South Korean Won Drops on Interest Rate Cut Speculations

The South Korean won declined today as comments of South Korea’s official made Forex market participants speculate that nation’s policy makers may perform an interest rate cut.

New Zealand Inflation Below Expectations, NZD Loses Value

The New Zealand dollar plunged today, falling for the fourth consecutive session against its US counterpart, as inflation data came out a bit worse than was expected by market participants.

Will the Loonie Erode Further After Poloz?

Loonie has been sinking, in an overall trend kind of way, since Stephen Poloz took over at the Bank of Canada. With another policy statement on the way today, there are expectations that the Canadian dollar could go lower, particularly against the US dollar.

ZEW Sends Euro Below 1.3600 Mark Against Dollar

The euro is losing ground fast, thanks in large part to the latest data out of Germany. Concerns about the German ZEW have the euro down pretty much across the board, particularly against the US dollar. Concerns about the eurozone’s largest economy have many speculating that, perhaps, the ECB will have to take further steps to stimulate the economy of the 18-nation currency region.

US Dollar Index Gains Mostly Due to Policy Divergence

US dollar index is heading higher today, gaining ground as policy divergence becomes more of an issue, especially with the euro. Since the euro is the currency with the heaviest weight in the dollar index basket of currencies, it’s no surprise that the index is doing well.

Forex Traders Ready to Risk, Feel No Need for Yen

Investors are feeling somewhat more courageous right now as fears, sparked by the problems in Portugal’s banking sector, waned and speculations resumed about a prolonged period of accommodative monetary policy in the United States. As a result, Forex market participants were less interested in buying safe currencies, including the Japanese yen.

Indian Rupee Falls as Importers Step in to Buy Dollars

The Indian rupee fell today as local importers were buying dollars for their needs, while Indian shares demonstrated lackluster performance, suggesting that investors are not particularly interested in the nation’s assets.

Canadian Dollar Makes Up Some Lost Ground

Canadian dollar is making up some lost ground today, gaining against the US dollar. After disappointing data at the end of last week, the loonie headed lower, but today the Canadian currency is making something of a turnaround. Many Forex traders are looking forward to the interest rate announcement expected from the Bank of Canada on Wednesday.

Euro Moves Higher In Spite of Draghi Plan and Economic Data

Euro is moving higher today, even though there is a plan from ECB President Mario Draghi to add another $1 trillion to banks, and even though economic data in the eurozone has proved disappointing.

Risk Aversion Counters Negative Impact of FOMC Comments on USD

It looked like members of the Federal Open Market Committee would make this week very bad for the US dollar by their dovish comments. Yet the currency was rescued by risk aversion that followed news about problems of a major Portugal’s bank. This did not help the greenback to outperform the Japanese yen but allowed the US currency to erase losses versus the euro and to gain on several other currencies, including the Great […]



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