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Canadian Dollar Follows Commodities in Rally

Trading environment was favorable to risky asses today, helping commodities to rally. This, in turn, led to gains for currencies linked to prices for raw materials. The Canadian dollar was among those currencies.

Canadian Dollar Extends Monday’s Losses

The Canadian dollar extended its drop today, touching the lowest level since March against the US dollar and falling 1 percent versus the Japanese yen. At the same time, the loonie gained on the euro, though it trimmed most of initial gains.

Canadian Dollar Sinks Together with Oil Prices

The Canadian dollar sank today against other major currencies, even the very soft euro, as crude oil prices demonstrated huge losses during Monday’s trading.

Canadian Dollar Follows Crude Oil in Slump

The Canadian dollar dropped against other major currencies during Friday’s trading. Unlike in the case of the Great Britain pound, the reason for the drop was rather obvious — the big slump of crude oil prices.

Canadian Dollar Sinks with Oil Prices

The Canadian dollar sank yesterday and retained its losses today due to the drop of crude oil prices. Crude declined as the complicated situation with Greece deterred traders from buying commodities.

Loonie Loses Ground After Ending Last Week Strong

Canadian dollar ended last week on a strong note, but the currency is mostly lower today as a new week gets under way. Forecasts expect to see the loonie weaken through the rest of 2015.

Canadian Dollar Leaps as Employment Data Supports

The Canadian dollar made a huge leap higher today after the release of amazingly good employment data from Canada. The currency was able to outperform the US dollar, which itself had been bolstered by employment data from the United States.

Loonie Drops Back After Yesterday’s Gains

Fueled by US dollar weakness and better oil prices, the loonie headed higher yesterday. Today, though, the Canadian dollar is down again, heading lower against the greenback and its other major counterparts.

Canadian Dollar Demonstrates Weakness During Trading Week

The Canadian dollar experienced weakness during the past week. While the currency managed to rally against the Japanese yen, the loonie demonstrated losses versus the US dollar and the euro.

Loonie Recovers After Hit from Canadian GDP

The Canadian dollar sank today after data that showed an unexpected decline of Canada’s economy. The currency recovered somewhat by the end of the trading session, erasing losses against the US dollar and the Japanese yen, also trimming the drop versus the euro.



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