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Canadian Dollar Falls Back on CPI Report

Canadian dollar is struggling today, even though other high beta currencies are doing well. One of the issues right now is the latest CPI data coming out of Canada. Concerns about the Canadian economy are mounting, and that is weighing on the loonie today.

Euro Gets Help from Improved Global Economic Outlook

Euro is getting help today from an improved global economic outlook. With the world economy looking a little better, with help from the latest news out of the United States as well as earlier news from China, optimism is driving interest in risk assets like the euro.

AUD Gains on JPY, Retreats vs. USD & EUR

The Australian dollar rose against the Japanese yen for the first time after fourth straight sessions of decline as growth of China’s manufacturing increased the appeal of the Aussie. At the same time, the currency slumped against the US dollar and the euro.

US Dollar Looks to Rebound

US dollar is looking to rebound today, and is staging a rather impressive recovery. While the greenback is still down against the euro, it is finding success against other major currencies.

Euro Rises on Optimism about Eurozone Liquidity

Euro is on the rise today as risk appetite appears and Forex traders show optimism about the liquidity situation in the eurozone. With concerns about the debt crisis fading, and expectations for an improved future rising, the euro is gaining against its major counterparts.

NZD Gains on JPY & AUD as China’s PMI Grows

The New Zealand dollar gained against its the Japanese yen as China’s manufacturing expanded this month faster than was expected by analysts, according to the preliminary estimate. The currency also advanced versus its Australian peer.

Dollar Fluctuates as US Politicians Temporary Remove Debt Ceiling

The US dollar fluctuated today after lawmakers voted to remove the debt ceiling temporary. The debt ceiling issue was spoiling the traders’ mood and without it traders felt confident enough to part with the dollar. Yet not all news was good and that allowed the greenback to retain some of its strength.

CAD Drops to Parity with USD on BoC Statement

The Canadian dollar slumped today, reaching parity with its US counterpart, after the Bank of Canada suggested that an interest rate cut is not necessary immediately and may be postponed.

Euro Gains Following Successful Portuguese Bond Auction

Euro is gaining against the US dollar today, heading higher as risk appetite makes an appearance on the currency market. Helped along by successful bond auctions in the eurozone’s periphery, the euro is showing some strength. The gains, though, might be threatened by a debt ceiling vote in the United States.

AUD/USD Pares Losses, AUD/JPY Maintains Weakness

The Australian dollar fell at the beginning of today’s trading session as Australia’s consumer prices rose last quarter slower than was predicted. The currency pared losses versus the US dollar, but remained weak against the Japanese yen.



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