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Aussie Falls on RBA, China Concerns

Australian dollar is struggling today, falling after the Reserve Bank of Australia voted to remain in a holding pattern on interest rates. Additionally, Aussie is finding it difficult to overcome the issues related to slowing Chinese growth.

Gains of Australian Dollar Limited

The Australian dollar rose today but gains were rather limited. The currency traded not far from the multi-year low it has touched earlier this week.

Australian Dollar Recovers After Huge Slump

The Australian dollar rose today even though neither domestic macroeconomic data nor the general market sentiment was supportive for the currency. It looks like traders thought yesterday’s mind-boggling losses were a bit excessive.

Risk Aversion Weighs on Australian Dollar

Aussie is heading lower right now, thanks in large part to uncertainty and risk aversion. Lower stocks and commodity losses earlier are contributing to a lower Australian dollar right now.

Australian Dollar Continues Attempts to Rise

The Australian dollar was attempting to rise yesterday and ticked up a little today. The currency got support from the minutes of the latest monetary policy meeting released by the Reserve Bank of Australia today.

Australian Dollar Declines

The Australian dollar declined today even though domestic fundamentals were not particularly bad. The most likely reason for the currency’s poor performance is the outlook for monetary tightening from the Federal Reserve that drives most currencies down.

Australian Dollar Attempts to Defy Adverse Fundamentals

The Australian dollar attempted to rally today, defying adverse fundamentals, but the rally has been limited so far. In fact, the currency retreated to the opening level against its US peer, though managed to keep gains versus the Japanese yen.

Australian Dollar Under Pressure as Traders Wait for Fed

The Australian dollar was lower today, though the losses were limited. The Aussie, as well as most other currencies, was under pressure as traders wait for conclusion of the US Federal Reserve policy meeting.

Australian Dollar Weakest Since 2009 vs. US Counterpart

The Australian dollar dropped more than 1 percent today, reaching the lowest level in more than 6 years against its US counterpart. The reason for the slump was the depressing manufacturing data from China.

Australian Dollar Little Changed After CPI Meets Expectations

The Australian was little changed today, trading slightly below the opening level but far above the session lows. In fact, the currency barely moved during the past couple of weeks.



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