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Canadian Dollar Falls as Oil Slides

Canadian dollar is mostly lower again today, thanks to the slide in oil prices. The loonie is struggling as oil, once again, falls away from the $60 a barrel mark.

Decline of Crude Oil Leads to Losses for Canadian Dollar

The Canadian dollar fell against other majors during the current trading session, largely due to the drop of crude oil prices. The currency fell even against the US dollar despite the earlier rise to the highest level since January.

Oil Rally Lifts Loonie Higher in Forex Trading

Oil is rallying, and that is helping the Canadian dollar in Forex trading today. Loonie is mostly higher against its major counterparts.

CAD Ekes Out Gains as Oil Nears $60 a Barrel

Canadian dollar is heading a little bit higher today against some currencies, gaining ground as oil improves and as worries that the Bank of Canada will cut its rates further subside a little bit.

Loonie Weakens After Yesterday’s Surge

Canadian dollar is weaker today, following yesterday’s somewhat surprising surge. There are some factors supporting the loonie in the short to medium term, so the currency might get another chance later.

Canadian Dollar Gains Ground Against Major Currencies

Canadian dollar continues to rally today, heading higher against its major counterparts. Even with slightly lower oil prices, the loonie is heading higher, continuing its rally from last week.

Canadian Dollar Unable to Maintain Gains, Moves Below Opening

The Canadian dollar rallied earlier during the current trading session, hitting the two-year high versus the euro, with the help of favorable economic data from Canada. Yet the loonie was unable to keep gains and is now trading far below the opening level against other majors.

Poor US Data & Rising Crude Oil Prices Fuel Gains of CAD

The Canadian dollar rose today, climbing to the highest level in almost three months against its US counterpart and the Japanese yen, as poor economic data from the United States and the rally of crude oil prices played in favor of commodity currencies.

Canadian Dollar Gains as BoC Puts Interest Rates on Hold

The Canadian dollar gained today, reaching the highest level since May 2013 against the euro, after the Bank of Canada refrained from changing its monetary policy. The rally of crude oil prices added fuel to the loonie’s upward movement.

Economic Reports from Canada Help Loonie

The Canadian dollar managed to erase losses against its US counterpart by the end of the Friday’s trading session with the help of positive domestic data. The currency even gained against the euro, reaching the highest rate since May 2013. The loonie also reduced losses versus the Japanese yen but was unable to erase them completely.



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