Swiss Franc Recovers Despite Actions of SNB

The Swiss franc gained today against the US dollar and the euro as the risk-negative sentiment on the Forex market drove investors to the safety of the Swiss currency. Initially, the Swissie traded lower versus the greenback due the intervention from the central bank.

Mexican Peso Suffers from Risk Aversion Caused by Greece

The Mexican peso fell against the US dollar today as the debt crisis in Greece made traders unwilling to buy riskier currencies of emerging economies. The currency bounced from the daily low as of now but is still trading below the opening level.

Euro Ends Week with Losses, Next Week Promises Volatility

The past trading week was dominated by the debt problems of Greece and attempts to find a solution that would be acceptable both for the indebted country and for its creditors. Yet no agreement has been reached, and with the June 30 deadline looming close, traders preferred to get rid of the euro, leading to a weekly drop of the currency.

Euro Ends Friday Lower as Greece Rejects Proposal

The euro ended Friday lower as the short-term proposal to Greece from its international creditors was rejected, leaving just a few days to find a solution to the Greek debt woes before the troubled country runs out of money.

Japanese Yen Weakens as Inflation Slows

The Japanese yen fell during the current trading session as today’s data showed that nation’s inflation slowed. This means that the Bank of Japan may boost monetary stimulus to achieve its target 2 percent inflation.

NZ Dollar Goes Lower Even as Trade Surplus Widens

The New Zealand dollar dropped against its US counterpart and the Japanese yen today even though domestic fundamentals were supportive for the currency as the nation’s trade balance demonstrated an unexpected surplus.

UK Pound Mostly Rangebound Today

UK pound is mostly rangebound today, thanks to a lack of new data. Additionally, a recent speech from David Cameron has many speculating about the United Kingdom’s relationship to the European Union.

No Bailout for Greece Yet — Euro Vulnerable

With no bailout for Greece yet, the euro moved a bit lower against the Great Britain pound and the Japanese yen, though it was little changed against the US dollar. Hope remains, but deadline is almost at the door.

Dollar Soft After US Data & Greek Talks

The US dollar was flat against the euro and fell against such majors as the Great Britain pound and the Japanese yen during Thursday’s trading. Economic data from the United States was mixed, giving the currency no edge one way or the other.

Comments of SNB Chief Send Swiss Franc Lower

The Swiss franc slid against the US dollar and the euro today after the comments of the central bank’s chief, who complained about the strength of the currency and said that the central bank may intervene to bring the exchange rate down.



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