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US Dollar Struggles, Supporting Commodities

US dollar is struggling today, and that is helping commodities as the greenback drops against its major counterparts. Dollar is also lower as Forex traders position themselves for a Greek bailout deal and look to the future.

US Dollar Retreats From Recent Highs

US dollar is retreating from recent highs today, especially against the euro. The dollar index is lower as a result. However, expectations for long-term dollar strength aren’t over yet.

US Dollar Strengthens on Likely Policy Divergence

US dollar is heading higher today, strengthening on likely policy divergence with European currencies. Greenback is gaining support as economic data in other regions sour and as commodities fall back.

NZ Dollar Demonstrates Strength vs. Rivals

The New Zealand dollar rallied today with the help of positive macroeconomic data and the weakness of the US currency. The kiwi rallied even as prices for raw materials fell, driving commodity-related currencies down.

Australian Dollar Sinks with Prices for Iron Ore

The Australian dollar sank today, reaching the lowest level since May 2009 against its US counterpart. Australia’s economy relies strongly on export of raw materials, linking the performance of the Aussie to movement of commodity prices.

Australian Dollar Under Pressure, Attempts to Fight

The Australian dollar remained under downside pressure today, falling to the lowest level since March 18 against the US dollar and to the weakest since February 5 versus the Japanese yen. Currently, the Aussie fights the pressure, managing to trim its losses.

Aussie Flat vs. Greenback, Retains Losses vs. Other Rivals

The Australian dollar dipped today against its major rivals. While the currency was staying close to the opening level against the US dollar, it retained losses versus other currencies, including the euro.

Australian Dollar Continues to Move Higher

The Australian dollar continued to move higher during the current trading session as the latest policy statement from the Federal Reserve hurt the US dollar, allowing other currencies to carve out gains.

Australian Dollar Hurt by Lackluster Motor Vehicle Sales

The Australian dollar was neutral-to-lower today as nation’s macroeconomic data was lackluster, making the currency unable to profit from the strong performance of the commodity market.

Plenty of Reasons for Canadian Dollar to Rally

The Canadian dollar gained against safe currencies, namely the US dollar and the Japanese yen, today. The currency also trimmed its losses versus the euro though remained below the opening level against the shared 19-nation currency.



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