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Australian Dollar Attempts to Rally on Steven’s Comments & China

The Australian dollar attempted to rally today on the relatively hawkish remarks from the central bank’s chief and on the news from China. The Aussie pared its initial gains versus the greenback but managed to hold ground against some other majors, including the euro.

Australian Dollar Gains as Risk Aversion Subsides

The Australian dollar rose today, erasing yesterday’s losses against the US dollar and gaining for the fifth straight session versus the Japanese yen. It looks like risk aversion caused by the events in France has subsided, making high-beta currencies attractive yet again.

Turning Point for Aussie, RBA?

Before the terror attacks in Paris, the Aussie was turning in a strong performance following better than expected economic data. As a result, some feel that the Reserve Bank of Australia will soon reduce its dovishness.

Australian Dollar Gains for Third Session

The Australian dollar continued to rise today for the third consecutive trading session. Yesterday, the currency demonstrated substantial gains due to an amazing jobs report from Australia.

Australian Dollar Ignores Negative Chinese Data Again

The Australian dollar gained today, ignoring yet again disappointing economic data from China. Supporting the currency was news from Australia itself, being quite positive.

Australian Dollar Withstands Negative Fundamentals

The Australian dollar has been able to withstand negative impact from negative economic reports released over Tuesday both from Australia and from abroad. The currency was flat versus the US dollar and gained on the euro.

Australian Dollar Opens Sharply Lower, Moves Higher Afterwards

The Australian dollar opened sharply lower today following the release of poor trade data from China over the weekend. The Aussie moved higher after the start of trading as economic data from Australia itself was rather positive.

Aussie Rallies, Struggles to Keep Gains

The Australian dollar rallied today as economic data from both Australia and overseas was supportive for the currency. Nevertheless, the Aussie is struggling to keep gains right now.

Australian Dollar Higher After Australian & Chinese Data

The Australian dollar gained today after the release of mixed economic data from China and the positive report from Australia itself.

Australian Dollar Falls as Consumer Inflation Misses Expectations

The Australian dollar dipped 1.2 percent against the US dollar and the Japanese yen during the Wednesday’s trading session as Australia’s consumer inflation trailed economists’ forecasts.



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