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Yen Mixed After BoJ Minutes

The Japanese yen rallied against the euro but fell against some other majors, including the US dollar, today. The currency received some support from risk aversion caused by tensions between Turkey and Russia. Minutes of the Japan’s central bank released today left mixed feelings among analysts.

Yen Leaps as BoJ Remains Passive

The Japanese yen leaped against the US dollar and gained versus other most-traded currencies today (though it was unable to beat the euro) as the Bank of Japan refrained from expanding monetary stimulus. The central bank remained passive even after the nation’s economy has entered technical recession.

A Sluggish Economy Keeps the Yen Lower

Sluggish economic news is keeping the yen lower in Forex trading on the currency market. With economic news indicating a slow recovery, there is no reason to expect policymakers to quit easing anytime soon, and that could mean more weakness in the yen.

Yen Climbs as BoJ Refrains from Adding Stimulus

The Japanese yen climbed against its major rivals today as the Bank of Japan made no changes to monetary policy, refraining from expanding already extensive monetary stimulus.

Japanese Yen Mixed Ahead of BoJ Announcement

The Japanese yen was relatively firm against the US dollar today but fell versus the euro and the Great Britain pound ahead of the monetary policy announcement from the Bank of Japan.

UK Pound Mostly Higher Against Major Counterparts

Although the UK pound is struggling against some currencies, like the Aussie and the kiwi, it is seeing some success against the dollar and the euro. However, some Forex traders are starting shift into wait and see mode with economic data set for release later this week and with talk of a “brexit” from the European Union being entertained.

Yen Declines as Trade Data Disappoints

The Japanese yen dropped today, falling for the fifth straight session against the US dollar. The currency declined as Japan’s trade data disappointed investors.

Yen Gets Support from Upbeat Economic Report

Japanese yen is seeing some strength today, thanks in large part to an upbeat economic report. Also helping the yen is a bit of a departure from the earlier risk-on sentiment of the market.

Yen Pulls Back After Yesterday’s Gains

Yen is pulling back a little bit today following yesterday’s gains. While the yen is still higher against an ailing greenback, it is lower against its European counterparts again.

Japanese Yen Lower as Traders Wait for Next Week’s Data

Japanese yen is lower today, dropping after yesterday’s Eco watchers survey offered mixed results. Yen moved briefly higher against the dollar, but the currency is down again, and losing ground to all its major counterparts. Traders are looking forward to next week’s data.



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