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UK Pound Continues to See Gains against the US Dollar

UK pound continues to gain ground against the US dollar today, after yesterday’s upbeat performance. Even though there are some factors that would normally put downward pressure on the sterling, the British currency is doing well enough today.

UK Pound Sees Some Gains

UK pound’s recent sell off seems to be over — for now. Sterling is seeing some success today, helped by positional factors, as well as by a general feeling of risk appetite in the markets.

Better Economic Data Boosts Loonie

Better news in the United States and in Canada is helping the loonie today. Between unexpectedly low jobless claims in the United States, and higher housing prices in Canada, plus events around the world resulting in risk-on sentiment today, the loonie is heading mostly higher today.

RBNZ Does Not Anticipate Higher Interest Rates This Year

The New Zealand dollar rose today after yesterday’s drop, but gains were limited after the central bank said that an interest rate hike is not likely to happen this year.

Good Employment Makes Australian Dollar Stronger

The Australian dollar climbed today after the employment data came out much better than was predicted by analysts, reducing bets on an interest rate cut by the central bank.

EUR/USD Plunges as US Economy Looks Better than European

The US dollar climbed against the euro today as the US economy continued to perform much better than the European one. The currency fell a little against the Great Britain pound and was flat versus the yen.

NZD Weakens Ahead of RBNZ Meeting on Concerns About Drought

The New Zealand dollar declined against other most-traded currencies today on concerns that drought that the country is experiencing will worsen hurting the New Zealand economy.

USD/CAD Flat, Seeking Direction

The Canadian dollar was flat against its US peer today, erasing the intraday loss. The currency gained versus the euro and fell against the Japanese yen.

US Dollar Index Slips as Traders Look for Direction

US dollar index is slipping right now, after seeing gains earlier in the session. Forex traders are looking for direction right now as economic data comes in from various sources.

AUD/USD Rises Despite Falling Business Confidence, AUD/JPY Retreats

The Australian dollar gained against its US counterpart today even as business confidence edged down last month. At the same time, the trimmed its gains versus the Japanese yen.



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