The euro is the currency used by institutions of the European Union and 17 of 27 nations of the Union, which is collectively called the eurozone. The currency is also often used in some other countries, including those that are situated near the borders of the eurozone. The currency was officially adopted in 1995, introduced in financial markets in 1999, while coins and banknotes were released in 2001. It is the second popular reserve currency after the US dollar.

Euro News Archive

Euro Gets Help from Fiscal Cliff Hope

Euro is getting a little help from across the Atlantic as optimism about the fiscal cliff in the United States helps risk appetite.

Euro Turns Higher on German Growth, China PMI

Euro is getting a little help today from better German growth data. Earlier, the euro was a little lower against the US dollar, but now those gains have been pared, and the 17-nation currency is moving a little bit higher.

Euro a Little Lower, Even with Greek Aid Agreement

Euro is a little lower right now, but the 17-nation currency has been paring some of its earlier losses. Euro is struggling against the US dollar today, even though the news should ostensibly be helping the 17-nation currency.

Euro Finds Support as Greenback Weakens

Euro is finding support today as a number of developments take the focus of eurozone recession and sovereign debt issues. Right now, the 17-nation currency is gaining ground against its major counterparts as risk appetite, expectations of stimulus, and talks of a banking union for the European Union help support it.

German ZEW Boosts Euro

Euro is heading higher today, thanks to the latest economic news out of Germany. The ZEW beat expectations, and that is supporting the euro as Forex traders look to the future.

Mario Monti Set to Resign in Italy; Euro Slips, But Recovers

Euro slipped earlier today on the Forex market, thanks to the latest political turmoil in Italy. However, the 17-nation currency has recovered some of its equanimity since then, and is now higher.

Euro Drops as Economic Outlook Comes Into Focus

Euro is dropping today, falling to a nine-day low against the US dollar as Forex traders consider the disappointing economic outlook for the eurozone. A great deal of the concerns is coming from news out of Germany.

Euro Slightly Lower on Concerns about Future ECB Cuts

Even though the European Central Bank kept rates on hold for now, there are still concerns about the future. With the eurozone economy moving sluggishly, and the sovereign debt saga far from over, there are worries that the ECB will have no choice but to cut rates in the future.

Euro Slips as Data Disappoints

Euro is heading a little bit lower, slipping as eurozone data disappoints, and as the Spanish bond auction doesn’t go as well as hoped. After hitting a seven-week high against the US dollar, the 17-nation currency is now pulling back.

Euro Strong vs. Dollar, Weak vs. Yen

The euro climbed against the US dollar today on optimism for the Greek bond-buyback program and the macroeconomic data, which was better than expected. At the same time, the shared 17-nation currency fell versus the Japanese yen.



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