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Japanese Yen Mostly Lower After Chinese Rate Cut Announcement

Japanese yen is mostly lower today, weakening as the Chinese rate cut announced recently causes Forex traders to consider what’s next.

Japanese Yen Gains After GDP Report

Even though the GDP report for Japan wasn’t as optimistic as hoped for, there is evidence of recovery, and that is helping the yen a little bit today in Forex trading. Yen is higher against its major counterparts.

Could China Devalue the Yuan?

Right now, there is speculation that China might end up with no choice but to devalue the yuan (also called the renminbi) if the economic situation doesn’t improve soon. Policymakers in Beijing have spoken out against the idea, but some analysts think that there might not be an option.

Aussie Extends Rally vs. Yen, Drops vs. Greenback

The Australian dollar continued to rally against the Japanese yen today following yesterday’s gains but fell against other major currencies including the US dollar. News from Australia itself was good but reports from China were disappointing.

Yuan Weakens After Chinese Trade Data

The Chinese yuan fell today even as data released over the weekend showed that the nation’s trade balance improved. The caveat is that the improvement was a result of the sharp drop of imports, not due to growth of exports (which actually also fell, just not as much as imports).

PBoC Stimulating Measures Help Yuan Ignore Falling Services PMI

The Chinese yuan gained today even though the index of the services sector dropped significantly last month. The most likely reason for the rally was stimulating measures from China’s central bank.

Aussie Tanks on RBA Cut

Australian dollar is heading much lower today, dropping across the board following a rate cut from the Reserve Bank of Australia. Concerns about economic growth are weighing on policymakers, and they feel that this is the best move they can make to help spur the economy forward.

Yuan Declines as China’s Manufacturing Contracts

The Chinese yuan ticked down today after the nation’s manufacturing sector contracted unexpectedly last month, leading to speculations about monetary easing from the China’s central bank.

Aussie Bounces with Help of Data from China

The Australian dollar fell against its US counterpart earlier today but bounced later with the help of positive economic data from China. The Aussie also rallied versus the Japanese yen.

Yuan Gains on Hopes for Economic Stimulus

The Chinese yuan gained today amid speculations that China’s government is going to bolster the nation’s economy. Economic data from the Asian country was also helpful to the currency.



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