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Japanese Yen Gains Ground on Risk Aversion

A degree of risk aversion is afflicting financial markets today, and that is resulting in a higher Japanese yen. Yen is gaining against its high beta counterparts the euro and the UK pound, while falling against the US dollar. Concerns about the eurozone are, once again, taking precedence in global financial markets.

Canadian Dollar Goes Higher as US Manufacturing Expands

The Canadian dollar climbed today after a report showed that the US manufacturing sectors was expanding last month with faster pace than was anticipated by analysts, bolstering positive market sentiment.

US Dollar Turns Higher

US dollar is moving higher today, gaining now, even as it lost some ground earlier. It’s true that US dollar has been somewhat flat today against other majors, but it was falling against the euro at one point. Now, though, the greenback has the upper hand again as uncertainty takes center stage and Forex traders begin looking for a little safety.

Euro Finds Support from Political Efforts

Euro is finding some support today, and the financial markets are finding a little bit of risk appetite, as eurozone politics take center stage. The unlikely support comes as Irish officials try to sway voters to accept the European Union‘s fiscal treaty, and as Germany continues to insist on austerity measures for embattled eurozone countries.

Aussie Edges Down as RBA Cuts Main Rate More Than Expected

The Australian dollar dipped today as the Reserve Bank of Australia cut its key cash rate more than analysts anticipated. The decrease of the rate was expected and perhaps priced in, but the scope of the cut took traders by surprise.

NZ Dollar Down as Trade Surplus Shrinks

The New Zealand dollar fell yesterday and extended its decline today. New Zealand’s traded surplus unexpectedly shrank in March, adding to the negative market sentiment that sent the nation’s currency down.

Australian Dollar Falls as Traders Anticipate Interest Rate Cut

The Australian dollar fell today on speculation that the Reserve Bank of Australia will cut its main interest rate as the European problems cause a negative impact on Australia’s economy.

Canadian GDP Disappoints, Sending Loonie Lower

Canadian GDP surprised analysts and traders to the downside today, with February GDP declining 0.2%. The news came at the same time that reports of slowing consumer spending and income were reported in the United States. The combination is weighing on the Canadian dollar today, as well as on other currencies.

US Dollar Index Recovers Somewhat as Other Majors Show Vulnerability

US dollar index is recovering somewhat today, thanks to vulnerability shown by some of the other majors today. Once again, the euro is showing a degree of weakness in forex trading, as is the pound. The yen, however, is higher against the US dollar today as a measure of risk aversion makes an appearance.

Aussie Posts Gains as Bank of Japan Boosts Liquidity

The Australian dollar climbed today, reaching a monthly high versus its US counterpart, after the stimulating measures of the Bank of Japan boosted commodities and global stocks. The currency was down against the yen, though.



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