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US Dollar Gains Amidst Rate Cuts from Central Banks

US dollar is gaining as central banks around the world make moves to stimulate their economies. Greenback is headed higher on rate cuts in Europe and China, and an increase to Britain’s asset purchase program.

Canadian Dollar Jumps to Two-Year High vs. Euro

The Canadian dollar jumped to the highest level in more than two years against the euro as the Forex market was positioning itself for tomorrow’s monetary policy meeting of the European Central Bank.

AUD Jumps to More Than Four-Month Record vs. EUR

The Australian dollar reached the two-month high against the US currency before retreating and climbed to highest level in more than four months versus the euro today as growth of retail sales in Australia beat analysts’ estimates.

UK Pound Struggles ahead of BOE

UK pound is struggling today, ahead of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee decision on rates. Concerns about the UK economy are on the rise, and expectations of lower rates and an expansion to the asset purchase program are contributing to a lower pound.

US Dollar Softens as Factory Orders Rise

US dollar is softening today, thanks to better than expected economic news. Factory orders rose more than expected, and that is providing a bit of a boost for markets after yesterday’s disappointing manufacturing index data.

Canadian Dollar Gets Boost in Forex Trading

Canadian dollar is getting a boost in Forex trading today, heading higher as oil prices rise, and at the prospect of more quantitative easing in Europe, as well as stimulus in China. With other currencies on the verge of weakening in the name of economic stimulus, the loonie is well placed to make some gains.

Aussie Retreats as Market Mood Worsens

Friday’s euphoria has gone from the Forex market and riskier commodity currencies retreated, following the sharp rally in the last trading day of the previous week. The Australian dollar was among losers. Not surprisingly, the Aussie managed to outperform the euro.

UK Pound Down Against Dollar, But Higher Against Euro

UK pound is mixed today, due to the situation in the markets. Pound is down against the US dollar as the risk rally from last week loses steam, but higher against the euro as traders wonder if the deals made at the European Union summit last week will actually last.

US Dollar Rises as Uncertainty Shows Through

Last week ended with a spectacular rally by risky assets. This week, though, appears to be reversing course, at lease a little bit. Risk assets are pulling back in light of some developments regarding the US economy. Manufacturing activity is weighing on risk currencies, and providing something of a boost for the US dollar.

CAD Gains on Traders’ Euphoria After Summit

The Canadian dollar jumped against the US dollar and the Japanese yen, demonstrating the biggest advance this year, as risk appetite ruled the Forex market after the conclusion of the two-day EU summit. The currency closed weaker against the euro, but the losses were limited.



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