US Dollar USD


Detailed information and fundamental factors

Central Bank: Federal Reserve System

Interest Rate: 0.125%

Public Debt to GDP Ratio, 2014: 71.2%

Trade Balance, 2014: $724 bln.

Inflation, 2014: 2%

Sovereign Credit Ratings:


Supporting Factors

Global reserve currency


International trade currency


World's strongest economy


Safe haven currency


Factors of Weakness

Huge public debt


Negative trade balance


The US dollar is the currency of the United States of America. Introduced back in 1792 it has a long history of being strong medium of exchange. The currency is widely used in global international trade, as the reserve currency and is officially used in several countries besides the United States. The US dollar is also sometimes referred as greenback or simply the American dollar.

US Dollar News Archive

Two Important Events for Dollar Bulls to Watch During This Week

The US dollar has been in a consolidation mode in July, but this pattern may change as couple of important reports is scheduled for this week.

Greenback Drops as Traders Position Themselves Ahead of FOMC

Later this week, the Fed will meet to talk about interest rate policy. Forex traders are positioning themselves ahead of the meeting, and the greenback is losing ground as a result. A stronger dollar might be in the offing, however, as expectations for a rate increase during September increase.

Dollar Loses Gains vs. Majors After Release of US Economic Data

The US dollar was rising earlier today as economic reports from Europe and China prompted traders to seek refuge, buying safer currencies. Yet the greenback erased its gains against other majors after data from the United States themselves turned out to be negative as well.

Dollar Loses to Euro, Stands Ground vs. Other Majors

The US dollar dropped against the euro today as Greece made additional steps to secure an aid from foreign creditors. The greenback retreated despite supportive US macroeconomic data. At the same time, the US currency gained on the Great Britain pound and was flat versus the Japanese yen.

US Dollar Regains Footing After Existing Home Sales Report

The US dollar was struggling during today’s trading session but found support in the form of housing data that was better than analysts’ expectations. As a result, the greenback managed to gain on the euro and the Japanese yen. The US currency also was able to trim its losses versus the Great Britain pound.

Dollar Pulls Back on Tuesday

The US dollar pulled back today as the market sentiment improved, reducing the need for safety provided by the currency, and traders started to take profit from their long positions.

US Dollar Mixed in Quiet Trading, Remains Strongest in Three Months

The US dollar demonstrated mixed performance during Monday’s quiet trading but remained strong in general. The Dollar Index remained near the highest level in three months.

Another Week of Strength for US Dollar?

The US dollar has been rather strong lately, being the second best performer on the Forex market last week. Can the currency continue its amazing performance this week?

Dollar Heads to Biggest Weekly Rally Since May vs. Euro

The US dollar gained on the euro today but was flat versus the Great Britain pound and the Japanese yen. Still, the currency was at the highest level in more than a month against the basket of other major currencies and was heading to the biggest weekly gains against the euro since May.

Dollar Retains Strength After Mixed Data

Thursday’s macroeconomic reports from the United States were mixed, but this did not prevent the US dollar from rising. The currency reached the highest level since May 27 against the euro and the strongest since June 24 versus the Japanese yen.



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