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Australian Dollar Fails to Rally

The Australian dollar was trying to rally earlier during the current trading session but failed and retreated to trade below the opening level as of now. Economic data and comments from central bank’s officials were playing against the currency and contributed to the decline.

Australian Dollar Rises on China’s Trade Data

The Australian dollar rose as today’s trade data from China was generally well-received by Forex market participants, leading to fairly positive outlook for Australia’s economy that depends on trading with its Asian partner strongly.

Second Session of Losses for Aussie due to Economic Data

Poor economic data from Australia led to the second session of losses for the Australian dollar today. The currency attempted to gain ground but was unsuccessful so far, though it trimmed its losses.

Aussie Rallies After RBA, Gains Limited

The Australian dollar rallied after the Reserve Bank of Australia refrained from changing its monetary policy during today’s meeting. The gains were not big as the central bank continued to complain about the strength of the currency.

Aussie Joins Rally Against Greenback

The Australian dollar joined other most traded currencies in a rally against the US dollar today, while positive economic data from Australia allowed the Aussie to rise against its other major counterparts as well.

Australian Dollar Unable to Maintain Rally

The Australian dollar fell against its US counterpart after the gauge of the nation’s service’s sector demonstrated yet another month of decline. The currency also erased its gains versus the Japanese yen that it had made previously.

Aussie Attempts to Overcome Bearish Bias

The Australian dollar gained today, joining other currencies that reversed their previous losses and rallied. Domestic fundamental data also helped Australia’s currency to overcome its bearish momentum, at least for now.

China’s Data Pleasantly Surprises, Aussie Edges Higher

The Australian dollar ticked up, rising against all its most-traded peers, as economic data released today from China was better than traders have anticipated, improving prospects for Australia’s exports.

Fears of China’s Slowdown Push Aussie Lower

The Australian dollar dipped today together with other growth-related currencies due to concerns about potential slowdown of economic expansion in China. Fears of slowing growth hurt the Aussie both directly and indirectly, pushing prices for commodities lower.

Aussie Unable to Profit from China’s Stimulus

The Australian dollar fell today with despite news from China that was supportive for the currency. Domestic fundamentals were not in favor of the Aussie and it is likely that poor economic data played a part in the currency’s decline.



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