The euro is the currency used by institutions of the European Union and 17 of 27 nations of the Union, which is collectively called the eurozone. The currency is also often used in some other countries, including those that are situated near the borders of the eurozone. The currency was officially adopted in 1995, introduced in financial markets in 1999, while coins and banknotes were released in 2001. It is the second popular reserve currency after the US dollar.

Euro News Archive

Euro Recovers from Yesterday’s Disappointing German Data

Euro is higher today, after recovering from yesterday’s disappointing German data. Euro is higher across the board, gaining ground as other major currencies demonstrate weakness.

Dollar’s Weakness Helps Euro

The euro rallied against other major currencies on the back of the weak US dollar today even though the situation in the eurozone itself did not promote a rally of the shared 19-nation currency.

Euro Gets a Small Boost as Other Currencies Flounder

Euro is getting a small boost today, heading a little bit higher as other currencies flounder on the Forex market. Thanks to lackluster data in other areas, major currencies are losing ground to the euro.

Negative Inflation Sends Euro Lower in Forex Trading

The inflation reading turned negative today, sending the euro lower as speculation about the measures the European Central Bank will have to take in order to continue stimulating the economy. The latest German unemployment figures aren’t helping the situation, either.

Better Eurozone Sentiment Helps Euro Pare Some of Its Losses

Euro was struggling a great deal earlier in the session, but the 19-nation currency has since pared some of its losses. Better news out of the eurozone, with an improved confidence reading, is helping the euro, although it is still mostly lower against its major counterparts.

Euro Drops as Policy Divergence Takes Center Stage

Euro is heading lower today, falling against the sterling and greenback as policy divergence comes into play. Euro is still higher against the yen, but with expectations for higher rates in the United States and the United Kingdom, the 19-nation currency is falling behind.

Euro Retains Gains After Mario Draghi Downplays QE

The euro has rallied yesterday as Mario Draghi, President of European Central Bank, downplayed expectations of expanded quantitative easing. The currency retained its gains today for the most part, though it is sliding back against the Japanese yen.

QE Talk Weighs on Euro/Dollar Pair in Forex Trading

Euro is struggling against the US dollar again as talk of quantitative easing continues. With the idea that more money needs to be circulated through the system, and the idea that eurozone rates aren’t heading higher any time soon, it’s little surprise that the euro is down against the dollar.

Euro Weak After Greek Elections

The euro demonstrated weakness during the Friday’s trading session. The monetary policy outlook and concerns about economic growth made currency not particularly attractive to investors while the result of the Greek parliamentary elections did nothing to help the matter.

Euro Mostly Lower as Economic Sentiment Deteriorates

The euro dropped today against most major currencies, including the US dollar and the Japanese yen, as the economic sentiment deteriorated in Germany as well as in the whole eurozone. Yet the shared 19-nation currency managed to gain against the Great Britain pound and the Swiss franc.



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