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Japanese Yen Weakens as Risk Appetite Appears

Japanese yen is weaker against high beta currencies today as risk appetite makes its appearance. Since it is not needed as a safe haven right now, the yen is slipping — and that is probably just what Japanese officials want to see.

US Dollar Weakens as Hope Rises for the Eurozone

US dollar is weakening today as risk appetite makes an appearance. Hope that the European Central Bank is about to do something serious to contain the sovereign debt crisis is boosting other majors against the US dollar today.

Aussie Climbs After RBA Releases Minutes of Policy Meeting

The Australian dollar advanced today after the Reserve Bank of Australia released the minutes of its last monetary policy meeting, signaling that the domestic economic growth may offset the negative influence from outside of Australia.

Loonie Fluctuates amid Market Sluggishness

The Canadian dollar fluctuated as the mixed news from Europe made traders uncertain and confused. The summer trading is nearing to its end and the Forex market should soon become more vibrant, but for now trading remains sluggish as there is no major news to move currencies.

Australian Dollar Higher as Traders Await RBA Statement

Aussie is higher today, gaining against the US dollar ahead of tomorrow’s statement from the Reserve Bank of Australia. There is interest in what RBA officials will say, since there are expectations that an interest rate cut could be on the way.

CAD Closes Weaker on Slowing Inflation

The Canadian closed lower against its US peer, following three days of gains, and also weakened versus the euro today after Statistics Canada reported that monthly inflation fell unexpectedly last month. The news triggered sell-off of the Canadian currency.

US Dollar Higher on Expected Volatility, Better Data

US dollar is higher today, gaining on continued concerns about the situation in Europe, as well as better economic data in the United States. Greenback is gaining as speculation about a Greek exit from the eurozone is speculated on, and as the latest consumer sentiment numbers are released.

Treasury Concerned About Aussie’s Strength, Currency Falls

The Australian dollar slumped today after the Australian Treasury voiced concern about the strength of the currency and signaled that the central bank may ease its monetary policy further in order to contain the Aussie’s appreciation.

NZ Dollar Rallies with Milk Prices

The New Zealand dollar rose against the US dollar and the Japanese yen yesterday and maintained its gains today as the rally of commodities improved outlook for New Zealand exports, meaning that the currency will be in demand.

Risk Appetite Appears and Sends US Dollar Lower

Risk appetite is making a somewhat cautious appearance on the markets today. Equities in Europe and the United States are mostly higher, and there is optimism regarding the ECB’s inevitable moves to stave up complete collapse in the eurozone. As a result, the US dollar is moving a little lower today.



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