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Australian Dollar Jumps, Supported by Economic Data

The Australian dollar jumped today as economic reports from Australia as well as from the United States were positive, improving the market sentiment and encouraging traders to take more risk.

Dollar Forecast: FOMC in Focus

The US dollar was demonstrating an incredible performance recently, rallying to multi-year highs against many of its most-traded peers. Yet the rally stalled as of now, making traders question what the future holds for the currency.

NZ Dollar Weakens for Second Day

The New Zealand dollar weakened today, falling for the second session against the US dollar and the Japanese yen. The kiwi was moving sideways against the greenback for the past three months. Against the yen the New Zealand currency was rising since the end of October but halted its rally at the end of November.

NZ Dollar Finds Strength in Spite of Economic Data

The New Zealand edged higher against its US peer and erased earlier losses versus the Japanese yen today even though economic data from New Zealand was not particularly good for the currency.

Euro Falls Back After Rally

Euro is falling back now, falling a rally that took place yesterday and in earlier trading. Euro surged higher, especially against the US dollar and the Japanese yen, earlier, but now things are changing. Concerns about risk are back on the table, and lower commodity prices are having their impact.

Lower Commodities Weigh on Loonie

Loonie continues to struggle against the US dollar, even as it makes gains against European currencies like the pound and the euro. Disappointing economic data and lower commodities aren’t helping the Canadian dollar.

Fears of China’s Slowdown Push Aussie Lower

The Australian dollar dipped today together with other growth-related currencies due to concerns about potential slowdown of economic expansion in China. Fears of slowing growth hurt the Aussie both directly and indirectly, pushing prices for commodities lower.

AUD Loses Gains as Domestic Economic Data Not Favorable

The Australian dollar slipped against its US counterpart as the majority of today’s reports from Australia was bad. The currency also pared gains against the Japanese yen but is currently attempting to rebound.

US Dollar Resumes Its Recent Rally

US dollar is heading higher again today, gaining against its major counterparts as European currencies struggle. Positive economic data in the United States is helping, as are concerns about what’s next for some of the European currencies.

Australian & Chinese Economic Data Negative for Aussie

The Australian dollar declined against the Japanese yen and erased the previous rally versus its US peer as economic data from Australia was not particularly good. The manufacturing report from China added to the bearish momentum.



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