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Australian Dollar Sinks with Prices for Iron Ore

The Australian dollar sank today, reaching the lowest level since May 2009 against its US counterpart. Australia’s economy relies strongly on export of raw materials, linking the performance of the Aussie to movement of commodity prices.

Australian Dollar Under Pressure, Attempts to Fight

The Australian dollar remained under downside pressure today, falling to the lowest level since March 18 against the US dollar and to the weakest since February 5 versus the Japanese yen. Currently, the Aussie fights the pressure, managing to trim its losses.

Australian Dollar Gets Beaten by US Currency

Commodity currencies were on the back foot today as the US dollar continued to fight for dominance on the Forex market. The Australian currency was among losers falling for the fourth straight trading session against its US peer and the Japanese yen.

Aussie Flat vs. Greenback, Retains Losses vs. Other Rivals

The Australian dollar dipped today against its major rivals. While the currency was staying close to the opening level against the US dollar, it retained losses versus other currencies, including the euro.

Australian Dollar Jumps After Trading Flat amid Mixed Fundamentals

The Australian dollar was under pressure during the current trading session after a private report showed that China’s manufacturing was deteriorating this month. Yet the currency did not move far initially as other data from China was not bad and the domestic indicators were supportive as well. The Aussie made a sharp jump just recently.

Australian Dollar Continues to Move Higher

The Australian dollar continued to move higher during the current trading session as the latest policy statement from the Federal Reserve hurt the US dollar, allowing other currencies to carve out gains.

Aussie Falls Back After Earlier Leap

The Australian dollar leaped higher earlier on the news that the Federal Reserve was revising its economic forecast. Now, after a jump, the Aussie is down against the dollar and the pound, although it is still higher against the euro.

Aussie Falls as RBA Minutes Mention Probability of Interest Rate Cut

The Australian dollar weakened today, though the losses were limited. The Aussie was soft following the release of monetary policy minutes that mentioned probability of an interest rate cut in the future.

Positive Employment Data Leads to Massive Gains for AUD

The Australian dollar climbed today, rising 1 percent against its US peer, after a report showed robust growth of Australia’s employment and an unexpected drop of the unemployment rate.

Australian Dollar Fails to Bounce, Plenty of Reasons to Extend Decline

The Australian dollar bounced after reaching the lowest level since May 2009 against its US counterpart earlier today. Still, analysts think that there are plenty of reasons for the Aussie to resume its decline, and the currency indeed is dropping right now.



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