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Westpac’s Report Doesn’t Support Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar was rather soft during the Wednesday’s trading session despite positive news from Australia. The currency attempted to rally against the euro but pared most of its gains as of now.

RBA Minutes Have Limited Impact on Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar fell against its US counterpart today after the Reserve Bank of Australia released minutes of its May policy meeting, during witch the central bank has cut interest rates. Yet the drop was not big, and the Aussie actually managed to gain on the euro.

Aussie Pulls Back After Earlier Gains

Australian dollar is paring some of its earlier gains right now, which should be a relief to the Reserve Bank of Australia, which has been trying to encourage a weaker Aussie for the sake of economic stimulus.

Aussie Gains Ground After US Data Release

Aussie is gaining ground today, but it’s not as much about strength Down Under as it is about weakness in the United States.

Aussie Pares Losses vs. Greenback & Yen, Remains Soft vs. Euro

The Australian dollar fell during the Thursday’s trading session as economic data from both Australia and its biggest trading partner, China, pushed the currency lower. The Aussie managed to erase losses versus the US dollar and the Japanese yen but retained soft performance against the euro.

Australian Dollar Falls After RBA Minutes, Drop Limited

The Australian dollar dropped today after the release of minutes from the Reserve Bank of Australia, though the decline was rather limited. The Aussie even managed to gain on the Japanese yen.

Chinese Stimulus Helps Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar is getting some help today, thanks to stimulus out of China. With China as a major trading partner to Australia, it’s no wonder that the Aussie gets a boost when economic stimulus is on the table.

Australian Dollar Drops, Attempts to Pare Losses

The Australian dollar fell today after economic data from Australia and China disappointed market participants. As of now, the currency almost erased its drop against the US dollar and trimmed losses versus the Japanese yen.

Aussie Pulls Back After Chinese Data

Australian dollar is heading lower today, thanks mainly to disappointing Chinese data. With Chinese data down, and concerns about the Australian economy, there is speculation that the RBA will have to consider cutting rates again.

Data from Australia & China Unfavorable to Aussie

The Australian dollar went down today as economic data from both Australia and its biggest trading partner, China, was unfavorable to the currency. While the Aussie managed to gain on the euro, it declined versus the US dollar and the Japanese yen.



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