s Down Move Regains Momentum

While the US dollar has been going to new lows during the Thursday’s trading session, it looked like the downward move is running out of steam, allowing the currency to trim some of its losses. Yet currently the greenback resumed its move down.

Decline of Crude Oil Leads to Losses for Canadian Dollar

The Canadian dollar fell against other majors during the current trading session, largely due to the drop of crude oil prices. The currency fell even against the US dollar despite the earlier rise to the highest level since January.

Retail Sales Weigh on the US Dollar

US dollar is struggling today, thanks in large part to the poor retail sales data report for April. The report provides more evidence that the US economic recovery is losing steam, and that is leading to a greenback that is mostly lower in Forex trading.

NZ Dollar Backs Off After Initial Rally

Economic data from New Zealand was mixed today. While the NZ dollar rallied initially as traders paid more attention to the good part of the news, the currency retreated as of now, though it is still trading above the opening level.

New Zealand Dollar Rallies After Poor US Data

The New Zealand dollar rallied today on the back of the US dollar’s weakness even though news from the South Pacific nation itself was rather detrimental to the kiwi.

Oil Rally Lifts Loonie Higher in Forex Trading

Oil is rallying, and that is helping the Canadian dollar in Forex trading today. Loonie is mostly higher against its major counterparts.

New Zealand Dollar Struggles to Keep Gains

The New Zealand dollar is struggling to keep its earlier gains against the US dollar and the Japanese yen during the current trading session. While the currency rallied initially today, it is moving down as of now, trading dangerously close to the opening level.



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