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Loonie Gains Ahead of GDP Report as Current Account Deficit Narrows

The Canadian dollar rallied today ahead of tomorrow’s report about gross domestic product as the nation’s current account deficit shrank last quarter. The currency remains strong, though it was trading sideway’s lately.

Loonie Trades Flat Against the Greenback

The Canadian dollar is trading flat against the US dollar today, but it is gaining some ground against its counterparts in Europe. Many traders expect reasonably good news out of Canada later this week, and this is helping the loonie in Forex trading.

Loonie Gains Against Greenback on Slow Memorial Day

It’s a slow day for the markets, thanks to the Memorial Day holiday in the United States. However, the FX market is open, and the Canadian dollar is making some progress against its US counterpart as traders look ahead to economic data to be released later in the week.

Canadian Dollar Ignores Negative Domestic Data

Canadian retail sales demonstrated disappointing results, while the outlook for inflation data is rather poor. Is the Canadian dollar bothered by this? Not at all. On the contrary, the currency posted solid gains today.

Canadian Dollar Continues to Struggle in Forex Trading

The Canadian dollar continues to struggle in forex trading today, falling against its major counterparts as commodities struggle, and as traders consider recent disappointments in economic data.

Dollar Index Continues to Climb as Risk Aversion Rises

The dollar index continues to climb, remaining above the 80.0000 level, as risk aversion continues to be the story. In many cases, dollar strength is mostly due to the weakness of currencies like the euro and the Canadian dollar — even though the dollar is down against other individual currencies like the yen.

CAD Trades Sideways, Attempts Rally vs. JPY

The Canadian dollar was trading sideways at the beginning of this week after the Friday’s drop due to poor employment data. The currency was flat against the US dollar and the euro but was rising against the Japanese yen.

Macroeconomic Indicators Helpful for Loonie

The Canadian dollar climbed today as the positive housing data increased the appeal of the currency and the optimistic outlook for tomorrow’s employment report made the loonie even more attractive for Forex traders.

Loonie Mixed as Traders Look for Direction

Canadian dollar is mixed today, thanks in large part to questions about what’s next for the loonie, and for currencies in general. Right now, it doesn’t seem as though many currencies are moving according to market data, and there is a great deal of head scratching going on.

Loonie Rides Greenback’s Coattails Against European Currencies

Canadian dollar is higher against its European counterparts, riding the coattails of the greenback. Positive news out of the United States is helping the North American currencies, sending them higher against the euro and the pound.



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