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Helpful Economic Data Leads to Gains of Aussie

The Australian dollar gained today with the help of upbeat economic data from Australia, though the currency is slowly losing its gains as of now. Still, currently the Aussie trades above the opening level.

Aussie Attempts to Overcome Bearish Bias

The Australian dollar gained today, joining other currencies that reversed their previous losses and rallied. Domestic fundamental data also helped Australia’s currency to overcome its bearish momentum, at least for now.

China’s Data Pleasantly Surprises, Aussie Edges Higher

The Australian dollar ticked up, rising against all its most-traded peers, as economic data released today from China was better than traders have anticipated, improving prospects for Australia’s exports.

Fears of China’s Slowdown Push Aussie Lower

The Australian dollar dipped today together with other growth-related currencies due to concerns about potential slowdown of economic expansion in China. Fears of slowing growth hurt the Aussie both directly and indirectly, pushing prices for commodities lower.

Aussie Unable to Profit from China’s Stimulus

The Australian dollar fell today with despite news from China that was supportive for the currency. Domestic fundamentals were not in favor of the Aussie and it is likely that poor economic data played a part in the currency’s decline.

Aussie Extends Rally After RBA Minutes

The Australian dollar advanced today, rising for the second trading session, after the release of central bank’s policy minutes. The currency managed to bounce to Friday’s closing level against the US dollar and the euro after opening sharply lower on Monday but struggled to rise against the Japanese yen.

Aussie Opens Sharply Lower After China’s Data

The Australian dollar opened sharply lower today due to worse-than-expected economic data from China released over the weekend. While the currency bounced from daily lows, it is still far below the Friday’s closing rate.

Aussie Experiences Terrible Week

The Australian dollar experienced a terrible week, falling for four days in a row against the Japanese yen and for every single day of the week against its US and New Zealand counterparts as well as the euro. Even Thursday’s positive employment data was not able to provide support for the currency.

Australian Dollar Makes Way Lower with Consumer Sentiment

The Australian dollar declined today, falling for a third consecutive session versus its US peer, after the release of the Westpac — Melbourne Institute Survey of Consumer Sentiment that demonstrated decline of consumer confidence in Australia.

Aussie Retains Downward Bias

The Australian dollar maintained its downward bias at the Asian session today after economic data showed that the business confidence fell a bit and the number of home loans grew less than was expected by economists.



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