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Australian Dollar Behaves Erratically After Employment Report

Australian employment demonstrated better-than-expected growth last month, and it bolstered the Australian dollar at first. Yet not everything in the report was good, and Forex market participants turned their attention to the bad parts of the data subsequently, making the currency sink afterwards.

Mixed Fundamentals Subdue Movement of Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar ticked up versus the Japanese yen today, trading sideways against its US counterpart at the same time. Signs of improving consumer confidence helped the Aussie, yet the currency was subdued by the news from China.

Aussie Gains with Business Sentiment

The Australian dollar gained today as the Australian business confidence improved last month, albeit not much. The currency was also supported by hopes for strong employment growth.

Australian Dollar Halts Drop, Struggles to Rally

The Australian dollar halted its two-day drop today but has hard time carving out gains as domestic fundamentals are still dragging the currency down. The Aussie was heading to a weekly loss versus its US counterpart.

Aussie Extends Losses on Retail Sales & Stevens’ Comments

The Australian dollar dropped today, extending its decline for the second session, as economic data and comments of central bank’s chief made Forex traders concerned about the currency’s ability to sustain its recent gains.

Australian Dollar Slips as Trade Deficit Widens Unexpectedly

The Australian dollar weakened today as the nation’s trade balance deficit widened unexpectedly in May, damping optimism for the currency but not erasing it completely.

Aussie Rises After RBA, China Adds to Bullishness

The Australian dollar advanced today, rising for the fifth straight trading session versus its US counterpart, as the nation’s central bank maintained status-quo, changing neither the current monetary policy nor the outlook for interest rates. Manufacturing data from China added to positive factors for the Aussie.

Australian Dollar Weakens as RBA Promises to Keep Interest Rates Low

The Australian dollar dipped today as the Reserve Bank of Australia confirmed in its policy meeting minutes that it is going to keep interest rates at the current record low level for a prolonged time.

Drop of Employment Doesn’t Prevent Aussie’s Rally

The Australian dollar dipped after data showed a drop of employment, but the currency bounced later and trades now above the opening level as the report turned out to be not as bad as it looked at the first glance.

Aussie Moves Higher with Help from Domestic & China’s Data

The Australian dollar rallied against its US peer and erased losses versus the Japanese yen today with help of rather positive domestic business confidence and good economic data from China.



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