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New Zealand Dollar Rises in Face of Adverse Fundamentals

The New Zealand dollar rallied today even though macroeconomic data released earlier this week was highly negative for the currency while the market sentiment was not supportive either.

Safe Haven Demand Sends Japanese Yen Higher

Japanese yen is heading higher against its major counterparts today as safe haven demand increases. A number of concerns are causing a bit of risk aversion and the yen is in demand as Forex traders look for a bit of safety.

Public Borrowing Weighs on the UK Pound

UK pound is struggling against the euro right now, heading lower following disappointing data about borrowing. However, the pound is higher against the US dollar.

US Dollar Heads Higher as Risk Aversion Take Hold

US dollar is heading higher as risk aversion appears in the market, and as commodities continue to struggle. There is a lot happening right now that points to a higher greenback, and it is little surprise that the US currency is once again moving higher against its major counterparts.

Pound Gains on Bank of England Rate Hike Talk

Pound is heading higher today, thanks in large part to the latest talk of a rate hike from the Bank of England. Even though the latest manufacturing data was a bit weak, expectations that the BOE will need to raise rates soon is helping sterling against its major counterparts.

Yen Maintains Decline amid Risk-Favorable Environment

The Japanese yen continued to fall today, extending yesterday’s drop. The market sentiment continues to favor risky traders, making safety of the yen unneeded for investors.

Aussie Rallies in Face of Negative Economic Data

The Australian dollar climbed more than 1 percent against the US dollar and the Japanese yen. The currency rallied even as macroeconomic data from China and Australia itself was rather negative.

Draghi Comments Send Euro Lower

Euro is heading lower today, thanks in large part to the latest comments from ECB President Mario Draghi. With the European Central Bank adopting a dovish stance and talking about more easing, it’s little surprise that the 19-nation currency is heading lower against the greenback today.

Dollar Regains Upper Hand on Expectations of Better News

It’s been a choppy few days for the world markets, but things seem to be smoothing out for now. The US dollar, after a few down days, is once again regaining the upper hand. Forex traders are focusing on expectations of better news out of the United States.

Lower Eurozone Unemployment Helps the Euro

Euro is getting some help today from the fact that the latest unemployment numbers are showing improvement. With lower unemployment levels and Forex traders still interested in the carry trade, euro is getting some help today.



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