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Australian Dollar Goes Higher on Monday

The Australian dollar was higher on Monday following the mixed China’s data released over the weekend and ahead of tomorrow’s minutes of Australia’s central bank minutes.

Employment Data Rescues Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar rallied today on the back of Australia’s positive employment data, reversing the earlier decline that was threatening to bring the currency back to its multi-year lows.

Aussie Rallies in Face of Negative Economic Data

The Australian dollar climbed more than 1 percent against the US dollar and the Japanese yen. The currency rallied even as macroeconomic data from China and Australia itself was rather negative.

Australian Dollar Continues to Struggle

The Australian dollar continued to struggle today, potentially extending the long-term downtrend. Mixed domestic data did little to help the Aussie.

Aussie Tries to Hold Ground After Touching Multi-Year Low

The Australian dollar was attempting to rally at the start of the Wednesday’s trading session but failed, dragged down by slower-than-expected growth of Australia’s economy. The currency is trying to hold ground as of now after dipping to a new multi-year low against the US dollar earlier.

Aussie Falls on RBA, China Concerns

Australian dollar is struggling today, falling after the Reserve Bank of Australia voted to remain in a holding pattern on interest rates. Additionally, Aussie is finding it difficult to overcome the issues related to slowing Chinese growth.

Gains of Australian Dollar Limited

The Australian dollar rose today but gains were rather limited. The currency traded not far from the multi-year low it has touched earlier this week.

Australian Dollar Recovers After Huge Slump

The Australian dollar rose today even though neither domestic macroeconomic data nor the general market sentiment was supportive for the currency. It looks like traders thought yesterday’s mind-boggling losses were a bit excessive.

Risk Aversion Weighs on Australian Dollar

Aussie is heading lower right now, thanks in large part to uncertainty and risk aversion. Lower stocks and commodity losses earlier are contributing to a lower Australian dollar right now.

Australian Dollar Continues Attempts to Rise

The Australian dollar was attempting to rise yesterday and ticked up a little today. The currency got support from the minutes of the latest monetary policy meeting released by the Reserve Bank of Australia today.



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