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China Drives New Zealand Dollar Lower

Economic data from New Zealand was not particularly positive today, but it was likely not the reason for the drop of the New Zealand dollar. News from China, the biggest trading partner of the South Pacific nation, was the driving force behind the decline.

Yen Performs Better Thanks to Woes of Chinese Stock Market

The Japanese yen performed far better today than yesterday. The reason for this was another huge drop of Chinese stocks that drove investors to seek safe assets.

Higher Home Prices Help UK Pound Against Euro

Higher home prices are helping the UK pound against the euro today. Even though the pound is down against the dollar and the yen, it is finding success against the euro.

US Dollar Index Recovers After Recent Selloff

The recent news of yuan devaluation took its toll on the greenback, but now the US dollar is coming back, thanks in part to helpful economic data.

China Devalues Yuan Amidst Concerns About Economic Growth

Concerned about economic growth and in effort to bring the yuan more in line with market movements, the People’s Bank of China has devalued the yuan.

Yen Mixed During Monday’s Trading

The Japanese yen demonstrated mixed performance today. The currency gained on the US dollar, fell versus the euro and was flat against the Great Britain pound after rallying earlier.

Greenback Drops as Traders Position Themselves Ahead of FOMC

Later this week, the Fed will meet to talk about interest rate policy. Forex traders are positioning themselves ahead of the meeting, and the greenback is losing ground as a result. A stronger dollar might be in the offing, however, as expectations for a rate increase during September increase.

Chinese Yuan Resilient in Face of Stock Market Crash

The Chinese yuan was rather resilient today, surprisingly so considering that the news from China fueled concerns about slowdown of nation’s economic growth. Yet the currency did not move far from the opening level despite that.

Australian Dollar Weakest Since 2009 vs. US Counterpart

The Australian dollar dropped more than 1 percent today, reaching the lowest level in more than 6 years against its US counterpart. The reason for the slump was the depressing manufacturing data from China.

Aussie Regains Some Lost Ground After Earlier Plunge

Aussie is regaining some of the ground lost earlier after the announcement that the US Federal Reserve plans to raise rates before the end of the year. Commodity currencies were under pressure toward the end of the day yesterday, and the Australian dollar felt some of that.



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