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Australian Dollar Attempts to Bounce

The Australian dollar dropped a little after the nation’s central bank released the minutes of its latest policy meeting. The fall was small and the currency is attempting to bounce right now.

Aussie Falls After Thursday’s Gains

The Australian dollar ended Friday lower, though the currency trimmed its losses by the end of trading. The currency rallied a day before due to the very positive domestic data.

Aussies Ignores Negative Domestic Fundamentals, Still Falls vs. Yen

The Australian dollar gained against its US counterpart today even though news from Australia was not supportive for the currency at all. The Aussie, as well as its other major peers, fell against the Japanese yen.

Australian Dollar Falls as China’s Data Disappoints

The Australian dollar fell today due to the negative macroeconomic data from China. Economic indicators from Australia itself were moderately positive but did not support the nation’s currency.

Australia Bounces After Poor Start of Trading

The Australian dollar has started the Monday’s session poorly due to the news from China released during Asian trading hours. Yet as of now, the currency managed to bounce against the US dollar and the Japanese yen, though retained its losses versus the euro.

Aussie Retains Weakness Following Thursday’s Data

The Australian dollar retained its weakness today after yesterday’s detrimental economic reports. While the currency regained some of its strength against the euro, the Aussie remained soft against the US dollar and the Japanese yen.

Australian Dollar Moves Higher After RBA Policy Statement

The Australian dollar rallied today following the monetary policy statement from the Reserve Bank of Australia. The central bank did not change its policy, and the statement did not say anything particularly new, but also did not mention a possibility of an additional interest rate cut.

RBA Minutes Have Limited Impact on Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar fell against its US counterpart today after the Reserve Bank of Australia released minutes of its May policy meeting, during witch the central bank has cut interest rates. Yet the drop was not big, and the Aussie actually managed to gain on the euro.

Aussie Pulls Back After Earlier Gains

Australian dollar is paring some of its earlier gains right now, which should be a relief to the Reserve Bank of Australia, which has been trying to encourage a weaker Aussie for the sake of economic stimulus.

Aussie Struggles After Rate Cut, Employment Data

After moving above the US80¢ earlier, the Australian dollar is struggling. Thanks to disappointing employment data and a rate cut earlier this week, the Aussie is feeling a little weak against some of its counterparts.



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