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Aussie Gains on Greenback, Fails vs. Yen

The Australian dollar gained against its US peer today, but it was a result of the greenback’s weakness not the strength of the Aussie. As an evidence of this, the Australian currency dropped versus the Japanese yen.

Aussie Extends Rally vs. Yen, Drops vs. Greenback

The Australian dollar continued to rally against the Japanese yen today following yesterday’s gains but fell against other major currencies including the US dollar. News from Australia itself was good but reports from China were disappointing.

Australian Dollar Rises on Jobs Data

The Australian dollar rose today due to signs of continuous improvement of Australia’ labor market. The number of jobs advertisements grew for the eighth consecutive month in January, suggesting that the Australian economy performs relatively well.

Australian Dollar Resilient in Face of Negative Fundamentals

The Australian dollar edged higher today even though fundamentals, both domestic and overseas, were not particularly supportive for the currency. The currency has been surprisingly resilient after the unexpected interest rate cut from the Australian central bank.

Aussie Tanks on RBA Cut

Australian dollar is heading much lower today, dropping across the board following a rate cut from the Reserve Bank of Australia. Concerns about economic growth are weighing on policymakers, and they feel that this is the best move they can make to help spur the economy forward.

Aussie Mixed as Data Matches Expectations

The Australian dollar demonstrated mixed performance today as economic data from Australia matched analysts’ predictions. The Aussie was flat against the US dollar, rose versus the euro and fell against the Japanese yen.

Aussie Falls to Lowest since 2009 vs. US Dollar

The Australian dollar fell today, sinking to the lowest level since July 2009 against its US counterpart and reaching the lowest since March 17, 2014, versus the Japanese yen. The currency declined due to Australia’s economic data that was not particularly good.

Aussie Bounces with Help of Data from China

The Australian dollar fell against its US counterpart earlier today but bounced later with the help of positive economic data from China. The Aussie also rallied versus the Japanese yen.

Forecast: US Dollar in 2015

The US dollar demonstrated exceptional performance in 2014. Can the greenback maintain its amazing rally in 2015 or correction is in order?

Dollar Ends First Full Trading Week of 2015 Mixed

It looked like the first full trading week of 2015 would be another positive one for the US dollar, yet the greenback stumbled by the weekend, finishing trading mixed.



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