Swiss Franc Weakened by Negative Interest Rates Speculations

The Swiss franc dropped today on speculations that the Swiss National Bank will implement negative interest rates as a measure to keep the currency weak and to help the nation’s economy overcome its problems.

Yen Higher Now, but Will it Last?

Yen is higher today, thanks in large part to the fact that China’s weak data is prompting strong risk aversion. Even though the yen is higher now, though, there are many who think that the yen will move lower in the future, due to the fact that the Japanese government is running out of options.

Weak Chinese Data Hits the Euro

Euro would have been weakening anyway, thanks to recent efforts from the ECB, but weak Chinese data is weighing on risk appetite, and the euro is down across the board.

Aussie Opens Sharply Lower After China’s Data

The Australian dollar opened sharply lower today due to worse-than-expected economic data from China released over the weekend. While the currency bounced from daily lows, it is still far below the Friday’s closing rate.

Dollar Retains Strength Ahead of FOMC Week

The US dollar demonstrated somewhat mixed performance this week but retained its strength for the most part. Many market analysts consider this as a sign that traders are strongly convinced in inevitability of an interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve.

Aussie Experiences Terrible Week

The Australian dollar experienced a terrible week, falling for four days in a row against the Japanese yen and for every single day of the week against its US and New Zealand counterparts as well as the euro. Even Thursday’s positive employment data was not able to provide support for the currency.

USD Rises vs. JPY on Economic Data, Loses Ground to EUR & GBP

The US dollar rose against the Japanese yen today as positive economic reports from the United States continued to fuel expectations of tighter monetary policy from the Federal Reserve. At the same time, the greenback slipped versus the euro and the Great Britain pound.

NZ Dollar Ends Week Very Soft

The New Zealand dollar was extremely soft this week, and the current trading session was not an exception. The currency fell against its major peers even though economic data from New Zealand was rather positive.

Is the Euro Still too Strong?

Euro has weakened quite a bit recently, but, even so, some European policymakers believe that the 18-nation currency is still too strong.

UK Pound Sees Slight Gains

UK pound is seeing slight gains today, perhaps in correction for recent difficulties, which are the result of concerns over what’s next for Scotland. Even though the sterling is higher, the gains are precarious, as the Scottish independence vote injects uncertainty into the situation.



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