Pound Drops as House Prices Demonstrate Record Drop

The Great Britain pound declined today as house prices demonstrated a record drop this month. The unfavorable data added to concerns that Britain’s economic recovery is struggling.

Euro Mostly Lower Against Major Counterparts on Greece

Euro is mostly lower against its major counterparts today, thanks to expectations of future weakness, along with another drop in gold prices. One of the biggest reasons that euro weakness is becoming an issue again is the fact that there are rumblings in Greece. And, of course, it doesn’t help that risk appetite is once again becoming an issue.

Yen Gains After Abe Wins Elections

The Japanese yen rose against other majors today, though the currency retraced its gains versus the US dollar as of now. The rally followed the victory of Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the snap elections over the weekend.

Dollar Loses Bullish Momentum, Falling Over Week

The US dollar lost its bullish momentum, falling this week. Macroeconomic reports from the United States were good for the most part, indicating continuing growth of the US economy, but even they did not help the currency.

Greenback Continues to Look for Direction

US dollar is trading mixed today, and the US dollar index is down, thanks to a lot of the upheaval in the world right now. Greenback is trying to push higher after losing ground recently, and the results depend largely on a number of global factors.

Australian Dollar Retreats After Rally

The Australian dollar went down after the initial spike today. The currency rallied after the surprisingly good employment report but was unable to sustain gains. The Aussie traded below the opening level against the US dollar and the euro but hangs above the opening versus the Japanese yen.

NZ Dollar Rallies as RBNZ Promises Interest Rate Hikes

The New Zealand dollar rallied today after the Reserve Bank of New Zealand decided overnight to keep its key interest rates unchanged. While the currency came down from its high for the day against the US counterpart, it remains above the opening level.

Australian Dollar Bounces Resisting Pressure from Fundamentals

The Australian dollar bounced today after initial drop even though not all economic reports from Australia were helpful for the currency. The bounce does not look impressive, though, compared to the recent streak of losses.

Yuan Gains Even as Inflation Slows

The Chinese yuan gained today even though macroeconomic indicators were negative for the currency. Consumer inflation slowed unexpectedly and producer prices continued to fall.

UK Pound Gains Some Ground

It’s been a bit of a rough go for the UK pound recently, but the sterling is currently gaining some ground on the Forex market. While trading mixed today, sterling is a little higher against the euro and the US dollar.



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