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Australian Dollar Weakest Since 2009 vs. US Counterpart

The Australian dollar dropped more than 1 percent today, reaching the lowest level in more than 6 years against its US counterpart. The reason for the slump was the depressing manufacturing data from China.

Australian Dollar Little Changed After CPI Meets Expectations

The Australian was little changed today, trading slightly below the opening level but far above the session lows. In fact, the currency barely moved during the past couple of weeks.

Positive Market Sentiment Allows Aussie to Ignore RBA Minutes

The Australian dollar rallied today, ignoring the negative impact of the monetary policy meeting minutes released by the Reserve Bank of Australia. The positive market sentiment supported the currency.

Aussie Regains Some Lost Ground After Earlier Plunge

Aussie is regaining some of the ground lost earlier after the announcement that the US Federal Reserve plans to raise rates before the end of the year. Commodity currencies were under pressure toward the end of the day yesterday, and the Australian dollar felt some of that.

Australian Dollar Attempts to Gain, Rally Fades

The Australian dollar attempted to rally today after the release of a set of positive macroeconomic reports from China. The rally was not big and currently is fading away.

Australian Dollar Driven by News from China & Europe

The Australian dollar ticked down against its US peer but gained on the euro and the Japanese yen during Monday’s trading. The currency was mostly driven by the news from Europe and China.

Aussie Ends Week Soft, Losses Limited

The Australian dollar was relatively soft during the past trading week but fared somewhat better than it had been anticipated. The currency’s losses against the US dollar were limited, and the Aussie even managed to rise a little versus the Japanese yen.

Australian Dollar Continues to Rally, Ignoring Negative Domestic Data

The Australian dollar continued to rally today even though domestic macroeconomic data was rather detrimental to the currency. It looks like the trading environment continues to favor risky growth-related currencies.

Australian Dollar Rebounds from Multi-Year Lows

The Australian dollar advanced today as domestic employment data was surprisingly positive, especially compared to rather pessimistic forecasts. This allowed the currency to bounce from multi-year lows it had touched against the US dollar and the Japanese yen previously.

Aussie Dips After RBA Holds

The Australian dollar sank today, reaching a new multi-year low against its US peer, after the Reserve Bank of Australia held its monetary policy meeting. The central bank made no surprises to the market, keeping its policy steady.



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