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Aussie Mostly Lower as Gold Prices Drop

Australian dollar is mostly lower today, falling against its major counterparts, as risk appetite flees and gold prices drop. Aussie isn’t expected to improve much in the coming weeks, either. There is a lot weighing on the Aussie right now.

Aussie Falls Back After Earlier Leap

The Australian dollar leaped higher earlier on the news that the Federal Reserve was revising its economic forecast. Now, after a jump, the Aussie is down against the dollar and the pound, although it is still higher against the euro.

Aussie Tanks on RBA Cut

Australian dollar is heading much lower today, dropping across the board following a rate cut from the Reserve Bank of Australia. Concerns about economic growth are weighing on policymakers, and they feel that this is the best move they can make to help spur the economy forward.

Aussie Swings, Then Moves Lower

It’s been a choppy morning of trading so far, thanks in large part to the surprise data that shows Japan is in recession. The move has certainly impacted the Australian dollar, leading to wild swings in earlier trading. Now, though, the Aussie has settled down a little bit and is moving lower against most of its major counterparts.

Aussie Gains Ground on Business Investment Data

The Australian dollar is moving higher today, gaining almost across the board on the latest business investment data. The idea that, perhaps, the Australian economy doesn’t need to rely so heavily on China is helping boost sentiment toward the Aussie right now.

Aussie Falls on Concerns About China

Australian dollar is vulnerable right now, and heading lower against its major counterparts. Worries about the economic situation in China, as well as concerns about commodities, are weighing on the Aussie today.

Aussie Pulls Back After Earlier Gains

Aussie jumped higher after the announcement that the Federal Reserve would not start tapering its asset purchases this month. However, after its earlier performance, the Australian dollar has eased back, and is now heading lower against its major counterparts.

Aussie Drops on Possibility of a Rate Cut

Easing is an official part of Australian monetary policy right now, and that is causing a drop for the Aussie. The Australian dollar is losing ground against its major counterparts as RBA officials reiterate a position friendly to further easing.

Aussie Gets Boost from Consumer Sentiment

Aussie is getting a bit of a boost today, thanks to improvement in consumer sentiment. Australian dollar is gaining against the US dollar as questions about what’s next for the US dollar continue, and as the situation shows improvement Down Under.

Aussie Struggles Following Chinese Data

Aussie is struggling a little bit right now, thanks in large part to the latest Chinese data. With one of Australia’s major trading partners struggling, the Down Under currency is finding it difficult to gain the upper hand against some of its counterparts.




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