Greenback Continues to Ease Against Its Major Counterparts

US dollar uptrends seem to be reversing right now as concerns about the economy and expectations of policy divergence are reduced.

Australian Dollar Rallies for Fifth Day Following RBA Decision

The Australian dollar rose today, rallying for the fifth consecutive trading session versus the US dollar and the Japanese yen. The currency gained following the monetary policy decision of Australia’s central bank.

Loonie Continues to Gain Against Major Counterparts

Canadian dollar continues to gain against major counterparts today, heading higher as oil prices rise and as investors look to the announcement of the details for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Euro Gets a Small Boost as Other Currencies Flounder

Euro is getting a small boost today, heading a little bit higher as other currencies flounder on the Forex market. Thanks to lackluster data in other areas, major currencies are losing ground to the euro.

Week Ends with Confusion on FX Market

The past trading week was very hard for traders. Market participants were reluctant to make important decision ahead of the major report from the United States, waiting for it to guide the market. Yet the market’s reaction to the report was confusing.

Yen Soft Even After NFP Send Market into Turmoil

The Japanese yen was very soft today following a bunch of mixed economic reports released from Japan during the Asian trading session. The currency had attempted to rise after the release of US non-farm payrolls, but the attempt has failed and the yen kept gains only versus the US dollar (as of now USD/JPY has actually bounced back to the opening level).

US Dollar Sinks After Non-Farm Payrolls

The US dollar slumped after the release of US non-farm payrolls as the employment report turned out to be really terrible, clouding the outlook for timing of monetary tightening from the Federal Reserve. It is important to note that the currency is trying to fight back and is rising right now.

Australian Dollar Gains on Japanese Yen, Less Successful vs. US Dollar

The Australian dollar ticked up against the Japanese yen during the Friday’s trading session due to positive macroeconomic data from Australia and the weakness of the Japanese currency. The Aussie was far less successful against the US dollar, trading close to the opening level.

Pound Gains as Construction Accelerates

The Great Britain pound gained today after a report showed that UK construction accelerated last month, adding to positive data released earlier this week.

Canadian Dollar Rallies for Second Day

The Canadian dollar gained for the second consecutive session on Thursday as the weakness of US dollar, the rally of crude oil and positive economic data supported the currency.



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