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CAD Rallies as Poloz Reiterates Interest Rate Hike Probable

The Canadian dollar rallied versus its US counterpart today as the new chief of the central bank said that an interest rate hike is probable sometime in the future. The currency retreated against some other majors, including the euro.

Positive Fundamentals Did Not Help CAD This Week

The Canadian dollar fell against major currencies this week despite domestic fundamentals that were supportive for the currency.

Canadian Dollar Advances as Current-Account Deficit Narrows

The Canadian dollar advanced today against its US peer as the nation’s current-account deficit shrank last quarter, adding to speculations that the central bank may raise interest rate in the future. The currency declined versus the euro.

Canadian Dollar Stronger After Carney’s Last BoC Meeting

The Canadian dollar jumped today against its US counterpart and trimmed losses versus the euro after the policy meeting of the Canadian central bank. At the same time, the currency declined against the Japanese yen.

Canadian Dollar Mixed Ahead of BoC Meeting

The Canadian dollar fell against its US peer today as traders were speculating about an end to Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing. At the same time, the currency was little changed versus the euro and rose against the Japanese yen.

Loonie Falls as Oil Drops and Fed Considers Reduced Easing

Canadian dollar is losing ground today, dropping as the the US Federal Reserve considers reducing its economic stimulus efforts. It’s also not helping the loonie that oil prices are dropping again.

Canadian Dollar Slumps as Inflation Decelerates

The Canadian dollar slumped today, touching the lowest level since March against its US peer, as inflation slowed last month, decreasing probability of an interest rate hike from the Bank of Canada.

Canadian Dollar Weakens with Other Commodity Currencies

Canadian dollar is heading lower today, dropping along with other commodity currencies. With commodities plunging, it is little surprise that currencies like the loonie are losing ground today.

CAD Climbs as Traders Search Higher Yield After RBA Decision

The Canadian dollar advanced today amid increasing demand for the currency from traders interested in high yield as continuous currency wars make it difficult to find.

CAD Loses to USD, Gains on EUR & JPY

The Canadian dollar fell today after a successor to the position of the Bank of Canada head was announced. The currency managed to gain against the euro and the Japanese yen.



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