US Dollar USD


Detailed information and fundamental factors

Central Bank: Federal Reserve System

Interest Rate: 0.125%

Public Debt to GDP Ratio, 2013: 71.8%

Trade Balance, 2013: -$698 bln.

Inflation, 2013: 1.5%

Sovereign Credit Ratings:


Supporting Factors

Global reserve currency


International trade currency


World's strongest economy


Safe haven currency


Factors of Weakness

Huge public debt


Negative trade balance


Weak-currency policy (implicit)


The US dollar is the currency of the United States of America. Introduced back in 1792 it has a long history of being strong medium of exchange. The currency is widely used in global international trade, as the reserve currency and is officially used in several countries besides the United States. The US dollar is also sometimes referred as greenback or simply the American dollar.

US Dollar News Archive

USD Down vs. JPY After Disappointing GDP, Strong vs. Other Majors

The US dollar went down against the Japanese yen today after a disappointing report about US economic growth. The currency was still able to gain on the euro and the Great Britain pound.

Dollar Rises Even as Fed Talks About Patience

The US dollar rallied against the majority of its most-traded peers today after the Federal Reserve released statement of its first monetary policy meeting this year. The biggest loser was the Canadian dollar, while the Japanese yen was able to hold ground against the greenback and demonstrated an upward bias.

Greenback Continues to Pull Back

Greenback is pulling back against its major counterparts today, heading lower with some correction in the market. Also sending the dollar lower are expectations that the recent dollar bubble might burst.

Dollar Gains to Highest Since 2003 vs. Euro

The US dollar climbed to the highest level since 2003 against the euro today after the European Central Bank made a move, announcing an expansion of its asset purchase program. The currency also gained against other major counterparts.

Dollar Retains Support as Safe Haven

The US dollar backed off a little today following yesterday’s gains. The currency remains strong as signs of slower global growth support demand for the greenback in its role of a safe haven.

Forecast: US Dollar in 2015

The US dollar demonstrated exceptional performance in 2014. Can the greenback maintain its amazing rally in 2015 or correction is in order?

Greenback Mostly Lower on Disappointing Data

The US dollar is mostly lower today, with the dollar index dropping, as Forex traders consider the recent data release. Lackluster data has many rethinking the idea that the Federal Reserve will raise rates in the immediate future. Instead, it looks as though there will be a little more wait and see happening.

Dollar Ends First Full Trading Week of 2015 Mixed

It looked like the first full trading week of 2015 would be another positive one for the US dollar, yet the greenback stumbled by the weekend, finishing trading mixed.

Dollar Drops After Stellar NFP; What’s the Reason?

The US dollar dipped against its major peers today even though US non-farm payrolls came out even better than optimistic expectations. Can the weird behavior be explained? So happens, market analysts have a theory that justifies the poor performance of the US currency.

No Stop for Dollar’s Rally

The US dollar continued its unstoppable rise for yet another session today. Economic reports, especially employment data, fueled optimism about the US economy and speculations about a close interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve.



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