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Euro Sinks Under Political Weight

Euro is sinking right now, forced down by the political situation in the eurozone. Concerns about what’s next for the 17-nation currency zone are dragging down the euro as Forex traders look for safety, and choosing the US dollar and the Japanese yen instead.

US Dollar Index Retains Modest Gains

US dollar index is retaining its earlier modest gains today as risk aversion sets in. Concerns about the Greek drama playing out, as wells concerns about the state of the global economy, are weighing on riskier assets. Greenback is being sought as a safe haven, with the US dollar index likely to pick up steam.

Canadian Dollar Steady Today

Canadian dollar is mostly steady today. Amidst uncertainty about Europe, and concerns about what’s next, the loonie is managing to hold its own, especially against the US dollar. Risk aversion isn’t as big a deal as might have thought after the weekend in Europe. However, there is little domestic data to change the course of the Canadian dollar, and volumes are low due to a holiday close for the markets in London.

Aussie Sees Some Improvement

After an interesting weekend, the Aussie is seeing some improvement today as the Down Under currency is seen as a safer bet than European currencies right now. After the elections in France and Greece, many are wondering what’s next for the eurozone, and that is giving the Australian dollar a bit of a boost today.

Dollar Posts Weekly Gains Despite Disappointing Employment Growth

This week was good for the US dollar even though macroeconomic data made traders question whether economic recovery in the United States is stable enough. The greenback was higher against most major currencies, but fell versus the Japanese yen.

Aussie Falls as RBA Cut Growth Forecast

The Australian dollar tumbled as the Reserve Bank of Australia revised its growth forecast for this year downwardly, spurring speculation that more interest rate cuts will follow.

Loonie Slips after Seeing Earlier Gains

Canadian dollar is slipping today, after heading higher in earlier trading. Many currencies are fluctuating on the currency market today, thanks to the uncertainty in the markets right now. Earlier, the loonie had seen some gains as disappointing data in the United States dropped the greenback. Now, though uncertainty is weighing on the Canadian dollar.

Japanese Yen Mixed in Forex Trading

Japanese yen is mixed in forex trading today as traders look for direction. Earlier, yen was higher against its counterparts, but now the currency seems to be pulling back — at least against the US dollar and the Great Britain pound. Yen still remains slightly higher than the euro.

Euro Slips on Uncertainty and Economic Worries

Euro is slipping right now, following the latest data that promotes the idea that global economic uncertainty remains. Concerns about the eurozone economy are affecting the euro, but the 17-nation currency was showing resilience — until the latest economic news out of the United States. Earlier risk appetite due to cautious optimism is transforming in to risk aversion, and the euro is giving up its earlier gains against […]

US Dollar Mixed as Traders Consider Information

There is a lot for Forex traders to consider today, and the result is a so-far mixed performance fort he US dollar. Greenback is down against the euro and the Canadian dollar right now, but higher against the UK pound and the Japanese yen. Economic data in the United States is taking a slightly positive turn, but there are still worries about the eurozone.



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