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US Dollar Falls Back After Chinese Data

US dollar is heading lower today, falling back after the latest Chinese data. Growth concerns in China are weighing on the markets, but that isn’t helping the greenback. Instead, the US dollar is lower almost across the board.

Yuan Drops, Intervention Suspected

The Chinese yuan slid today, heading to a weekly loss, on speculations that the central bank intervened to prevent appreciation of the currency as a measure to help local exporters.

NZ Dollar Rallies, Struggles to Keep Gains

The New Zealand dollar gained today but had hard time keeping gains as macroeconomic reports from China, the biggest trading partner of the South Pacific nation, were somewhat disappointing. Today’s data from New Zealand showed growth of food prices, while a bunch of important economic reports will be released at the start of tomorrow’s trading session.

Aussie Maintains Bullishness with Help from Employment Data

The Australian dollar maintained its bullishness, rallying today following yesterday small drop, as employment data was very good, supporting the view that the nation’s economy can keep expanding without additional measures from the central bank.

Rand Reaches This Year’s Record, Being Top Performer

The South African rand climbed today, rising to the highest level this year, on speculations that the current ruling political party will remain in power, while positive economic news from China increased attractiveness of riskier currencies in general. The rand is the best performer against currencies of emerging economies.

Yen Profits from Its Role as Safe Investment

The Japanese yen climbed today as poor macroeconomic data from China and escalating tensions in Ukraine put the Forex market in the risk-off mode, which supported the currency in its role of a safe haven.

Aussie Ends Amazing Week & Month

The Australian dollar demonstrated an amazing performance this week, rising against other most-traded currencies. The Aussie currency together with the New Zealand dollar were the best-performing currencies among majors this month.

Loonie Clings to Gains Along With Other Commodity Currencies

Commodity currencies are still clinging to gains, even after a bit of a pull back following yesterday’s commodity-fueled run. Canadian dollar is one of those that remains mostly higher against its major counterparts, logging gains against the US dollar.

Japanese Yen Lower as Risk Appetite Appears

There’s a bit of risk appetite in the markets, and the Japanese yen is lower as a result. even though some worries about China and Ukraine initially caused a bit of aversion, things have changed and the yen is moving lower — even against the euro.

PBoC Raises Reference Rate, Yuan Advances

The Chinese yuan rose today as the nation’s central bank boosted the reference rate for the currency. The yuan was previously falling after the central bank had widened the trading range for the currency.



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