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Forecast: US Dollar in 2015

The US dollar demonstrated exceptional performance in 2014. Can the greenback maintain its amazing rally in 2015 or correction is in order?

Dollar Ends First Full Trading Week of 2015 Mixed

It looked like the first full trading week of 2015 would be another positive one for the US dollar, yet the greenback stumbled by the weekend, finishing trading mixed.

Australian Dollar Jumps, Supported by Economic Data

The Australian dollar jumped today as economic reports from Australia as well as from the United States were positive, improving the market sentiment and encouraging traders to take more risk.

Australian Dollar Mixed During Asian Trading

The Australian dollar was mixed during the Wednesday’s Asian trading session. The currency fell a little versus its US counterpart, was flat against the euro and jumped versus the Japanese yen.

Australian Dollar Gains on Trade Balance & China’s Data

The Australian dollar gained today as the nation’s trade balance came out better than analysts have predicted. Macroeconomic data from China was helpful too.

Australian Dollar Retreats After Rally

The Australian dollar went down after the initial spike today. The currency rallied after the surprisingly good employment report but was unable to sustain gains. The Aussie traded below the opening level against the US dollar and the euro but hangs above the opening versus the Japanese yen.

Australian Dollar Bounces Resisting Pressure from Fundamentals

The Australian dollar bounced today after initial drop even though not all economic reports from Australia were helpful for the currency. The bounce does not look impressive, though, compared to the recent streak of losses.

Australian Dollar Drops Sharply with Business Confidence

The Australian dollar fell sharply today after the business confidence indicator of National Australia Bank dropped last month. It added to talks about a potential interest rate cut from Australia’s central bank.

Aussie Selloff Eases Even After Disappointing Forecasts

The Australian dollar was involved in a selloff last week, and it doesn’t appear that things are improving all that much as a new week begins. The Aussie is still just holding its own against major currencies, and the forecast doesn’t offer a whole lot in terms of encouragement for the Down Under currency.

Aussie Dips vs. Greenback Ahead of Employment Data

The Australian dollar ticked down against the US dollar today as traders waited for US non-farm payrolls. The losses were limited, and the currency gained against the Japanese yen at the same time.



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