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Chinese Stimulus Helps Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar is getting some help today, thanks to stimulus out of China. With China as a major trading partner to Australia, it’s no wonder that the Aussie gets a boost when economic stimulus is on the table.

Australian Dollar Drops, Attempts to Pare Losses

The Australian dollar fell today after economic data from Australia and China disappointed market participants. As of now, the currency almost erased its drop against the US dollar and trimmed losses versus the Japanese yen.

Aussie Pulls Back After Chinese Data

Australian dollar is heading lower today, thanks mainly to disappointing Chinese data. With Chinese data down, and concerns about the Australian economy, there is speculation that the RBA will have to consider cutting rates again.

Dollar Regains Strength During Trading Week

Lately, the US was experiencing problems with keeping its upward momentum, but the greenback regained its strength during this week during which it was one of strongest currencies on the Forex market. The major reason for the strength was the minutes of the latest Federal Reserve’s policy minutes.

Data from Australia & China Unfavorable to Aussie

The Australian dollar went down today as economic data from both Australia and its biggest trading partner, China, was unfavorable to the currency. While the Aussie managed to gain on the euro, it declined versus the US dollar and the Japanese yen.

Australian Dollar Gets Boost from Fundamentals

The Australian dollar rallied today, getting a boost from favorable domestic macroeconomic data as well as from speculations that the Federal Reserve will postpone monetary tightening.

Australian Dollar Surges After RBA Refrains from Action

The Australian dollar surged today after the Reserve Bank of Australia decided to leave its cash rate without a change. Better-than-expected retail sales added to the strength of the rally.

Australian Dollar Sinks with Prices for Iron Ore

The Australian dollar sank today, reaching the lowest level since May 2009 against its US counterpart. Australia’s economy relies strongly on export of raw materials, linking the performance of the Aussie to movement of commodity prices.

Australian Dollar Under Pressure, Attempts to Fight

The Australian dollar remained under downside pressure today, falling to the lowest level since March 18 against the US dollar and to the weakest since February 5 versus the Japanese yen. Currently, the Aussie fights the pressure, managing to trim its losses.

Australian Dollar Gets Beaten by US Currency

Commodity currencies were on the back foot today as the US dollar continued to fight for dominance on the Forex market. The Australian currency was among losers falling for the fourth straight trading session against its US peer and the Japanese yen.



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