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Aussie Drops against Greenback, Gains vs. European Currencies

Aussie is heading lower against the US dollar after the latest data out of China disappoints. However, as European currencies continue to weaken, Australian dollar is finding some success against them.

Slowing China’s Manufacturing Growth Hurts NZ Dollar

The New Zealand dollar dropped today as slowing growth of China’s manufacturing sector led to worries about global economic growth and hurt prospects for New Zealand exports.

Canadian Dollar Attempts to Rally, Fails

The Canadian dollar was rallying against most major currencies at the beginning of this week, but it fell against the US dollar and the Japanese yen today. The currency traded sideways versus the euro.

US Dollar Near 100 Level Against the Yen

US dollar is moving toward the 100 level against the Japanese yen. The G-20 meeting seems to have rubber-stamped the plans for more easing in Japan, and that could mean a breakthrough for USD/JPY at anytime.

Taiwan Dollar Falls Yen in Decline

The Taiwan dollar slipped today on speculations that policy makers will step in to rein currency’s gains as a strong currency may leave the nation in trading disadvantage.

Dollar Posts Weekly Gains amid Worries About Global Growth

The US dollar gained this week as concerns about global economic growth resulted in a huge sell-off of riskier assets and the greenback retained its strength for the most of the week even as the market sentiment improved.

CAD Closes Flat vs. USD & EUR, Stronger vs. JPY

The Canadian dollar closed flat versus its US peer yesterday, erasing its previous gains. The currency was also flat against the euro, paring losses. The loonie gained against the Japanese yen that was the weakest against most-traded currencies.

Euro Steadies against Dollar after Spike on Weidmann Comments

Euro is steadying against the US dollar after an earlier spike on comments made by an ECB official. Euro is moderating its gains, but it is still heading higher against its major counterparts.

UK Pound Struggles after Earlier Success

UK pound is struggling right now, following earlier strength against the US dollar. UK retail sales data helped, but it hasn’t been enough for the pound to retain its gains against the greenback.

NZ Dollar Gains Despite Slowing Growth in China

The New Zealand dollar gained today even as macroeconomic reports suggested that economic growth in China is slowing, worsening prospects for New Zealand exports.



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