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Bad Week for Loonie in Spite of Some Good News

The Canadian dollar had a pretty bad week as talks about the European debt crisis plagued the Forex market, driving traders away from riskier commodity currencies.

Risk Appetite, Better Situation Help UK Pound

UK pound is being helped on two fronts today. General risk appetite, with the focus on the Facebook IPO, is helping the sterling against the US dollar. On the other hand, pound is higher against the euro, as concerns about what’s happening in the eurozone make the pound a preferred choice as a European safe haven currency.

US Dollar Lower as Risk Appetite Makes an Appearance

US dollar is lower today as risk appetite makes an appearance in the markets. As commodity prices rise, and equities see a bit of a reprieve from recent troubles, the greenback is pulling back. Concerns about Europe remain, but they are being trumped by other news — especially the imminent Facebook IPO.

Aussie Mixed in Choppy Trading

Aussie is turning in a mixed performance today as choppy markets look for direction, and try to process all of the difficulties happening in the eurozone. On one hand, Aussie is lower against the US dollar as risk aversion makes an appearance. But, on the other, the Australia dollar is gaining against European currencies weighed down by difficulties.

NZ Dollar Near This Year’s Low

The New Zealand dollar erased its earlier gains today as the potential Greece’s exit from the eurozone continued to spoil mood of Forex market participants. The currency traded near the lowest level this year.

Loonie Weakens as Europe Hits Commodity Prices

The Canadian dollar yesterday as the crisis in Europe escalates, damping demand for commodities and commodity-dependent currencies. The loonie trimmed its losses today on good fundamentals in Canada and the United States.

US Dollar Mixed as Euro Holds on to Gains

US dollar is mixed today as gains against the pound and the yen are offset to some degree by the way the euro is managing to eke out gains in spite of the turmoil over Greece. However, even with this small setback against the euro, the US dollar is still likely to remain strong overall, since safe haven currencies are likely to be in demand for some time.

Euro Struggles Higher as Data Improves in the United States

Earlier, the euro headed lower as concerns about Greece overcame the markets and worried Forex traders and investors. Good news out of the United States, though, is changing the picture a little bit and providing a measure of confidence that is helping the euro to tenuous gains this morning.

Greece Has Mixed Impact on Canada’s Currency

The Canadian dollar advanced today against the euro as the political turmoil in Greece made traders flee from the shared European currency. The loonie also rose a little versus the Japanese yen, but fell against the US dollar.

Australian Dollar Retreats as Fears of European Crisis Grip FX Market

The Australian dollar gained today on speculation that its previous losses were excessive. The currency trimmed gains versus the Japanese yen and fell against the US dollar as fears of the European crisis returned to Forex traders.



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