The Great Britain pound sterling (usually called simply “pound” or “sterling”) is the currency used in the United Kingdom and in British territories. Banknotes were introduced following the creation of the Bank of England in 1694, but the history of the currency can be traced long before that, making the pound the oldest world currency that is still in use. The sterling was the most important currency in the world before the World War I. After the World War II had broken out, several countries (for the most part those that belonged to the British Empire) either introduced the pound as their own currency, or pegged their currencies to the sterling. These countries have become know as the sterling area. The importance of the UK currency and the sterling was diminished after the pound was allowed to float freely in 1972. Subsequently, the role of the major world medium of exchange passed to the US dollar. It is still the fourth most traded currency after the dollar, the euro and the yen. The pound is also used as a reserve currency.

Great Britain Pound News Archive

Pound Leaps After BoE Releases Policy Minutes

The Great Britain pound was exceptionally strong on Wednesday after the release of the Bank of England policy minutes. The report was considered to be more hawkish than markets were counting on, leading to a surge of the sterling against other currencies.

UK Elections Impact Pound in Forex Trading

The hotly contested UK elections are impacting the pound in Forex trading, sending the currency mostly lower today. Volatility ahead of the elections is expected to continue, with choppy performance being the norm.

Pound Loses Steam as Consumer Inflation Remains Absent

The Great Britain pound fell today following the release of inflation data from the United Kingdom. The report showed that UK consumer prices remained flat during the previous month.

Sterling Retains Monday’s Gains vs. Dollar

The Great Britain pound rallied on Monday but retreated a bit against the euro and Japanese yen today. At the same time, the currency retained its gains versus the US dollar with the help of a positive retail sales report.

GBP/USD Hits Lowest Since June 2010

The Great Britain pound fell today, touching the lowest level since June 2010 against the US dollar, as underwhelming economic data from the United Kingdom added to the downside pressure on the currency.

Great Britain Pound Retains Weakness vs. Dollar & Yen

The Great Britain pound sank yesterday after the Bank of England made no changes to its monetary policy and UK economic data came out mixed. While the sterling erased its losses versus the euro today, the currency retained its weakness versus the US dollar and the Japanese yen.

UK Pound Pulls Back After Yesterday’s M&A Fueled Surge

UK pound is pulling back today after its surging performance yesterday. News of a major energy merger helped the sterling yesterday, and today the currency is consolidating a bit as Forex traders consider the situation and focus on Fed minutes.

UK Services Data Helps Pound in Forex Trading

UK services data is helping the pound today. Sterling is gaining ground against the euro and the yen, and holding its ground against the US dollar.

Great Britain Pound Gets Lift from Positive Revision to GDP

The Great Britain pound was lifted by the positive revision to UK gross domestic product. With little positive news for the currency lately, it was enough to help the sterling gain even on the strong dollar, let alone on the very vulnerable euro.

Pound Rallies vs. Dollar, Unable to Beat Other Currencies

The Great Britain pound rallied against the US dollar today as UK retail sales exceeded analysts’ expectations. The sterling’s performance against other currencies was not so good, and Britain’s currency touched the lowest level in almost two months against the Japanese yen.



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