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PBoC Stimulating Measures Help Yuan Ignore Falling Services PMI

The Chinese yuan gained today even though the index of the services sector dropped significantly last month. The most likely reason for the rally was stimulating measures from China’s central bank.

Aussie Tanks on RBA Cut

Australian dollar is heading much lower today, dropping across the board following a rate cut from the Reserve Bank of Australia. Concerns about economic growth are weighing on policymakers, and they feel that this is the best move they can make to help spur the economy forward.

Yuan Declines as China’s Manufacturing Contracts

The Chinese yuan ticked down today after the nation’s manufacturing sector contracted unexpectedly last month, leading to speculations about monetary easing from the China’s central bank.

Aussie Bounces with Help of Data from China

The Australian dollar fell against its US counterpart earlier today but bounced later with the help of positive economic data from China. The Aussie also rallied versus the Japanese yen.

Yuan Gains on Hopes for Economic Stimulus

The Chinese yuan gained today amid speculations that China’s government is going to bolster the nation’s economy. Economic data from the Asian country was also helpful to the currency.

Consumer Confidence Not Enough for the US Dollar

US dollar is losing ground today against its major counterparts, even though there is a degree of risk aversion in the markets, and consumer confidence is on the rise. The news that Russia and China continue to work to bypass the greenback is one item adding to dollar weakness.

Greenback Continues to Look for Direction

US dollar is trading mixed today, and the US dollar index is down, thanks to a lot of the upheaval in the world right now. Greenback is trying to push higher after losing ground recently, and the results depend largely on a number of global factors.

Yuan Gains Even as Inflation Slows

The Chinese yuan gained today even though macroeconomic indicators were negative for the currency. Consumer inflation slowed unexpectedly and producer prices continued to fall.

US Dollar Mostly Lower on Profit Taking and Consolidation

Greenback is losing ground today, thanks in large part to profit taking and consolidation going on right now. At the end of last week, good economic news sent the US dollar soaring, but now it seems as though Forex traders are ready to take a step back and consolidate their positions.

Aussie Bounces from Multi-Year Low

The Australian dollar managed to bounce after the initial drop today. The currency rose even though fundamentals were not particularly supportive. The Aussie dropped to the new multi-year low against the US dollar previously.



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