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Aussie Holds Ground Even as Trade Surplus Turns into Deficit

The Australian dollar rose against its US peer today even though the trade balance surplus unexpectedly turned into deficit in April. The currency sank against the Japanese yen earlier but bounced later and trades near the opening level currently.

Aussie Struggles to Keep Gains Fueled by GDP Report

The Australian dollar rallied today with help of favorable economic reports, including the GDP report that showed accelerating economic growth in Australia. The Aussie has trouble keeping gains, retreating close to the opening level versus its US peer and halting the rally against other currencies.

Australian Dollar Firmer as RBA Does Not Act

The Australian dollar advanced today after the Reserve Bank of Australia refrained from action and reiterated that monetary policy will likely remain the same for a prolonged period of time.

Aussie Drops as Domestic Data Outweighs China’s Report

The Australian dollar fell yesterday and remained soft today, even though the Aussie trimmed its losses against some currencies. The good manufacturing report from China was not able to help the Australian currency as domestic data was not particularly supportive.

Australian Dollar Moves Inversely to Fundamental Data

The Australian dollar fell today versus the euro and the Japanese yen, staying flat against its US counterpart at the same time. It is a puzzling behavior as today’s economic report was good, while yesterday’s data was bad but did not prevent the Aussie’s rally.

Aussie Gains Ground on Business Investment Data

The Australian dollar is moving higher today, gaining almost across the board on the latest business investment data. The idea that, perhaps, the Australian economy doesn’t need to rely so heavily on China is helping boost sentiment toward the Aussie right now.

Aussie’s Rally Fails as Australia’s Leading Index Drops

The Australian dollar dropped today, paring its short-lived rally, as the nation’s leading indicators fell, suggesting that Australia’s economic recovery has not yet gained firm footing. Not all today’s economic data was bad though.

Aussie Underperforms Despite Supportive Fundamentals

The Australian dollar dipped against its US counterpart today even as fundamental reports from China and Australia itself were good and should have been supportive for the currency. At the same time, the Aussie was attempting to rally versus the Japanese yen but lost almost all of its gains by now.

Aussie Drops with Consumer Sentiment

The Australian dollar dropped today as Australian’s consumer sentiment sank this month, hurt by the announcement of the Federal Budget that showed spending cuts and a new tax.

Aussie Experiences Weakness After RBA Minutes

The Australian dollar dropped today, touching the lowest level since March against the Japanese yen, after the Reserve Bank of Australian released minutes of its latest policy meeting. While the minutes mentioned some positive developments, there were enough dovish comments to drive traders away from the Australian currency.



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